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Hi, my name is Morgan
I am a Male - neutered Bull Terrier.

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Last updated on Friday, Jan 23 2015
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Hi, my name is Brazil
I am a Female - spayed Poodle. I have found my new home.

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Last updated on Friday, Jan 09 2015
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Hi, my name is Lizzy
I am a Female Border Collie. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Monday, Jan 26 2015
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montego cat
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Last updated on Thursday, Aug 14 2014
Let me introduce myself – I am Gibbs and in March 2014 flew from a rescue facility in Knysna to O R Tambo. I was greeted by just the bestest peeps I had ever met and they took me to this great 5 star Hotel called DogtownSA. I must admit I realized very quickly that I was quite special as I heard these peeps saying that I was very handsome. I don’t want to sound bigheaded but I do have this really lovely thick white and grey fur which keeps me very warm and when people come by to see me they just cuddle me and put their hands through it and sigh and smile and say ahhhhhhhh! I am a Timber Wolf and stand quite a bit taller than the other furries who live at this very special place and feel very lucky and honoured as I have a large fenced off run with a big Wendy house inside so that I have lots of space to move around in and play. When I first arrived I had no idea of what to expect but as soon as I saw my lodgings I was able to relax because, you may not know but Timber Wolves prefer to have a place like a den, where we can go to so that we are able to stay out of the limelight when getting used to new situations as we do prefer to take a little more time to settle in. I used to be on my own but a while back I met this rather pretty little furkid called Athena and now we live together and have lots of fun every day. She is full of energy and sometimes we both get far too excited running in and out of our house and cause quite a stir with all the other furries cos they are not playing with us. I also have heard that many of the “furgirls” are rather jealous of Athena but she is my “gal”. I have a lot more stamina than my “furgal” as I have a very long loping stride that means I can run and play for longer. I get lots of chances to do this because my special carers and some of the great volunteers take both of us to the play area which is a very large fenced off area where we can run and play off lead and have the bestest times ever. We also play games there with our carers and get to practice our obedience skills. I love that part as well because we are given such yummy treats for showing off just how good we are at sits and downs and walking calmly. I really love to scent in the play area as well and also along the trail and do admit that I tend to forget that when I do this I get so carried away and start taking long strides and moving on too quickly to get to the next interesting smell. My carers are helping me to learn that this is not the most desirable behavior and I am trying my best to slow down my pace and stay at heel. I don’t want my poor carer or the super volunteers exhausted cos I have made them jog all along the trail. My problem is that there are so many smells to sniff and I would hate them to disappear before I get to them. Luckily for me everybody is so patient with me and being given such great treats and cuddles inspires me to slow down and I must admit it gets easier every time we go out. I would love to have a forever home where I can continue with my awesome lifestyle and in return I would give my new owners all the love and attention I could possibly muster. If they have a furry or would like my “furkid” to come as well, then that would be the most perfect dream ever.
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Last updated on Thursday, Jan 22 2015
My name is Scott and I’m one of the newbies at DogtownSA SA. I am a wee bit shy and can be a little nervous at times but my carer is helping me regain my confidence by teaching me to do great things using a funny thing that she calls a clicker. It’s actually a lot of fun and I get so many treats when the thing clicks and I get the exercise right and she tells me what a “clever” boy I am. I love all the attention and feel so special so I do more and more and am getting better all the time. I have a lot of fun on walks with my fur-roomie, Mya. We play lots of games together in our run and “off ground he” is one of the best. We also have a game we play when we go on our walks with our carer where we bump each other with our shoulders and then walk on as if “butter wouldn’t melt” (hehehe) then we play a little prank on our caregivers by crisscrossing and tangling up our leads. It’s so funny, watching our carers trying to untangle themselves. But then we behave and show off how clever we can be walking and get yummy treats for this. Yes yes, I can be quite the comic when I feel relaxed and safe, and I must say I do more and more each day and best of all I like making my suuper carers smile cos I want them to be as happy as I am now since I have come to this very special hotel. As happy as I am I still do have a dream and that would be have my own forever family. So all you awesome peeps out there, if you have a furkid who loves to play and romp and is looking for a friend, please let’s meet up. I would also love to be able to continue learning and training with my forever family and make you very proud of taking me into your home.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jul 22 2014
Oh Mandy well, you came and you gave without taking. But they sent you away. Oh, Mandy well, you kissed us and we stopped you from shaking. And you need a home today. Oh, Mandy! Did you see what I did there I tweaked the Barry Manilow song Mandy to tell you my story. I'm really talented like that. I'm also really good at these good manners everyone keeps talking about around here. When I see that bowl of food approaching or one of those live treat dispensers, my bum hits the floor quicker than you can say sit :) I’ve had to put up with some shady humans before I found my way to Dogtown SA, so I can be a little aloof when I first meet you. Don’t worry; once I trust you I’m all love <3. I’m also a little nervous around other furkids, but my DogtownSA family is all about helping me find new friends and boosting my confidence. If you would like to audition to be my new family you can contact my agent at adoptions@barkingmad.co.za and hopefully they will think you are a good match for me and we can live happily ever after :) So what you waiting for send them an email now :)
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jul 15 2014
I am adorable. So I have been told. I have the cutest little wrinkles on my forehead and my nutty trainer kisses them and tells me she just can’t help herself because I am SO cute! I am compact and cute – you can’t beat that!!! I have to say that I have two names, as Patrick is SO formal, so I am also known as “Pudding”. I live with “Porgie” and “Pie”, aka George and Zack – and us three “dogskasteers” rule our run. I have absolute faith that out there is a special person who will see that I am indeed as sweet as Pudding and as noble as my name Patrick suggests. I am both loving and strong you know – like all guys should be. I may be a little short, buy I am taller than some dogs, so I don’t let that get me down. Come by and kiss me soon.
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Last updated on Sunday, Aug 24 2014
I actually prefer to be called “Flyn” as I find it ever so much more refined. I do already have SO many good notes on my portfolio that I would like to get a formal name change to suit my fantastic profile. I am black and we all know that is beautiful. I am sleek and sexy and fast and adorable too. I love lovies and am SO willing to learn that my trainer gets very excited working with me. I am super patient too and will most likely be kind to most other animals and dogs. I live with an eccentric roomie, so have loads of practice (Sigh!). I enjoy the finer things in life, like good food, late night romantic meetings, cruises……. I often sit and dream about how my life is going to be, with my forever human…..full of all the finer things in life! Are you able to provide that? If so, contact my booking agent and we can set up an interview :)
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Last updated on Thursday, Jan 22 2015
Hi there let me introduce myself – my name is Jet. I am a big “cuddle bunny” as my carers tell me and I hope that one of you super peeps out there is waiting for a special furry like me to come and live with you and your family so that I can shower you with love and affection and make your family complete. This is my wish for 2015. I was living with an elderly lady who had to go to a retirement village and I asked my agents to contact DogtownSA to see if I could find a space at their special hotel and luckily for me, a space was arranged. At the time I didn’t know it as I was very apprehensive and anxious of all these changes in my life but very quickly I realised I had found a wonderful “home” with amazing caring people. When you come to DogtownSA you will see me as I live in the front office and I would love you to come and visit me. You are welcome to sit on my couch and I would be so happy if you gave me a cuddle or two and then I will give you lots of kisses as a thank you. I would also be delighted to show off my obedience skills that I have learnt since I have been at this amazing place and you will see that I am quite the “clever lad”. Even though I am rather a big boy I am gentle and will take treats (which I do love) very gently from you. I love playing ball as well and will bring it back to you but my most favourite time of the day is when my carer or the volunteers come and take me for my walks. It is so special going out and I am able to walk at my own pace and I can stop and smell the intriguing smells on the way and take as long as I like cos there are just sooooo many to sniff. I love strolling along the paths and every so often we stop and I do a little bit of obedience and have a lovely cuddle or piece of Vienna as a reward. I really do love all the attention and affection at DogtownSA but my dream would be to find my own forever family. We could all go to doggy school together and I would continue to learn more obedience skills. I promise to make you very proud of me and be your forever special furry. I will be so pleased to lavish all my love and affection on you every single minute of every day.
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Last updated on Thursday, May 15 2014
“They call me ‘Bobby the Kid’ round these parts: furry outlaw that lives on the fringes of fun *wink wink*. As a graduate of the school of hard knocks, I’ve seen the dark side of life, and after arriving at DogtownSA I sure aint looking back. I may be a little rough round the edges, and walk with a bit of limp, but the humans here say that’s just part of my swagger. I may have started from the bottom, but things sure are looking up. These humans keep reminding me that I’m master of my destiny” After having to fend for himself on the streets and mend a broken leg without veterinary help, Bobby finally found his way to love and support here at DogtownSA. While he has a lifelong limp, joint support supplements and plenty of DogtownSA love and support ensure that this furry doesn’t miss out on any of the fun. With a keen eye for tomfoolery and mischief, Bobby loves woofing around and is always up for a game with the other pooches here at DogtownSA. After a rough start, Bobby is learning everyday just how awesome humans can be (he thinks they are just too easy to con out of yummy treats, all he needs to do is sit ?) With a little patience, love and guidance Bobby is destined for great things. Are you ready for this furry bandit to steal your heart?
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 02 2014
“Sheriff Sammy, reporting for duty. Chuck Norris step aside, I’m the law round these parts! It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it. I’m keeping the streets of Dogtown SA safe so every dog can have their play.” Our sweet boy Sammy has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and takes a little while to trust newcomers. He is the self-appointment Sheriff of the rehab section here at DogtownSA. When he’s not out patrolling the streets of DogtownSA he’s stretching out on the couch with his lady Scarlett. Sammy still needs a DogtownSA helping hand learning to trust and accept the big world before he is ready to find his home-sweet-home, but in the meantime this lawman sure would appreciate you sponsoring his stay at DogtownSA.
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Last updated on Monday, Jul 28 2014
I had an owner. He did care for me, but he had to tie me up when he went to work, which was BORING and not fun at all. I am “well connected” and we clever types hear stuff you know … so I heard about this place for dogs, a hotel almost, and it sounded great. One day, I chewed through my rope and set off for DogTown, and arrived just before closing time at the gate. I hung around until I was spotted and then simply signed myself in. Easy as that! And what a place! Food twice a day. No ropes. No tying up. And best of all, I scored a new girlfriend too! Such a lucky boy I am. I am handsome and sweet. The best mix ever. I love people and enjoy walking, although I am not so keen on the lead idea, but I see it is part of the whole “walkies” thing, so I guess I will have to just work through my fear of restraint. I am a versitile and ready for action guy, waiting to change someones life into the best life ever!
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Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 12 2014
Lola's mom was a township rescue(chocolate coloured Africanis) she had 2 blue eyes and extreme chemical burns all over her body & heavily pregnant (thus Lola’s dad is unknown, but definitely something biiig) All of the puppies were homed but sadly Lola's family had to return her due to personal circumstances :( Lola gets along with most other dogs but she definitely prefers large breed furry friends :) Lola loves people and is great with children. Can you offer Lola a home to call her own?
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Last updated on Wednesday, Jan 21 2015
Here I am! A little bit of mystery and romance, with a flare for fun! I am not only a seriously sexy looking chap, but I have the best personality out there! I was on death row at a small shelter before my followers and supporters organized a “prison break” and got me out to continue my selfless work as a doggie hero. Marked across my face, lies the legacy of the Zorro Mask (perfectly drawn, I might add), and once you have seen me, you won’t be able to forget me. I used to live on a small farmy place with some other dogs and then my humans couldn’t keep me anymore and so I came to Dogtown for a second chance at a new and even cooler home! I promise that I will make my new humans very happy with my sterling nature. My trainer says that I am clever and a hard worker. She gives me brain toys and I always ace them pretty quickly! I enjoy food and will do all sorts of things for it. I can sit, down, and my Doga (that’s a kind of yoga for dogs, so I am told) is excellent! I am flexible and healthy with all my perfect muscles and shiny coat! I really LOVE playing soccer with a real soccer ball and I will keep even the best soccer player on his toes. Picane says that I even made him tired after our game in our play area. I live with Yogi, she is awesome and we get along really well. She sometimes steals my stuff, but I don’t really mind, as I am quite a gentleman (what more would you expect from Zorro after all?). I enjoy some of the finer things in life – soft beds, warm places to rest and sometimes I climb under my shed like Yogi to chill out. (I copied her and it’s really quite fun!) I am happy to walk with you, talk with you and cuddle on a rainy day. I love being patted and will shower you with kisses when you are feeling low. I am happy with people – I love them all and I am sweet with most dogs, although sometimes I forget how to behave and I talk a bit fast and jump around, but I calm down pretty quickly and will happily listen to my handlers when needed. I am ready for adoption to a really cool family with the right dogs. I even like children and will be a great hero and your eternal protector – just as my namesake would be.
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Last updated on Monday, Jul 28 2014
My name is Zoey. My trainer calls me Zoerina. She tells me how much she loves me and that I will find even more people who feel the same. I am SO pretty and kind to people. I need a bit of work with being handled sometimes, as I get a bit nervous, but hey – a girls gotta be careful! One time, I went out to the vet, and met my first flower pot. At first I barked at it, but then I realised it wasn’t going to hurt me, so I pretended that I hadnt been barking at all! That’s ok isnt it? I like to bury my bones and chews and I love to learn new tricks and go walking. I am very good when I go out and don’t pull too much or bark too wildly at the other dogs. I love tearing up toys and balls, and enjoy a good romp. I came to DogTown from another shelter place, I was there for a long time. I think sometimes that maybe my special human just hasn’t had a chance to come spot me yet. Once that happens, I will be one happy lady! I may get along with some dogs… it depends on how I feel, but I would really prefer to be an only child. Maybe with just some friends to play sometimes. Could that special human be you?
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Last updated on Thursday, Oct 23 2014
My name is Bobby. I was rescued by a lovely lady called who has helped me SO much because she sent me to DogTown SA and I am learning all sorts of things here. My trainer tells me I must have Border Collie in me because I act like one sometimes. I like to play “fetch” and I love water too! I LOVE water! I like to play with water a LOT! Hose pipes, water bowls – I am pretty sure that I will love swimming…..I wish I could go to the sea! My trainer says I would love to play in the waves. I have learnt to sit very well and have good manners. I get along with almost all the dogs I meet, I don’t like being alone, so I make sure that I make friends and stay friends, so I don’t get possessive over my food or toys. I am also very gentle with people. Sometimes I jump up – but only for a hug. I adore those and will spend ages just snuggling into your arms. I am learning to be crate trained – how clever is THAT! This means that I will always be safe – and secure – whether I have to travel, go on holiday ( I can dream!) or just so that I can get to munch on a bone from time to time. I walk nicely on a lead too just by the way and I am easy to groom and keep shiny! I’d LOVE my own home = with some other animals, kids and hopefully some toys and a pond!
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Last updated on Monday, May 19 2014
My name is Duke and when you arrive at DogtownSA you will hear a lot about me and my “special lady – Ebony”. You see, the meaning of my name is “Leader” and that is what I am. I am a very charismatic kind of guy and the ladies warm to me because I am just too handsome to resist and I love to take care of my “gal” giving her my undivided attention. I am willing to romp and play many games in our run and will even let my lady win some of them. All the other DogtownSA furkids can see us and wish they were playing too. The others looking on make such a noise cos they are so jealous of our antics and of us tearing around playing tag. I know they would love to swop places but I only have eyes for my one lady and make sure she knows it. When we are lying down next to each other chilling after one of our walks with our carers or cooling off after a very strenuous game of tag, I tell her lots of tales of my past and she just wags her tail and smiles. I still get very excited going on walks and of course, like any leader sometimes want to get too far ahead too quickly, but my carer just gives me a gentle reminder and then I slow down. You see my start in life was not great, as I was left to fend for myself and found it difficult to get decent food and met various unfriendly people so needed to get out of their way fast. But, my luck changed when a lady saw me and brought me to DogtownSA. Luckily for me she must have realized that with a bit of care and attention, at the “best place” in town, DogtownSA that is, my rather unkempt appearance and un-trusting attitude would change; and my true personality shine out once more for some lucky family to see and come to take me to their forever home. So all you awesome peeps out there, if you have a female furkid who loves to play and romp and looking for a great partner, please let’s get together and make that special date. For those of you who don’t have a furkid friend, Ebony and I together would love to join you.
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Last updated on Thursday, Jan 22 2015
Hello there peeps – my name is Paddy and I thought I would give you a wee bit of the “old Irish chat” to brighten your day “to be sure to be sure” hehehe. I am a “little” fella with a rather long body and long floppy ears so I don’t really resemble a Leprechaun but I wish I had the magic of “the little people” cos then I could persuade one of you super peeps out there to come and see me and take me back to your home forever. In my short life my sister Poppy and I have already had two different homes and unfortunately both the families had situations where they were unable to keep us forever . Luckily for us though we were able to come back to the bestest 5 Star Hotel in town called DogtownSA and the very special carers are taking great care of all our needs. I am hoping that they are using all their “special” magic powers to find a family who would want to have me for their own. You see I really do love being with people and having lots of chats and with all my energy I will going on as many walks with you as you want and play all the games you can offer. Of course a furkid friend would be brilliant as well but if you don’t have one already I know Poppy would willingly come too. We both did training at DogtownSA and I heard my carers say that we were soooooooo clever and were at the top of the class. So being the “Irish little Devil” I would love to continue with training and show off these skills and make you very proud. So I look forward to meeting you to be sure to be sure!!
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Last updated on Thursday, Jan 29 2015
Dog Town
LOCATION - CAPE TOWN, The dogs are named Max and Lilo and they are brother and sister and cannot be separated. Please find a short description below: Max: Crossbreed, Male, White, Medium Size, 2years and 8months old, Neutered, Slight skin allergy (we treat when necessary), Loving nature. Lilo: Crossbreed, Female, Black and White, 2years and 8months old, Spayed, little nervous at times, Loving nature. We unfortunately can’t keep our 2 dogs any longer due to the following reasons: The house owner has recently moved back into the house and demands that we get rid of the dogs. We unfortunately cannot afford to move into a house of our own and must abide by his rules. All the dogs deserve is a loving home, where they can be loved and treated with the necessary respect that they deserve.
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Last updated on Friday, Jan 23 2015
Dog Town
LOCATION - PRETORIA, My beloved Twinki went missing 21 January 2015 from 25th avenue in Rietfontein. She’s miniature maltese, black and white, with a left cherry eye (A little red dot in the corner of her eye). She’s very spunky although she’s not young any more. She is my child! Please help me find her! Retha: 082 47 29 848 012 332 22299
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URGENT APPEAL - Daxie Rescue Foster Appeal
Last updated on Wednesday, Sep 25 2013
Dog Town
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BARKING NEWS - leo learns to sit
Last updated on Wednesday, Aug 28 2013
Dog Town

Leo learns to sit


Puppy class at DogtownSA is always fun. The eager enthusiasm of puppies to learn is an absolute pleasure to train. Under the able guidance of puppy trainer extraordinaire James, our clever puppies at DogtownSA learned to sit on command in just a few short lessons.


If only all things in life were learned so easily. Meet Leo, he is our big teddy bear in the rehab section of DogtownSA. Leo is ever patient with the moods of his lady friend Micah and is always ready to brighten your day with a wagging tail and smile. Leo however was confounded by the idea of sitting on command. No matter how we tried to teach him (bribery is perhaps a more fitting term, we used all kinds of yummy treats), Leo failed to comprehend the concept of sitting for a treat and his bottom remained very firmly up in the air, tail wagging in blissful ignorance.


Our inability to concede defeat is a recurrent theme at DogtownSA. So each day we continued our attempts to teach Leo to sit. Each day, Micah (Leo’s lady friend) happily sat for her biscuit and Leo continued tail wagging, oblivious to our educational aspirations. One blustery winter morning however, things changed. After finishing his breakfast, Leo suddenly sat in front of me. Gobsmacked I froze for a second, luckily I had a biscuit handy to reward Leo. I pushed my luck a little further, and tried to lure Leo into a sit a second time. You could almost see the cogs in his brain turning as he stared up at the biscuit in my hand; and to my amazement, he sat down in front me again.


Leo is now besotted with his newly acquired skill and eagerly follows you around to show off his perfect sit.  Leo is testament to the reward of patience and consistency. He reminds us that while some things in life may take a little longer to learn, it is never too late to learn and grow.

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FUNDRAISING - PETS Raffle - 28/2
Last updated on Monday, Jan 19 2015
Dog Town
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Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 04 2009
Please can you put on your web site the current scam on teacup terriers, they say that they have moved to Botswana and just need the airfare to ship the puppy over. Once you have dep the money, they need more money for quarantine, This is big, I lost R3000.00, and found another three operators on gum tree, all basically saying the same thing.

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Featured Event:
SMS DOG to 38919
Event Details
Last updated on Friday, Mar 15 2013
SMS DOG to 38919
By sending an sms you help us take care of a rescue dog for a day. Not bad for just R10. If each of our South African supporters could SMS DOG to 38919 once a month our monthly bills would be covered :) Please share and ask all you friends to help us take care of our beautiful doggies :)
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Hi, my name is ZACK
I am a Male - neutered Dachsund, Terrier Blend. Would you like to sponsor me?

Click here to find out more
Last updated on Monday, Jun 23 2014
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Show your support
When your dog steals something do you chase after him trying to get it back?  
Don’t play this game of chase anymore.  You are reinforcing an unwanted behaviour. The more attention you give him for stealing something, the more he’ll steal.    
As long as it’s not dangerous ignore him when he steals something, he’ll stop pretty soon if there is no reinforcement involved. Write the incident off to your mistake, as you are the one who left it lying around in the first place. Remember prevention is better than cure.
Make sure he can’t get to items, which are off-limits. Keep tables and counters completely free of food and other fun chewables; keep the laundry out of your dogs reach for several months until he no longer looks there for fun.  He is stealing this stuff to entertain himself so rather have plenty of yummy chew treats to keep him busy and make sure he is getting exercise and his mind is being stimulated with fun games. If your dog has stolen something you need to take back. Don’t just take the article from him this will only teach him that when he has his fun toy and you come towards him, his fun is going to stop and he will begin to hide with his stolen items. Instead offer him something much better a great big yummy chew toy, not only will he drop the stolen item for you to get back but he will be occupied with this new yummy treat and he will completely forget his stolen item. This will also make him happy when he sees you approaching because good things come from you.

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