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A living memorial to ur precious furkids

A living memorial to our precious furkids

We’re kind of big softies here at Dogtown, a lot of crying goes down, which is weird for me as I was never a crier but you these dogs and their emotional roller coasters they set us on often makes my eyes leak.

We cry when they arrive, sad that they have either lost all they’ve ever had or devastated at the physical state they are in. During their stay at Dogtown we become very close to all our furkids, especially the terminally ill ones and those that need a little more attention. I often get asked how I remember all their names. It’s always a weird question for me as I never purposefully learnt names, I just get to know all our dogs as individuals and their names are just a part of their package. One of the beautiful characteristics of Dogtown is we have 154 furry friends who we know inside and out.
So when they head home to their forever families, it’s tears again but this time it’s tears of joy for the furkids and a tear or 2 for us as their humans as we will miss their little quirks and happy faces each day.
There is another time at Dogtown where tears are uncontrollable and our hearts break and hurt so much. That’s when we have to say goodbye to one of our furkids that are still at the centre. I don’t know if it’s a feeling of failure, the fact that we failed to find them a loving home or just the pure sorrow from traveling their journey with them and always hoping for a miracle.The fact that we are losing one of our little precious souls before our eyes is gut wrenching.

It has to be one of the hardest parts of working in a pro life rescue centre that takes care of a lot of terminally ill fur kids. We know where the story ends but we do our best to live in the moment and cherish every second with the furkids in our care. When our furkids are near the end of their journey, we often take them away for a weekend, to let them enjoy a bit of time away from the centre. They get to enjoy living in a “home” for a short while, which sadly for some it could be the first time they get to experience being in a home. It’s heartbreaking :( With all our dogs we commit for life and we continue to show our love and respect for them once they have crossed the rainbow bridge.
At our new farm we have dedicated a piece of land to create a memorial garden for both those Dogtown dogs that have passed on and for those of you who would like to place a memorial for your own furkids in a tranquil and animal loving setting. A part of the memorial garden will be a memorial forest where along with we are using their Biotree Urn for animals! So we can build a forest of Dogtown furkids <3 a beautiful tribute to the furkids we couldn’t save :(

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 7.19.14 AM

If you would like to help us give our furkids a final resting place in the Memorial forest where their ashes will grow a tree please click here:

I must apologize that my rant has been a depressing one today. As if things aren’t depressing enough in our country at the moment with all the political turmoil and the lottery cutting out all animal welfare charities. Sometimes I just need to find some solace in the sadness we deal with. I think this is a fitting tribute to our furkids and they will live on forever in our forest and hearts. Replenishing the earth with beautiful Dogtown trees.

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