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Her royal highness, Princess Diana

Hear yee! hear yee!

Good morning one and all on this fine day. To start, I would like to take the time to thank all for attending today.

I, princess Diana of Dogtown, first of her name, am here to tell you why you should grace your home with my presence.

Firstly I am a loving, playfull brown and white fur girl who enjoys the company of hoomans. I like to play fetch but my favourite is tugs games.

Secondly,  my favorite place is on a lap. I will often allow my hooman staff to come sit on my throne so that  they can give me cuddles and attention. The easiest way to get the staff to give attention (and treats) is by putting on my ‘feel sorry for me- puppy dog face’ which is famous all over the kingdom… it gets them every time!

Thirdly, I looove to chew stuffs. Anything from bones to hoofs. It helps me think of new ideas on how to run the kingdom.

I do feel however, I must mention that I am a one ruler kinda gal and dont like to share my space with other dogs or those other weird, big eyed, cat creatures.

So if you looking for a life long princess to share your life with then, by royal decree, come down and have a visit with me…. I’ll even let you sit on the throne!

Your loyal and loving,

Princess Diana

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By Savannah, Caregiver

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