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Hi, my name is Matt
Last updated on Wednesday, Oct 01 2014
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Hi, my name is Chamba
I am a Male German Shepherd. I have found my new home.

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Last updated on Tuesday, Sep 16 2014
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Hi, my name is Gracie
I am a Female - spayed Ridgeback X Boerbul. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Monday, Sep 29 2014
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monty and me
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Last updated on Tuesday, Sep 16 2014
My name is Bobby. I was rescued by a lovely lady called who has helped me SO much because she sent me to DogTown SA and I am learning all sorts of things here. My trainer tells me I must have Border Collie in me because I act like one sometimes. I like to play “fetch” and I love water too! I LOVE water! I like to play with water a LOT! Hose pipes, water bowls – I am pretty sure that I will love swimming…..I wish I could go to the sea! My trainer says I would love to play in the waves. I have learnt to sit very well and have good manners. I get along with almost all the dogs I meet, I don’t like being alone, so I make sure that I make friends and stay friends, so I don’t get possessive over my food or toys. I am also very gentle with people. Sometimes I jump up – but only for a hug. I adore those and will spend ages just snuggling into your arms. I am learning to be crate trained – how clever is THAT! This means that I will always be safe – and secure – whether I have to travel, go on holiday ( I can dream!) or just so that I can get to munch on a bone from time to time. I walk nicely on a lead too just by the way and I am easy to groom and keep shiny! I’d LOVE my own home = with some other animals, kids and hopefully some toys and a pond!
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Last updated on Tuesday, May 13 2014
Annie is a feisty “little lady” who knows what she wants and who she likes. When it comes to making new friends she will only be happy in the company of males as she has to be the centre of attraction and be Queen Bee! Being a modern-day thinking lady she thrives on taking the lead and prefers her male partner to toe the line and fall in with her choices of the day. Her current “beau” Spartacus has learnt how to handle this strong-willed lady and another male with a similar outlook would be ideal for her. When you arrive at DogtownSA she goes out of her way to make sure she is noticed and that you will come to see her. She is always ready for you to give her treats and, with a bit of persuasion, come in to meet her and shower her with cuddles. Best of all, she is hoping that you will let her sit on your lap and give her all your attention. She would be best suited to a more mature family, preferably with somebody who is home all day. She loves going on her walks with Spartacus, and she will be only too delighted to go with you on as many outings as she can to keep you company.
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 30 2014
When you arrive at DogtownSA you will hear a lot about me and my “special man – Duke”. You see, I am a very pretty girl and Duke is the furry I live with and he has a reputation for having the most irresistible “furgal” on the block!!! Weelll I am his “gal” . I love to romp and play and he and I spend many hours running around in our garden, pulling out our blankets and having games of tag and guess what he lets me win!!!! All the other DogtownSA furkids can see us and wish they were playing too. The others looking on make such a noise cos they are so jealous of our antics and I know they would love to swop places. When we are lying down next to each other chilling after one of our walks with our carers or volunteers who are just the bestest angels at the Hotel DogtownSA, I tell him stories about my previous life which was really very difficult. He just listens and gives me a lick and a smile. I was living on the streets for many months and trying to find caring people and food was not easy. My life changed when such a special person from DogtownSA came and found me and even though I was very nervous I came with him and arrived back at this very special Hotel DogtownSA. With the help of such loving and caring peeps I soon learnt to trust once more and knew I was going to be safe and never have to be scared again. It is just so cooooollll here cos our carers come and sit with us and ask us to do little exercises and for that we get treats!! Then best of all is I get to have my tummy rubbed and I really love that. I never thought such a wonderful thing could ever happen to me as people had never touched me like that before. My other favourite thing is going on walks with my main man “Duke” and our carers and I do have to admit I get very excited and sometimes want to get a weee bit too far ahead too quickly, but my carer just gives me a gentle reminder and a cuddle and then I slow down. So all you awesome peeps out there, if you have a guy furkid who loves to play and romp and is looking for a pretty lady, please let’s get together and meet. For those of you who don’t have a furry friend, maybe you would be able to take Duke and I together and make all our forever dreams come true and we will make your life complete.
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Last updated on Thursday, Jun 05 2014
Hi guys, my name is Halle! I am one big rolled up piece of LOVE. I love people. I love being petted. I ADORE my friends. I am selective about which dogs I can live with, but with a little consideration for my needs, I am quite capable of living with four legged friend. I have a liver issue, which my people here at Dogtown are working on, and I am not high maintenance in the excercise department - I prefer a gentle stroll to anything that works up a sweat! I am a very tidy person, I dont mess up my bed, and I am really happiest on soft blankies and cushions, while my special diet is prepared and delivered to my door. I am very clever too - I have an amazing way of dealing with people and talk to them with my eyes. They always get what I am saying - this telepathy stuff works! I do enjoy a good bone to chew and I am on a special programme to get fit (arg!) and be as healthy as I can be. I have also managed to score special massages and grooming from my trainer who does my nails, and works with my lymph glands (whatever those are!) and wow! do I feel good after my love sessions! I would love a home of my own, with my own special person to adore (and of course adore me too - a gal has to be loved you know!), and promise to change your life with my special ways.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jun 03 2014
“Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair… Licks and love Barking Madders, spunky punk princess Karma rocking out with ya! I may hail from the Mother City, but since making the trek up to Jozi, I’m loving the buzz of the big City of Gold. Life is for living and I just love jamming with my roomie Clawd or showing-off some mad skills with my ball in the DogtownSA play-area. The only way life could get any more epic, was if I found a forever family to sign me up and love me for life.” Our Karma chameleon has been on a roller-coaster rescue journey: from severe neglect and abuse to the kick-ass lovable chicka she is today. This little rocker adores the rough and tumble with the four-legged boys of DogtownSA almost as much as she does belly rubs and cuddles. Karma’s all the woman you’ll ever need and she dreams of being only four-legged ladylove in her new pimped out pad. Karma’s ready to rock and roll are you?
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FOUND - Midrand
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Last updated on Monday, Sep 01 2014
Please share, Found yesterday (31 August) in Midrand (Kyalami / Sun Valley area). Proof of ownership required. Contact info@barkingmad.co.za
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Last updated on Wednesday, May 28 2014
“Hanni the Bumble-bee Jackson here, parking off with my peeps at DogtownSA: family, a fast car and the open road, now that’s the life! You guys keen on a little Tracy Chapman? I just dig this tune when I’m cruising: So remember when we were driving driving in your car. Speed so fast I felt like I was drunk. City lights lay out before us. And your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder. And I had a feeling that I belonged. I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone. You got a fast car? “ Boys will be boys, and this fit fella sure does love his toys: fast cars, rope toys and rubber chewies and he’s sorted! Hanni is really a big ol softie and still a learner driver at DogtownSA. He’s not quite ready to hit the road out to his forever family just yet. While his DogtownSA family teaches Hanni the finer points of navigating through life, he sure would love it if you could pop some bob into his petrolhead fund (there is just no such thing as too many roadtrips or too many rope toys) With some luck and plenty of DogtownSA love and support Hanni hopes find a family and fast car to call his own someday soon.
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Last updated on Monday, May 26 2014
Justin is one or DogtownSA’s quiet middle-aged gentleman. He can often be seen lying on his verandah observing the comings and goings and all the hectic excitement of the youngsters around him. Justin, like all the dogs at DogtownSA looks forward to going for his regular walks and interacting with all his human friends who constantly remind him just how handsome he is. He enjoys the company of his two fellow younger furries and will generously offer them tips on how to elicit tasty treats from the numerous visitors that come by to see him. Justin has been at DogtownSA for a considerable amount of time and would like nothing better than to find a forever home where he can continue to practice his laid-back casual but wise lifestyle. He would be very willing to show his “forever” family his love and appreciation especially if frequent walks and fun games could also be part of his new way of life lavishing them with many kisses in return. If he could have a fellow furkid or two from DogtownSA to join him it would complete his lifelong dream!
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 09 2014
Ok peepsicles, I don't know why but I have been here since I was a wee puppy and somehow I have been overlooked. My caregiver tells me I'm beautiful and there should be families clamoring to adopt me but they always seem to want a puppy or a mature dog. I seem to be at an age where I'm too young or too old. I'm appealing to you all to look at me and see I am just a girl standing in front of a human asking you to love me. I love walks and to play games, so I'm hoping to be a part of a family that wants a dog to go jogging with and to have fun in the garden. At the moment I live with the crazy that is Tristan and he's a handful, so I'm hoping if there is a furkid in the family that they like to play and also know when to just chill. I'm trying to teach my roomie that at the moment but he seriously does not have an off switch.Soooo if you would like to come and meet me please email adoptions@barkingmad.co.za. To know me is to love me <3 * Unable to adopt Kansas? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, all SA networks.
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Last updated on Monday, Jul 28 2014
Hello my name is Beauty. I was first brought to Hotel Dogtown when my original owners couldn’t keep me anymore, which was very sad but I am now back my old happy self here at Hotel Dogtown. At first I had a bit of a naughty streak, I would purposely pull my blankets out of my bed so when they came to feed me they would have to put all my blankets back in, that’s when I would make my great escape and cause complete chaos. I knew just how to open the gate and I would run up and down with a caregiver on my tail while I said wassup to all the other dogs close by. I dont do that anymore, poor caregivers couldnt keep up, hehehe :) Everyday I go for walks and when feeding time came round I get my yummy meal in these really funny spinning things that I have to figure out just to find the food, whats up with that? I have also started learning some sits and downs (which I must say are actually quite easy but I pretend to struggle just so they stay and feed my treats for longer). So it’s been fun talking to you but its time for me to go back to being a dog at Dogtown and I ill speak to you soon, this is Beauty signing out.
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 02 2014
“Bark out loud Barking Madders, Butch is the name and if your party has food I’m game! If you’re looking for a life filled with licks, love and loyalty you’ve come to the right place! Go on call my agent on adoptions@barkingmad.co.za” Relax, take it eeeeeeeeaaasy is Butch’s mantra here at DogtownSA! This goofball tends to get a little caught up in the moment: he tries experiencing everything life has to offer all at once! After a life of neglect we can hardly blame his enthusiasm. Here at DogtownSA Butch has been learning to take a more laidback approach to life: long walks, laughs with friends and leisurely meals are the order of the day. This handsome fella would make an awesome addition to a furry family (without any felines) you ready to live the good life with our main man Butch?
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Last updated on Tuesday, Sep 16 2014
Hello everyone. My name is Mary-Kate. The people here call me MK :) I am a little shy sometimes, but once I love you, I LOVE YOU! I love to play with my sister and follow a lot of what she does, she helps me learn new things. Once I settle down for a cuddle, I love tummy tickles and stroking, brushing and all the nice things that people can do for me. I am a very special edition – being pure white AND wire haired, I have a super hairstyle! I am really a very special girl, so I am told. I enjoy chilling in the sunshine and I also enjoy chasing lizards, birds, hadedas and – well anything that I can find. I am not really that worried about other dogs, as I let my sister take care of them for me, while I go off and refine my skills as a stealthy stalker. This is after all what we were bred to do! I sometimes forget what I am doing and chase my tail for a bit, but I am getting much more relaxed now that I am living with the amazing people here, who are so good at reminding me not to do that kind of thing.
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Last updated on Monday, May 19 2014
Well I'm what you would call a pocket rocket. I might be small in height but I am a compact body of fun and love. I am on the go go go and I love to play ball and then stop for a quick cuddle session. I tend to like bigger furkids as they are strong and like to play rough and tumble plus they play a really good game of tag your it :) Although I'm small I'm not particularly fond of small humans they tend to freak me out a little but we are working on this at the centre. I had a bit of a bad experience in my past with a domestic worker so I'm really not keen to share my home with a domestic worker either. Geez I sound like a real fussy pants but honestly I'm not. I'm just looking for a very particular home. If there is an oke out there who likes to get home from work, play a quick game of ball in the garden before kicking back and watching the game on tv, then I'm your boy :) You cant be a lazy bum and you need to enjoy keeping your pad clean yourself. I know there has got to be a dude out there that fits my credentials. Let my secretary know at adoptions@barkingmad.co.za
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Last updated on Tuesday, Sep 16 2014
Hiya folks, my name is Ashley, or Ash, or Smashlee for short. I am a super charged girl and with our without my sister Mary-Kate, I am pretty certain I can take on the world – nothing much scares me. I adore people. I really do love a good loving session, cuddles, walkies, and lots of attention. I love helping out around the place and enjoy getting snacks and treats. I used to live with some other fur-kids, but my dad couldn’t keep us all anymore, so he sent Mary-Kate and I away for some finishing school time, and we are now ready to come and lighten up your life. I don’t have to live with my sis, but I do love her a lot, so maybe we will be super lucky and find a home together where we can live out our days playing and running! I love to run, and I really enjoy my chews and bones. I am very fond of special treats, and have a preference for tasty food…. When I have been playing a lot, I like to jump into my water bowl with my front paws for a quick manicure, a super “wash n clean” system I worked out all by myself! I am also super unique because I am no ordinary Jack Rascal, I am a wire haired version, and if I may say so, very pretty too! I get along with some dogs, but I am quite bossy, so I need to be in charge most of the time, and I get impatient if dogs don’t listen to my instructions all the time! But that’s ok, I am working on that. I am very good at learning new things, so most things are easy peasy for me!
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Last updated on Monday, May 05 2014
Foxy is our olde worlde charmer. If he had lived a couple of hundred years ago, he’d probably have featured in a Jane Austen novel, right next to the handsome hero. He is beautiful, shy and sensitive, and seems to have been made for a gentler, more gracious, world. Foxy has travelled a rough road to get to where he is today, and he really enjoys his piece of prime real estate at DogTown SA. He just loves to watch who is coming and going at the shelter, and throw in his two cents’ worth. As long as there is a fence between him and people, Foxy is happy and confident. Foxy does have a shy side which you will meet when you first go into the run, but do not worry, he will soon warm to you especially. if you have a brush in your hand and are going to spend time smarting him up and making him look even more handsome for his galls. Foxy is an older cross-Shephard who loves other canine company, preferably girls, and lots of walks. Although he has recovered well from severe health issues, he still needs a little bit of extra caring. * Unable to adopt Foxy? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, SA networks only.
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Last updated on Friday, Sep 26 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - JOHANNESBURG, They are very eager when they greet you, but also very relaxed and like to lie close to you on the floor / your lap when you work or watch TV. They really enjoy human companionship. Since they have been together from birth and spend all their days together, can’t imagine separating them. They kind of go together. Think they would miss each other terribly. They haven't been around other dogs so we are unsure of how they will react but if a potential adopter has pets, we would recommend a meet & greet. They don't know cats & will chase birds. They are good with domestic staff & children (although they do jump up to say hello).
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Last updated on Tuesday, Sep 23 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - CAPE TOWN, URGENT !!!!!! Please help us find Celine. She was adopted form the Lucky Lucy Foundation a while ago. 072 779 7424 contact@luckylucy.org Went missing in August 2014 (Brackenfell area)
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URGENT APPEAL - Daxie Rescue Foster Appeal
Last updated on Wednesday, Sep 25 2013
Dog Town
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BARKING NEWS - Summer Loving
Last updated on Thursday, Dec 05 2013
Dog Town

Summer Loving

By Karishma

Love is in the air in the rehab section of DogtownSA. The serendipitous pairing of Wendy and Ricky are head-over-heels and enjoying every moment of summer together. From siestas to escape the sun and curling up in their cozy doggie bed to wait out a thunderstorm, for these two furries the world is turning out to be a much happier place to share.

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FUNDRAISING - Woolies Sleep Over - 27/9
Last updated on Thursday, Sep 18 2014
Dog Town

We are so excited about our 3rd sleepover and are sure you are as well.  For those who attended, loved and enjoyed the previous ones and even those who have not done it before…. Please come and join in and experience the warmth our animals at Wollies have to offer.  Make use of this opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends, family and children, or even if you would like to venture it alone you are most welcome to come and give a little love and attention to the Wollies Animals.

Then we would like to announce that we have a special extra bonus, if you have always dreamed of handling lots of pots of money…. We need volunteers to come and assist us in the counting up of the money from the collection tins that are being filled and then putting the money into the correct amounts in the bank bags.   So even if you do not wish to sleep over, please come and attend the “Final Countdown”…. All of this will be taking place on the 27th September 2014 at the Wollies Animal Shelter, 101 Rooikat Street Hestia Park Pretoria North from 17h00 in the afternoon.

It is our aim to have at least one person in each and every kennel.  There are 30 kennels  …  so come on people show your support!  and don’t forget about  our cattery, yes I know we have 82 cats, but don’t worry we won’t try to get 82 humans to all sleep in there!  Luckily we only need a few people in the cattery as our cats just love to cuddle up all over you, and no they don’t mind sharing you!

So bring your sleeping bags, mattresses or whatever you may feel might be comfortable enough for you to sleep on (if it is comfortable enough for you I’m sure it will be good enough for our furlegged friends).  Of course we will have wors rolls and cool drinks on sale so you need not worry about getting hungry, we will see that you have enough energy for this task, and make sure you pack something extra special in for our furry friends to share with you.

We do offer toilet facilities and for those that are brave enough for a cold shower you are more than welcome (but unfortunately we do not have hot water).

The money that we receive with the tin collection will be used to sterilize as many animals as possible during National Animal Week (the 1st week in October).  Most of these animals will come from the under-privileged areas and  more details on this are available upon request.


From all of us at Wollies



SALOME  -   078 494 9184

BRENDA – 083 332 9845

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Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 04 2009
Please can you put on your web site the current scam on teacup terriers, they say that they have moved to Botswana and just need the airfare to ship the puppy over. Once you have dep the money, they need more money for quarantine, This is big, I lost R3000.00, and found another three operators on gum tree, all basically saying the same thing.

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Featured Event:
Saints Charity shop
Event Details
Last updated on Monday, Mar 18 2013

Remember to pop on down to the SAINTS charity shop with any of your good quality 2nd hand stuff and help us raise much needed funds. Also a great place to shop for some awesome gifts at fantastic prices.
The type of items in demand are good quality 2nd hand clothing and shoes, household goods (linen, towels, plates, decor items) working pc’s, radios, TV’s, 2nd hand cell phones etc..

And DVD'S they are currently the best sellers so if you have dvds in your cupboards gathering dust, get them on down to the shop :)

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Hi, my name is LEO
I am a Male Sharpei / Labrador Blend. Would you like to sponsor me?

Click here to find out more
Last updated on Friday, Jun 27 2014
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 I adopted my little girl Stella from the spca a month ago. She has not been exposed to much and has been quite weary of all new things. This is primarily due to her not experiencing a wide variety of things during her early learning period.
Today she came with me to my tellington touch course and we have both had the honour of working with Linda Tellington Jones herself today aswell as all the wonderful t touch practioners in training. All I can say is that today my little girl experienced so much and for the first time I feel she is happy in her own body :) This is wonderful work and I encourage you all to experience it with your dog. Contact the t touch office and see when they are holding their next workshops or call one of the many caring and loving t touch practioners we are blessed to have here in our country. You can get a list of the T touch practioners in your area through the t touch office. Please visit their website and explore this wonderful work :)
Tellington TTouch is a gentle method of bodywork and movement exercises that positively influences behavior, performance and well-being. It increases communication skills and deepens the relationship between animals and their people.  It is used in over 30 countries around the world to influence both behavioral and health problems.

Tellington TTouch was created by International Animal Expert Linda Tellington-Jonescircles, slides and lifts used to reduce stress and relax tension. It also incorporates body wraps and many leading & groundwork exercises for confidence building. You'll find more detailed info on our What is TTouch page. and includes TTouch bodywork which is a combination of

Eugénie Chopin, an American who has lived in South Africa since 1975, studied Tellington TTouch in the USA and brought it to South Africa several years ago. Hundreds of people here have experienced and found Tellington TTouch to be useful for both problems and the general well-being of their pets.