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Hi, my name is Tamsyn
I am a Female - spayed Africanis.

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Last updated on Wednesday, Sep 17 2014
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Hi, my name is Milo
I am a Male Collie X. I have found my new home.

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Last updated on Friday, Sep 19 2014
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Hi, my name is Malibongwe
I am a Female Africanis X Shepherd. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Tuesday, Sep 16 2014
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jul 08 2014
Hi there peeps out there – my name is Megan and I’m not sure if you know but that is a very popular Welsh name for girls. I am sorry to say I don’t have the lovely singing voice that is associated with the Welsh people but I will be happy to make up for it with my love and attention that I have an abundance of bubbling inside of me for my forever family. I used to live at another rescue centre and was sad because I never had many humans coming to visit me and I was never given the chance to show off my very attractive features, cos I have heard it said that I am rather attractive looking furry!!! (Hehehe) Then suddenly, out of the blue a miracle happened and I was brought to this very special 5 star hotel called DogtownSA. To begin with I had no idea of what to expect and was very nervous and apprehensive of what the future might hold for me but as I settled in I knew I was going to be safe. Now I have very special carers who come and talk to me, sit with me and best of all take me for walks. I get so excited that I find it difficult to contain myself and have to do lots of extra jumps for joy in my run just to show off otherwise I think I will burst with happiness. I know I have to control this and my carers are being very gentle with me so that I learn how to behave correctly. They give me suuuppper doopper treats for being calmer and I really do like them so I am making good progress. My carers are also helping me to learn that pulling is not a desirable behavior while out walking but I am really trying to walk at heel and understand that all the lovely smells and things that I want to investigate soooo quickly are not going to disappear and by taking it a little slower and with the good instruction I am receiving I will soon be happily trotting along at my walker’s side. I also get a huge reward for this from my carers which is a yummy handful of treats so I am just the luckiest furry there is!!! One of my other favourite things is my breakfast in the morning as it comes in a rather big looking egg-shaped device and I have great fun getting all my food out of the holes at each end. I love these types of toys and have great fun pushing it all over my little garden. My dream is to once again live in a forever home with a family, where I would be their only furkid and I can lavish all my love and attention on them and show them the new found skills I have learnt at DogtownSA.
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 23 2014
Hiya humans. I am George. I started out as a bit of a free spirit, kinda wandering around on my own for a bit. I never really knew my parents and had to make a lot of choices. Some where good and some not so great. I landed up quite lost, sad and hungry. One day, a rather nice lady took me home, told me I should get off the streets and make a life for myself. Boy did I get spoiled. I kind of enjoyed it, but the rehab I needed required a bit more time to myself, to ponder what it is that I want from life. I am still working through a few more things, but I am doing really well. I have some really good buddies here at the centre and I play - a LOT. I LOVE LOVE LOVE walking. I also love biccies. I am a bit fussy about my food, and i eat super slowly because I need to keep checking that I am still here and ok. I really like my human friends. I am not so sure of some of the things that humans do though - like brushing, and nail clipping. Do you know if thats safe or not? I am not sure. EVERYONE keeps telling me its fine, but you know - you cant take too many chances. My friend Patrick gets a little annoyed sometimes, he is like "Geoooooorge.......you are being sillllleeeeeee", but I just need a little more time. I am however ready to start meeting some new people who would be very patient with me, as I will repay you with lotsa love! Walking is my favourite and if people come to walk me and be my friend I will be sooooooo happy. See you soon! (Im the prettiest boy on the block!)
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Last updated on Tuesday, Sep 02 2014
“Buuuddy” as we call this little “Star”, is one of our longest residents at DogtownSA. When he was a little “Bud” (a littlie) very naughty kids put a rope around his neck and swung him around. Well, as you can imagine, that takes a great deal of effort to get over. But our “Star” is very resilient. He still doesn’t like anything being put near or around his neck but the caregivers are constantly encouraging him to conquer his uncertainties. Knowing all this our little “Star” has an amazing ability to help raise all the delinquent puppies that come to DogtownSA. He teaches them all the good doggie manners that the kids he knew never had, so that these puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes with no bad habits. Buddy is looking for a very special family that will give him time to grow and gain more confidence. His dream is to live with this family and be able to run around their garden, play with their other dogs and know that he will never be hurt again, could that be you?
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Last updated on Sunday, Aug 24 2014
Hi there, I'm Bobbie. You may have visited the centre many times and missed me. You see I'm quite a shy nervous girl, I didn't get the best start to life so all new people are dangerous until proven otherwise but with patience, treats and love it doesn't take me long to understand you are there to love me not hurt me. Sometimes the volunteers just come and sit with me and give me treats if I come and see them. I like this game so much, but I'm getting too good at it now because all those treats on my lips are now settling on my hips. You ladies will understand what I mean. So I know I'm a bit of a scaredy pants but please don't let that pt you off me, I'm really a great gal once we know and understand each other. * Unable to adopt Bobbie? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, SA networks.
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Last updated on Wednesday, May 28 2014
“Hanni the Bumble-bee Jackson here, parking off with my peeps at DogtownSA: family, a fast car and the open road, now that’s the life! You guys keen on a little Tracy Chapman? I just dig this tune when I’m cruising: So remember when we were driving driving in your car. Speed so fast I felt like I was drunk. City lights lay out before us. And your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder. And I had a feeling that I belonged. I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone. You got a fast car? “ Boys will be boys, and this fit fella sure does love his toys: fast cars, rope toys and rubber chewies and he’s sorted! Hanni is really a big ol softie and still a learner driver at DogtownSA. He’s not quite ready to hit the road out to his forever family just yet. While his DogtownSA family teaches Hanni the finer points of navigating through life, he sure would love it if you could pop some bob into his petrolhead fund (there is just no such thing as too many roadtrips or too many rope toys) With some luck and plenty of DogtownSA love and support Hanni hopes find a family and fast car to call his own someday soon.
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Last updated on Monday, May 26 2014
“Good day old chaps Lord Jock of Dogtown here, pleased to make your acquaintance. No barbaric bundu-bashing for me I’m afraid. The wild wonders of the world are far too dangerous for folly. Perhaps I could interest you in joining me on long leisurely walks, fine food and a lifetime of loyalty and companionship. Those are the true ingredients of adventure.” Our Lord Jock doesn’t dream of wild adventures on the untamed African savannah; after a life scavenging for scraps he’s decided he’s seen enough quite enough of the wild wonders of the world. Like many that have seen the harsh side of life, Jock can be slow to trust new four-legged and human friends, but once a friend always a friend is Jock’s motto. Jock is looking to live the quiet life away from the hype of young children and kitty cats. All he needs now is the special family to love him forever. Could that be you?
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jun 10 2014
Hi my name is TOTO - I am named after a band for their Song about rains in Africa. I like that idea, because my name really suits my cool camouflage coat. I am SO gorgeous, as I keep getting told. Whatever that means. I am super bright too, so my trainer says. She laughed at me so much because I have a great sense of humour and when I do something I do it with all my heart. I am really lovable, I adore being with people - all people, even children. I love being brushed,it makes me feel sooooooo good. I enjoy the odd bone, or chew, and really love my meal times. I am actually a very relaxed girl, you can even take my bowl away while I am eating and I dont mind. I remember to sit,and wait politely. I kind of like cats, but I also want to play with them, so I think that maybe soft toys are better for me - my trainer says I am allowed to play with those. I am a great looking gal, and very kind, I know a lot of tricks, and I am clicker trained, so I can learn all sorts of things! I would love to have a special family to look after.
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Last updated on Thursday, Jun 12 2014
Good day, my name is Grace. Some time ago, my brother Will and I took off on an adventure. We left our previous humans to find a better life "out there". For some days we wandered the back streets and fields and some rather shady areas, avoiding traffic and finding our own snacks. This was somewhat tiresome and stressful, so we hung around a nice man's boarding kennels until he decided we had better go to Dogtown (for finishing school). We like it here, as we get loads of food and snacks! I enjoy that part a LOT! I am what my trainer calls "easy going". She told me I am beautiful too, and I have learnt to sit and down. I keep my house very neat, and I have good manners too! I never try to escape, or run out of the gate, and I always sit gracefully (that's my name and my game!)for my food. I play nicely with my brother and I love being brushed and loved. I'm really deep, and I often just take some time out to lie in the sun and think about life, and the meaning of all that is. I am currently in a "training programme" to refine some of my skills, like "stay", "heel" and so on. I hope to be able to attend the classes here soon, and holding paws that my new humans (I know you're coming soon!) Will keep training me, as I really like learning new stuff.
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Last updated on Wednesday, Aug 06 2014
Howdy Doo - I’m a newbie on the block at this very special 5 star hotel called DogtownSA and am a bit of a cool fur-dude. My name is Lennox and I live in a very special little house with a veranda where I can sit and watch all the furries go by and see all the coming and goings every day as the other furries go on their walks. But I think I am extra lucky as I have the best view of people when they first come to visit and when I see them coming down my street I put on my Mister Cool face and wag my little tail inviting them to come by and say hello. When I first arrived I was rather shy of new humans but I have such great carers at this hotel that I really do enjoy all the attention I am getting and understand that humans are great peeps. One of the best things is that they all come by and give me lots of their yummy treats and biscuits that are in their bags. My favourite part of the day is going out on my walks with my carers and at first I was a little unsure of the harness that I wear but after the first time I realized it was so cool and I looked very handsome and can honestly say I love every walk I have. I get very excited when I see my carer or a volunteer coming towards my “pad” with the harness and know we are going out. I try very hard to behave properly as well when my carer puts on the lead cos I know it is not good to pull and with the yummy treats that she gives me it is very easy to be a “good furry”. When we go out we also stop on the way and do exercises and I get ever more treats and cuddles which is just the bestest thing ever. I really do enjoy learning new things and my carer also gives me fancy toys that have food inside and I am getting quicker at working out how to get the yummy food out. I am really much happier than I have ever been at this special “town” but I do have a forever dream that I would love to be able to continue learning and training with my own forever family and make you very proud of taking me into your home and lavish all my love and attention on you forever.
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 02 2014
“Bark out loud Barking Madders, Butch is the name and if your party has food I’m game! If you’re looking for a life filled with licks, love and loyalty you’ve come to the right place! Go on call my agent on adoptions@barkingmad.co.za” Relax, take it eeeeeeeeaaasy is Butch’s mantra here at DogtownSA! This goofball tends to get a little caught up in the moment: he tries experiencing everything life has to offer all at once! After a life of neglect we can hardly blame his enthusiasm. Here at DogtownSA Butch has been learning to take a more laidback approach to life: long walks, laughs with friends and leisurely meals are the order of the day. This handsome fella would make an awesome addition to a furry family (without any felines) you ready to live the good life with our main man Butch?
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Last updated on Thursday, Apr 10 2014
She loves humans of all kinds and most other dogs. However I think she would do best with a house where she is the only dog and can be spoilt with attention. The people would have to be active and walk her regularly cause she can get quite destructive if she is not getting her excercise. She is extremely affectionate and anyone who meets will very quickly see why I say that. She will give many years of happiness, loyalty and love to the right family. I wish more than anything that family could be me but unfortunately circumstances don't dictate that. Its a very hard decision to have to make as it feels as if I am having to give up a child.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jun 17 2014
“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you.” I bet you all know this song from the Walt Disney movie Pinocchio. This is my favourite song and every night after my supper at my special Hotel DogtownSA I sit outside on my little verandah and look up at the stars and wish for my forever home to come true. My name is Gemma and, I am told, a very pretty little girl with a smile that will catch your eye, who was left on a main road to fend for myself. Luckily I was rescued and taken to a home for the night and given food and water. The next day part of my dream came true as I was brought to Hotel DogtownSA. This is a very special place with very caring people who look after little” furries” like me that have been abandoned. They take such good care of me giving me really yummy food and taking me out on walks. My best is when we go to a large play area where I can run around, play and jump up and down on lots of jumps and agility equipment and let off steam until I am really exhausted. I am very energetic and would love to have a family who would like to adopt me and together we could play lots of games and go to doggy school where I will continue to learn more obedience skills and make you very proud. Please come and meet me so that my wish upon a star can come true.
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Last updated on Thursday, Jun 05 2014
Hi guys, my name is Halle! I am one big rolled up piece of LOVE. I love people. I love being petted. I ADORE my friends. I am selective about which dogs I can live with, but with a little consideration for my needs, I am quite capable of living with four legged friend. I have a liver issue, which my people here at Dogtown are working on, and I am not high maintenance in the excercise department - I prefer a gentle stroll to anything that works up a sweat! I am a very tidy person, I dont mess up my bed, and I am really happiest on soft blankies and cushions, while my special diet is prepared and delivered to my door. I am very clever too - I have an amazing way of dealing with people and talk to them with my eyes. They always get what I am saying - this telepathy stuff works! I do enjoy a good bone to chew and I am on a special programme to get fit (arg!) and be as healthy as I can be. I have also managed to score special massages and grooming from my trainer who does my nails, and works with my lymph glands (whatever those are!) and wow! do I feel good after my love sessions! I would love a home of my own, with my own special person to adore (and of course adore me too - a gal has to be loved you know!), and promise to change your life with my special ways.
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 23 2014
My name is Barney and I am one of the “older” residents at the Shady Pines Village at DogtownSA . My journey was been somewhat bumpy and unpredictable but a very dear lady in the same category as me an “octogenarian” hehehe!!! found me living a somewhat depressed life at a shelter. She desperately tried to find me a home but unfortunately the younger “furchildren” that they wanted me to shack up with did not have the same interests as myself. It was then that she decided (the kind lady that is), to bring me to the Shady Pines village at DogtownSA. This was a whole new experience for me and the love and attention that I experienced was simply awesome. Here they took into consideration my advanced years and did not try to make me do anything that I couldn’t manage. I had the privilege of living with an older “furlady” but sadly she “flew over the rainbow” not long after we met. I was very sad but my carers gave me lots of love to help me get over my loss. I still enjoy my walks, and when we go out on our regular walks I am allowed to dictate the pace and on my return having thoroughly enjoyed myself I am not too exhausted. I can then relax in my 5-Star accommodation which includes large comfortable cushions and a very cosy wooden house. I am also very fortunate to be in a prime position to observe all the comings and goings at this wonderful place and as such all the carers and volunteers make a huge fuss of me as they arrive. Although I am older I still have a lot to offer in love and friendship and my dream is to find a forever home where I can give back all my loyalty and affection.
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FOUND - Midrand
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Last updated on Monday, Sep 01 2014
Please share, Found yesterday (31 August) in Midrand (Kyalami / Sun Valley area). Proof of ownership required. Contact info@barkingmad.co.za
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Last updated on Friday, Sep 19 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - CAPE TOWN, Seba is an 8 year old male. He is good with children and other dogs but has not lived with cats. Had had training and walks well on lead, He loves swimming and going in the car. Seba is housetrained and is in good health although a bit overweight. Bella is a 5 year old Lab x Bassett and looks like a long short Lab. She is good with children and other dogs but has not lived with cats. She likes to swim and has had basic training and is housetrained. She is full of personality and can keep you entertained for hours. She is a snuggler and loves Seba. Please send email to ricki@labrescue.org.za for more info
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Last updated on Wednesday, Sep 17 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - PORT ELIZABETH, This little girl was found running around at the NG Kerk in Sunridge Park (Broadway Ave). She is approx. 6months old, light brown collar, no microchip. Please contact Jackie Syphus 082 655 8816 with any info.
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URGENT APPEAL - Fallen Angels Adoption Days - ongoing
Last updated on Tuesday, Aug 05 2014
Dog Town
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BARKING NEWS - Miss Dynamite ee ee
Last updated on Thursday, Dec 05 2013
Dog Town

Miss Dynamite ee ee

By Joanna

I am sure you have heard of the phrase “Dynamite comes in small packages” well this is the best way to describe “Little Ellen”,   who has more oomph and energy than the proverbial “Duracell bunny”!!!!!!

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FUNDRAISING - Wetnose Birthday - 27/9
Last updated on Monday, Sep 15 2014
Dog Town


Homeless Animals Day at Wet Nose has become well known as a day jam packed full of family fun, for both two legged and four legged family members to do something for homeless animals in South Africa. This is a very special year as we will also be celebrating Wet Nose’s 15th birthday.


Every year we rely on you to spread the word for us and be our promotional experts, and you never disappoint! All of you go crazy sending this mail on to your mailing lists and inviting your friends and family to join in on the fun, and every year the crowds come flocking to this event because of all your effort. We love that we can ask our supporters to help us with this, and so we ask once again...go nuts...help us make this 15th year the very best!!!


We have a lovely country walk route now where your dog can stop for a rest and have a swim in the dam, while the horses and donkeys look on in amazement. Of course if your own dogs are not socialised with other dogs or don’t walk on a lead, then you can walk one of our many homeless doggies and treat them instead.


You will be treated to an agility show with our own dogs and own kennel staff. This is the most heart-warming agility show you will ever see and anyone who does not get goose bumps, isn’t human!!! We will prove to everyone that rescue dogs are also smart and can do anything!


The rehabilitation awards are really special and the dogs that get awarded with this prestigious award have been successfully rehabilitated from very bad emotional and physical trauma in their lives, and gone on to find their forever homes. Their new parents bring them back to show them off and to receive a trophy and a box of Complete cookies.


The fun Doggie Pageant promises to be quite entertaining. If you think that your pooch looks like you or that they may be the king or queen of bling, then you need to enter them (on the day) into this crazy, but fun show.


An educational tour of the animal hospital will be available all day with our resident vet, Dr Lanina Moos. Bring the kids and both young and old will learn something regarding animal health that you never knew before.


Experience a day in the life of a shelter dog! This is your opportunity to give of yourself, bond with and spoil a recue dog and raise funds for Wet Nose. Get sponsors to challenge you to spend 24 hours in one of our kennels on the day before Homeless Animals Day. Call us if you would like to join the brave few that have already signed up for this. (Including Arod from Jacaranda 94.2).


Of course there will be flea market stalls and lots of yummy food. This year we have the pro’s helping out at all the food stations, with the students and staff of the Capital Hotel School working at all the food stations. When last did you eat a burger or a boerie roll at a dog show or fun day prepared by a real chef??? Also on the menu is lots of birthday cake, thanks to Bugatti’s who will be baking a huge cake for the occasion.

As always, there will be plenty of cool drinks, ice creams and beer and ciders in the beer tent with the rugby on the big screen.

So bring the kids, the dogs, the in-laws and enjoy the best day of the year with Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre.

Kindest regards,

Debbie Herselman

Managing Director


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Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 04 2009
Please can you put on your web site the current scam on teacup terriers, they say that they have moved to Botswana and just need the airfare to ship the puppy over. Once you have dep the money, they need more money for quarantine, This is big, I lost R3000.00, and found another three operators on gum tree, all basically saying the same thing.

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Featured Event:
Furry Feeders
Saturday, Sep 21 2013
Event Details
Last updated on Thursday, Jan 16 2014
Furry Feeders
Become a furry feeder of a BarkingMads/DogtownSA TODAY and help us feed the furkids. Your name will proudly be displayed on our Furry Feeder wall for all to see, just how pawsome you are :) PLEASE email pat@barkingmad.co.za
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Hi, my name is BUDDY
I am a Male - neutered Fox Terrier Blend. Would you like to sponsor me?

Click here to find out more
Last updated on Tuesday, Sep 02 2014
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The best way to stop puppy jumping is to simply ignore him when he does.  Turn your back to him fold your arms and stand still until he has fours paws on the ground. Then quickly get down to his level and give him lots of praise and rewards if he jumps up again, stand up and turn away until he stops jumping, and repeat. We are rewarding the desired behaviour and ignoring the bad behaviour. We also need to make sure that all people who come into contact with pup know this is what is to be done when pup jumps otherwise some unsuspecting visitor could unknowingly be undoing all your hard work by patting the dog or telling him to get off, both of these are rewarding the dog as he is getting the attention he seeks

The following exercises are also very effective for the jumping dog:
Put your puppy on a lead and tie the end securely to a doorknob.  
Make sure you have yummy treats with you and from a short distance move towards the puppy with excitement.  As soon as he jumps up, stop moving towards him and take a step backwards away from the pup.  As soon as he stops jumping move towards him again. Continue this approach until you can get all the way to the pup and give him a cuddle without jumping lots of praise and rewards from that position, moving back again if he jumps up in excitement.   
You could also do this exercise but you are the door know and you have another person approach the dog, as above once the person gets all the way to your dog without him jumping give him lots of praise and rewards.
This method will also teach him how to greet people, and to pay attention to you rather than them.
If you can catch your dog before he is about to launch himself off the ground give him something else to do like sit. But only if it’s before his paws have left the floor.
Happy Training.