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Hi, my name is Kittens Need Families
I am a Male / Female Domestic.

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Hi, my name is Misty
I am a Female Lab. I have found my new home.

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Hi, my name is Strudel
I am a Female - spayed Dachshund. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Thursday, Aug 29 2013
There's something about Daisy :) Apart from her beauty she is such a loving girl. She's definitely a one man woman. Looking for a pawfect human who will take her on her morning jog, let her update her status on the facebook for dogs (the park) then head on home for a breakfast puzzle and a nice relaxing snooze. She loves her food puzzles and wastes no time at all in working out how to get that food into her belly.She will be that happy face when you get home from work, egging you on to change into your tracksuit for your evening stroll together. So if you are looking for the prefect lady to work out with this is your gal.
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Last updated on Thursday, Aug 29 2013
Dynamite does come in small packages with lil Zack.This lil fella is bursting with energy and love but Zacks not your typical love me love me dog, you have to earn his love and respect.He seems to have a typical type of furlady friends to, he likes the bigger girls to play with so they can keep up with him. He'd love a mature family to call his own who will help him meet new people on his terms and help him grow in confidence.
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Last updated on Sunday, Jul 28 2013
Annie was rescued by CLAW and brought to DogtownSA to find a new home. She is a bubbly, confident, affectionate and attentive lass, who is full of character and adores being the centre of attention – so much so, she doesn’t see fit why she should need to share! Outgoing, friendly and endearing, Annie is an extrovert at heart and relishes a warm lap as much as a boisterous game. She is keen to please and loves the companionship of people. A perfect addition to a mature family (preferably with someone home during the day), Annie longs to be man’s best friend and would be an unconditionally loyal companion. She would thrive as a “single child”, but will happily settle for a home with a male dog to keep her company, as she particularly dislikes other female canines. In a nutshell, Annie’s mission in life is to love, entertain and adore her new owner.
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Last updated on Monday, Jan 20 2014
Mamma Tracy at the centre always sings allie ballie bee to me, she seems to enjoy it and while she's singing she gives me cuddles and love, so I kinda love this song now to. I once had a home but there was some sibling rivalry involved :( and I found myself looking for a family once again :( You could say Im a bit of a strong minded lady, I like things done my way and I like them done right. I dont suffer fools gladly so this may be the reason why I am still waiting for my forever home. Not everyone appreciates my brains. I love exercise and I am super clever, Im looking for that family that will appreciate just how intelligent I am and will love and sing to me to. If I was an actress Id be on the big bang theory as Sheldons twin hee hee
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Last updated on Wednesday, Jul 31 2013
Tiago was rescued in a terrible condition from a township by PETS JHB. He was emaciated, had been mistreated and was not used to love and kindness from humans. While Tiago is not yet ready to be adopted, he would love to be sponsored while he receives the socialising and training he needs in order to be placed up for adoption.
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Last updated on Saturday, Aug 03 2013
My name is Sox, I’m 90% boxer, a male and this is my sad story. For the first three years of my life I was in a factory yard with no love and certainly very little food. Then suddenly my owners abandoned the factory and me. Some kind people in the next door factory took me through to their side, fed and loved me but sadly they could not take me home. However, thanks again to other kind folk I landed up here at the boxer rescue kennels in Hillcrest where they have been taking care of me whilst looking for a new home. One lady swore undying love and took me home but because I did not bark she returned me to the kennels. I’m confused – how can I bark when I have not had the opportunity to establish who my new owner is? Then joy another lady took me home with her and I thought that this time it was forever. I was on my best behavior and was good with her small female dog. I followed the new lady around all the time to protect her and even jumped the wall when she went out to try to be with her, waiting patiently outside the gates until she returned. But yet again it was obviously not what she wanted from me and after four days I was returned to the kennels. What now. I’m so bewildered; I have done nothing wrong and feel even more abandoned than before. How can I immediately know what these people want from me? I promise to give you all the loyalty and love in the world if you take me home and are patient whilst I learn to be the dog you want. Please someone out there take me in. I don’t like cats very much but I am fine with female dogs. I’m very scared as time has long since run out for me but because I’m lovable the people who care for me, are giving me a final chance. Please give me a home and be patient with me while I learn ….. I did not have the opportunity to learn social behavior when in a yard but am learning quickly at the kennels and will be even quicker to learn once in a permanent environment. Please phone if you are really genuine about giving me a chance. I am now safe at DogtownSA in Midrand. ADOPTION RULES AND HOME CHECK APPLIES!!!
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Last updated on Thursday, Jul 11 2013
Kansas was found abandoned in Noordwyk as a young pup. She is a fun-loving, playful and athletic girl, who loves a game of “rough-and-tumble” and is full of energy and enthusiasm. Brimming with confidence and courage, this spunky and sportive young lady has a spirited outlook on life and would be a devoted partner in adventure. Kansas needs frequent exercise and mental stimulation to keep her out of mischief, and a four-legged playmate is a must. She would be a divine addition to an active family with older children (14+). * Unable to adopt Kansas? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, all SA networks.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jan 21 2014
I am Sparta :) he he did you check that movie, they made it about me the gladiator of DogtownSA. Too long have rescued dogs been ridiculed and I have taken the task to prove us rescues will rise and be the choice of companions in years to come. I will strive for our freedom and well being and we will earn the respect and love of all humans :) Being the gladiator that I am, I also needs a soft touch, to help those a little more timid than I and even those who are a little cheeky but do not have the body to back up their mouths, if you know what I mean. So I always have to take in one of the cheeky small dogs under my care so they dont get into trouble. As for the humans I just love those hairless beasts :) Especially when they come to brush my beautiful coat and tell me how handsome I am. No man doesnt like to be told he's handsome. As much as I love my role here at DogtownSA as the gentle giant. I would love nothing more to be snuggled with my very own human in a loving home, could that be you ?
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Last updated on Wednesday, Jul 31 2013
More information to follow shortly...
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Last updated on Wednesday, Aug 28 2013
Affectionately known as the DOG Father at DogtownSA. We introduce to you Sonny by name and Sonny by nature!!Sonny likes to see himself as being in charge and when required he can be a well-mannered gentleman.With his inquisitive nature he likes to take the role of a doggy “Sherlock Holmes” especially in the play area where he will explore every nook and cranny. He loves long walks where he can again sniff everything in his path. Sonny is a pedigreed mutt with a heart of gold. Being the kingpin here at the centre he chooses his friends wisely. Are you perhaps that family, if so Sonny is waiting to meet you and take you on his intriguing adventures!!
Last updated on Sunday, Dec 22 2013
Dog Town
LOCATION - PORT ELIZABETH, Shadow is a beautiful, vibrant, loving little dog that was found desperate for food and water after escaping a snare. Shadow is missing her paw, although that does not taint her playful spirit in the slightest. Her name is true to her character, as she adores her people and enjoys nothing more than affection and love from those around her. To know her is to have your life touched by her gentle nature and determined spirit. Shadow has been in foster care, yet is now in dire need of her forever home, as her foster mom is moving into a retirement home on Tuesday.
Last updated on Thursday, Nov 14 2013
Dog Town
LOCATION - PRETORIA, Missing since 12 November 2013 from Bamboes Street,Kilner Park. My mommy is desperately looking for me. Please help me find my way home. There is a reward for my safe return.
URGENT APPEAL - Benoni SPCA Open Day - ongoing
Last updated on Wednesday, Jan 22 2014
Dog Town
BARKING NEWS - theres an amy on my stoep
Last updated on Thursday, Dec 05 2013
Dog Town
There’s an Amy on my stoep!
by Luke

 Amy was found abandoned in August 2010, aimlessly wandering around with no clue where she was or how to find her way home. It is presumed her previous owners no longer wanted and dumped her on the side of the road. Amy was picked up by a kind samaritan and brought to DogtownSA; she was very wary of people and snapped and growled when she was approached or touched – this lady needed to be rehabilitated and her trust in humanity restored.
FUNDRAISING - PurrPaws SMS Plea - ongoing
Last updated on Thursday, Jan 31 2013
Dog Town
Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 04 2009
Please can you put on your web site the current scam on teacup terriers, they say that they have moved to Botswana and just need the airfare to ship the puppy over. Once you have dep the money, they need more money for quarantine, This is big, I lost R3000.00, and found another three operators on gum tree, all basically saying the same thing.

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Saints Charity shop
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Last updated on Monday, Mar 18 2013

Remember to pop on down to the SAINTS charity shop with any of your good quality 2nd hand stuff and help us raise much needed funds. Also a great place to shop for some awesome gifts at fantastic prices.
The type of items in demand are good quality 2nd hand clothing and shoes, household goods (linen, towels, plates, decor items) working pc’s, radios, TV’s, 2nd hand cell phones etc..

And DVD'S they are currently the best sellers so if you have dvds in your cupboards gathering dust, get them on down to the shop :)

Hi, my name is BOBBIE
I am a Female - spayed Shepherd Mix . Would you like to sponsor me?

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When your dog steals something do you chase after him trying to get it back?  
Don’t play this game of chase anymore.  You are reinforcing an unwanted behaviour. The more attention you give him for stealing something, the more he’ll steal.    
As long as it’s not dangerous ignore him when he steals something, he’ll stop pretty soon if there is no reinforcement involved. Write the incident off to your mistake, as you are the one who left it lying around in the first place. Remember prevention is better than cure.
Make sure he can’t get to items, which are off-limits. Keep tables and counters completely free of food and other fun chewables; keep the laundry out of your dogs reach for several months until he no longer looks there for fun.  He is stealing this stuff to entertain himself so rather have plenty of yummy chew treats to keep him busy and make sure he is getting exercise and his mind is being stimulated with fun games. If your dog has stolen something you need to take back. Don’t just take the article from him this will only teach him that when he has his fun toy and you come towards him, his fun is going to stop and he will begin to hide with his stolen items. Instead offer him something much better a great big yummy chew toy, not only will he drop the stolen item for you to get back but he will be occupied with this new yummy treat and he will completely forget his stolen item. This will also make him happy when he sees you approaching because good things come from you.

Reference: (page (110)
The new dog owner’s guide to  Positive reinforcement puppy training – Suzanne L. Harris