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Hi, my name is Ruby
I am a Female - spayed Pug X.

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Last updated on Monday, Jan 19 2015
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Hi, my name is Sabastian
I am a Male Domestic. I have found my new home.

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Last updated on Saturday, Dec 27 2014
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Hi, my name is Angus
I am a Male - neutered Border Collie. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Monday, Jan 26 2015
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montego cat
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 30 2014
When you arrive at DogtownSA you will hear a lot about me and my “special man – Duke”. You see, I am a very pretty girl and Duke is the furry I live with and he has a reputation for having the most irresistible “furgal” on the block!!! Weelll I am his “gal” . I love to romp and play and he and I spend many hours running around in our garden, pulling out our blankets and having games of tag and guess what he lets me win!!!! All the other DogtownSA furkids can see us and wish they were playing too. The others looking on make such a noise cos they are so jealous of our antics and I know they would love to swop places. When we are lying down next to each other chilling after one of our walks with our carers or volunteers who are just the bestest angels at the Hotel DogtownSA, I tell him stories about my previous life which was really very difficult. He just listens and gives me a lick and a smile. I was living on the streets for many months and trying to find caring people and food was not easy. My life changed when such a special person from DogtownSA came and found me and even though I was very nervous I came with him and arrived back at this very special Hotel DogtownSA. With the help of such loving and caring peeps I soon learnt to trust once more and knew I was going to be safe and never have to be scared again. It is just so cooooollll here cos our carers come and sit with us and ask us to do little exercises and for that we get treats!! Then best of all is I get to have my tummy rubbed and I really love that. I never thought such a wonderful thing could ever happen to me as people had never touched me like that before. My other favourite thing is going on walks with my main man “Duke” and our carers and I do have to admit I get very excited and sometimes want to get a weee bit too far ahead too quickly, but my carer just gives me a gentle reminder and a cuddle and then I slow down. So all you awesome peeps out there, if you have a guy furkid who loves to play and romp and is looking for a pretty lady, please let’s get together and meet. For those of you who don’t have a furry friend, maybe you would be able to take Duke and I together and make all our forever dreams come true and we will make your life complete.
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Last updated on Monday, May 05 2014
Courage is an amazing dog whose name personifies this character. He sustained severe injuries to his hind leg which had been left untreated by his previous owners and needed major bone surgery. With the aid of steel plates and a stay at Doggie Paddle for hydrotherapy and rehabilitation he has made a remarkable recovery. Now at DogtownSA, when it is time to start walking the “furries” he will be the first one at his gate waiting excitedly for you to come and take him on his walk and into the play area where he can run and play with you off lead and enjoy all the new smells and see what messages there are to pick up. Being a typical man, he loves being made a fuss of and having a cuddle and a gentle brushing is just the cherry on top!!!! Courage is a bit of a loner and is happy with his own company, so would be much better as a single dog in his forever family.
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 02 2014
“Bark out loud Barking Madders, Butch is the name and if your party has food I’m game! If you’re looking for a life filled with licks, love and loyalty you’ve come to the right place! Go on call my agent on adoptions@barkingmad.co.za” Relax, take it eeeeeeeeaaasy is Butch’s mantra here at DogtownSA! This goofball tends to get a little caught up in the moment: he tries experiencing everything life has to offer all at once! After a life of neglect we can hardly blame his enthusiasm. Here at DogtownSA Butch has been learning to take a more laidback approach to life: long walks, laughs with friends and leisurely meals are the order of the day. This handsome fella would make an awesome addition to a furry family (without any felines) you ready to live the good life with our main man Butch?
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Last updated on Tuesday, May 20 2014
Nothing like a little karaoke to get everyone in the mood, everyone sing along now (Don’t be shy you know how it goes :) Scarlett you light up our world like nobody else They way that you skip and hop makes us smile and cheer But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell, You don't know, oh, oh, You don't know you're beautiful, If only you saw what we can see, You'd understand why we love you desperately, Right now we’re looking at you and we can't believe, You don't know,oh, oh. You don't know you're beautiful We can’t get enough of telling our demure Scarlett how awesome she is (though Scarlett has commented that we shouldn’t quit our day jobs and leave the crooning to lads of One Direction, cheeky bum). While Scarlett takes a little while to warm up to new humans and four legged friends, beneath her coy exterior is a playful soul that loves to cuddle. While we all keep singing Scarlett’s praises here at DogtownSA we hope somewhere out there is a patient furry friend and a warm human lap looking for the perfect lady to share in new life of cuddles, kisses and companionship. Could that be with you?
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 23 2014
Sheldon is a little spunky guy who never gives up or lets life get him down. He received rather severe injuries from a hit and run incident leaving him paralysed in his right foreleg. Yet, with his tenacity and determination he has never allowed this to stop him having the bestest time and playing with his many fellow roomies. When you come to DogtownSA to meet him you will see him either running around his garden with his 3 furry friends or jumping on and off the couch at the speed of lightening. He has more energy than the Energiser Bunny and if given the chance will be on the go looking for things to do and egging his friends on to keep up with him. But he does enjoy human company as well and if you come in to meet him and his friends he will cleverly find a way to be either sitting on your lap or sneaking his way to the front of the queue, for many cuddles and tickles. His smile is irresistible and he can turn on the charm as the drop of hat. He also looooves to go walking with his carers and friends and takes great delight in being the first to get to the interesting smells en route and letting the others know what they are missing out on for being so slow. Sheldon’s dream home would be with a family that has an abundance of time to give to him and keep the energetic little guy occupied. Of course a girl friend or two would be a bonus! Although if you want, he has a number of suitable “buddies” at DogtownSA that would be willing to come along with him and make your days and theirs “forever” exhilarating.
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Last updated on Friday, Nov 07 2014
More information about Jazzy Jazz to follow shortly...
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 09 2014
Hi everybody, my name is Penny and I would love to be your “Penny from Heaven”. I consider myself such a lucky furry as I joined the DogtownSA family with the help of a kind Samaritan, who took me away from somebody who didn’t know how to look after a fur-kid. When I first arrived I met some other furkids and was able to move in with them and we all lived together in a house with a small garden. This was just amazing cos we played lots of games and had a warm house to sleep in and so many blankets to snuggle into at night. We also were taken out on regular walks together by our carers and volunteers. I just couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Whilst I have been living at DogtownSA I have been able to help other furbabies who were rather unruly and naughty and teach them doggie skills and good behaviour so that they would be lucky enough to find their own forever homes. Quite recently I moved in with a very handsome boy called Chaka who had been homeless for many months. You see he was rather nervous when he arrived and I have been able to help him settle into this very special hotel and steadily teach him all the little things he needs to know so that he will be ready to find his forever home. We go on many interesting walks together with our carers and volunteers and then when we get back I like to cool off and recline on my Hound Sleep in the sun and Chaka lies next to me also taking a little snooze. I still get a little unsure when young children come to meet me, so ideally I would like to find my forever home with a family who have older children who I can romp and play with and go on walks together. It would be my dream to have at least another furkid as well and if my forever family don’t happen to have one then maybe my handsome boyfriend Charka could come too and together we will bring you all many years of fun and happiness.
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Last updated on Thursday, Jan 22 2015
Arooooooo....aroooo.... hear me sing the song of my people. In my past, I've been a bit of a nomad, traveling from here to there, and then some more. On my travels, I heard of this hotel for dogs, where breakfast and dinner are always served with a smile, and belly rubs. I figured this is a place to see. When I first arrived at my new house, I had a little difficulty to settle, and when I get nervous, I talk a lot you see. However, my caregiver massages my ears and then I feel much better. It wasn't long until I felt safer, I started to enjoy the company of my neighbours and all the caregivers at Dogtown SA. I get to go on short walks that helps me build up some strength in my legs. I even get to meet other furies like me on these walks, and they make me feel a bit more confident. The other furies tell me that lots of people come to visit us, and many of us get to go with them to 'forever homes'. I would love a forever home! My caregiver tells me I've got a beautiful voice, so if you'd like to hear me sing my song, please come visit me at Dogtown SA. Wait, let me get back to practicing, aroooooo
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jul 08 2014
I was born into a mafia family, and my earliest days were spent being tied up on a very short chain, with no shade or shelter, regular food or water. A wonderful lady saved me and sent me off to DogTown under the Animal Rescue Witness Protection Program I am a very loving boy and have SO MUCH to offer the right person. I love walking and am very well behaved when out walking, I don’t pull, or shove or even bark. I just wanna have fun! I enjoy doing all my training and can sit, down, roll over, crawl and climb up onto a bench. I play fetch, to humour humans, but I prefer a good ear rub and love time to anything else. I have to learn some more thing about how to play with people, as sometimes I forget and get a little carried away, but I am learning fast! I am healthy and happy, and very kind, full of life, love and always up for a human/dog moment!
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Last updated on Friday, Nov 07 2014
More information about handsome Claude to follow shortly...
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Last updated on Friday, Oct 31 2014
Well hello all you great peeps out there – my name is Brad – now before you get toooooo excited I am not The Brad Pitt but in German Shepherd terms I come a close second as I am rather handsome (to say the least!) hehehehe. I had the awful misfortune of running into electric fencing on a property of London Road and getting shocked every time I tried to escape from the wires and ended up just collapsing. Yet as terrified and exhausted as I was little did I realise that the people that rescued me and managed to get me away from the wires were going to take the best care of me. I was taken straight to a super vet who kept me under observation for a few days cos I really did feel very strange and out of sorts. Luckily I started to recover quite quickly and was then moved to this A M A Z I N G hotel called DogtownSA. I have special carers who come and see me many times during the day and I try my best to get them to stay with me for ages cos I really do loooooooove being with people (especially these kind ones). I do get very excited but my carers are so patient with me and gently remind me to calm down and I get given many yummy treats when I do and it does get easier every time. During the day I also have other delicious hooves with peanut butter inside and lovely ice lollies to lick which taste like chicken so I really do get spoilt. I go on great walks and my carer and I go to a large play area where I can run around and play and chase the birds. Because I get so excited on the walk and want to get to sniff and experience everything all at the same time I tend to pull my carer at a fast pace. But she is helping me to learn to slow down and encouraging me to take my time and I am beginning to understand that the things I want to investigate are not going to go away so I can take my time. I really do love all the attention and affection at DogtownSA but my dream would be to find my own forever family. We could all go to doggy school together and continue to learn more obedience skills. I promise to make you very proud of me and be your forever special furry. I will be so pleased to lavish all my love and affection on you every single minute of every day.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jul 22 2014
Oh Mandy well, you came and you gave without taking. But they sent you away. Oh, Mandy well, you kissed us and we stopped you from shaking. And you need a home today. Oh, Mandy! Did you see what I did there I tweaked the Barry Manilow song Mandy to tell you my story. I'm really talented like that. I'm also really good at these good manners everyone keeps talking about around here. When I see that bowl of food approaching or one of those live treat dispensers, my bum hits the floor quicker than you can say sit :) I’ve had to put up with some shady humans before I found my way to Dogtown SA, so I can be a little aloof when I first meet you. Don’t worry; once I trust you I’m all love <3. I’m also a little nervous around other furkids, but my DogtownSA family is all about helping me find new friends and boosting my confidence. If you would like to audition to be my new family you can contact my agent at adoptions@barkingmad.co.za and hopefully they will think you are a good match for me and we can live happily ever after :) So what you waiting for send them an email now :)
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Last updated on Monday, May 26 2014
“I feel pretty, oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and bright. And I pity any girl that isn’t me tonight! Micah’s my name and aren’t I just oh so pretty *blush*. After being abandoned, I’m finally living it up here at Hotel DogtownSA with my boo Leo. Room service, personal trainers and gourmet treats, the only way life could get any better was if my forever family finally found me and whisked away to that fairytale land called home sweet home.” Micah is our bouncy beautiful little Miss Sunshine: shy at first but of oh-so-loving once she gets to know you. This little Miss isn’t crazy about other dogs outshining her, though she does have a soft spot for strong handsome four-legged men that take a backseat and indulge her whims and fancies. While her DogtownSA family loves her to bits, Micah fantasizes about a forever family of her own to fawn and fuss over her everyday of the week. Could you make pretty Miss Micah’s dreams come true?
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 02 2014
“Shhhh…. I better not woof too loud this line may be bugged. If you’re looking for the perfect hiding place for those yummy doggie biscuits, I suggest under the blankets in my pretty purple house. Better not chat too long in case they trace the call: make the drop at Dogtown SA, Blue Hills. Code name: Midnight snack. Agent Alex over and out.” Alexis is our resident conspiracy theorist at DogtownSA. Life before DogtownSA was a bit rough and Alex takes a somewhat skeptical view of world. At DogtownSA we have been gentle coaxing Alex into the idea that world isn’t out to get her. DogtownSA’s awesome agents of fun and learning have managed to convince Alex that her tail is not in fact a sordid serpent to be chased and little by little Alex is growing in confidence everyday. While this paranoid android needs a little more time with her family at DogtownSA she sure would appreciate you smuggling some funds and sponsoring her stay at DogtownSA.
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Last updated on Monday, May 19 2014
My name is Duke and when you arrive at DogtownSA you will hear a lot about me and my “special lady – Ebony”. You see, the meaning of my name is “Leader” and that is what I am. I am a very charismatic kind of guy and the ladies warm to me because I am just too handsome to resist and I love to take care of my “gal” giving her my undivided attention. I am willing to romp and play many games in our run and will even let my lady win some of them. All the other DogtownSA furkids can see us and wish they were playing too. The others looking on make such a noise cos they are so jealous of our antics and of us tearing around playing tag. I know they would love to swop places but I only have eyes for my one lady and make sure she knows it. When we are lying down next to each other chilling after one of our walks with our carers or cooling off after a very strenuous game of tag, I tell her lots of tales of my past and she just wags her tail and smiles. I still get very excited going on walks and of course, like any leader sometimes want to get too far ahead too quickly, but my carer just gives me a gentle reminder and then I slow down. You see my start in life was not great, as I was left to fend for myself and found it difficult to get decent food and met various unfriendly people so needed to get out of their way fast. But, my luck changed when a lady saw me and brought me to DogtownSA. Luckily for me she must have realized that with a bit of care and attention, at the “best place” in town, DogtownSA that is, my rather unkempt appearance and un-trusting attitude would change; and my true personality shine out once more for some lucky family to see and come to take me to their forever home. So all you awesome peeps out there, if you have a female furkid who loves to play and romp and looking for a great partner, please let’s get together and make that special date. For those of you who don’t have a furkid friend, Ebony and I together would love to join you.
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Last updated on Friday, Jan 23 2015
Dog Town
LOCATION - JOHANNESBURG, Beautiful young male spaniel x up for adoption.
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Last updated on Thursday, Jan 15 2015
Dog Town
LOCATION - JOHANNESBURG, Attached is a picture of a dog which I found in the Kyalami area, specifically Pine Road. The Black and white terrier is now being held at the Northrand animal clinic in Kyalami. He had a tick and flea collar on so he definitely has a home. Contact the clinic with proof of ownership if he is yours - (011) 468 3100 / equine@nrac.co.za.
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URGENT APPEAL - Benoni SPCA Open Day - ongoing
Last updated on Wednesday, Jan 22 2014
Dog Town
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BARKING NEWS - Summer Loving
Last updated on Thursday, Dec 05 2013
Dog Town

Summer Loving

By Karishma

Love is in the air in the rehab section of DogtownSA. The serendipitous pairing of Wendy and Ricky are head-over-heels and enjoying every moment of summer together. From siestas to escape the sun and curling up in their cozy doggie bed to wait out a thunderstorm, for these two furries the world is turning out to be a much happier place to share.

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FUNDRAISING - Help for Boston - 31/1
Last updated on Thursday, Jan 15 2015
Dog Town

On Friday morning we received a call from Barry who had noticed a very thin dog on the Mabopane highway.  He was unable to get the dog, but threw his sandwiches into the bushes for the dog to eat and managed to take a photo of the dog.  He called us and asked for help. We immediately went out in search of the dog, but unfortunately we were unable to find it.

 In the late afternoon, on his way home Barry again spotted the dog and called us.  We rushed out and managed to trap him and realized we needed to get him to the vet urgently.

On seeing the photo we saw that the dog was thin and that we could not leave him in the bushes, but nothing prepared us for the reality of his situation.  He was nothing more than a sack of bones, and his little body covered in sores and holes.  His one eye is gone, leaving just a gaping wound; I shudder to think how he lost it.  His jaw is broken so he could not eat.

I know that most people would say it would be better to put him out of his misery and euthanize him, but if you look into that beautiful face you realize the fighting spirit he must have to survive a busy highway and all the injuries he has had to endure and you have to give him a chance, he deserves the opportunity to find out that there are people out there that would do anything for him and to give him the love and home he so richly deserves after all he has been through....... and so we named him BOSTON and made a promise to him that we would walk this path with him as he is worth it.

As you can see in the photos, he is very weak, but his jaw has been wired and he is really trying to eat small quantities, however his condition is still critical, so please pray for him, he is fighting for his life.

We have to thank Barry that took the first step by taking the time and effort to contact us, and for caring.  Barry has told us that he would love to adopt Boston and is prepared to pay the vets bill. 

However I am appealing to everyone to please help us on this one, with whatever donation you can, to pay it directly into the vets account with the reference : “ Boston”,  as we would like to keep the costs for Barry as low as possible, because he really went out of his way to save this precious little soul and we want him to be able to go to this loving forever home.

I realize that there are so many pleas for help and each one is special, but unfortunately we are not in a position to cover all the costs due to all the animals that are constantly arriving at Wollies, our kennels are full to capacity, and because we do not believe in keeping our dogs in small cages, we have to put quite a number of dogs together and they all have to be sterilized.... so our vet accounts is always sky high!


BRANCH CODE    011545       ACCOUNT NUMBER:  012625647    REF:  BOSTON


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Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 04 2009
Please can you put on your web site the current scam on teacup terriers, they say that they have moved to Botswana and just need the airfare to ship the puppy over. Once you have dep the money, they need more money for quarantine, This is big, I lost R3000.00, and found another three operators on gum tree, all basically saying the same thing.

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Featured Event:
Saints Charity shop
Event Details
Last updated on Monday, Mar 18 2013

Remember to pop on down to the SAINTS charity shop with any of your good quality 2nd hand stuff and help us raise much needed funds. Also a great place to shop for some awesome gifts at fantastic prices.
The type of items in demand are good quality 2nd hand clothing and shoes, household goods (linen, towels, plates, decor items) working pc’s, radios, TV’s, 2nd hand cell phones etc..

And DVD'S they are currently the best sellers so if you have dvds in your cupboards gathering dust, get them on down to the shop :)

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Hi, my name is WILL
I am a Male - neutered Labrador Blend. Would you like to sponsor me?

Click here to find out more
Last updated on Wednesday, Oct 22 2014
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Show your support
Puppies bite. Puppy biting and mouthing is natural. Since they do not have hands and opposing thumbs they use their mouths to play and investigate.

When you observe a litter of puppies there is a lot of mouthing going on. When pup bites too hard, his littermates yelp and stop playing with him.  The pup quickly learns that when he bites too hard, his buddies wont play with him, so he chooses to use a softer mouth on them. This is called Bite Inhibition and is an important lesson for the pup.

Forbidding a young puppy from biting altogether may offer immediate and temporary relief, but it is potentially dangerous because your puppy will not learn that his jaws can inflict pain. Puppy must be taught to inhibit the force of his bites (Ian Dunbar)

That cute little nibble will not be cute anymore once the puppy has grown into an adult. They need to learn this before they are four months old.

Teach your puppy to trust you this is necessary to tech your puppy about bite inhibition.
NEVER hit, slap or shout at the puppy, physical punishment will lose that trust. It will not stop the puppy from biting it will only scare and confuse him.

Make sure you are not reinforcing his biting behaviour. Grabbing the mouth and shouting at him is actually reinforcing him by giving him attention being that negative attention.

We need to teach puppy that while mouthing is ok he must stop when asked to , mouthing should only be initiated by you. We must teach puppy that he must not hurt you and he must know that he must not exert pressure at all when biting.
If your puppy is biting/ mouthing with pressure you must simply say “ouch” and turn away from him for 5 seconds and pretend to be licking your wounds, then return to the pup and say gently. This will teach the pup what his mother and littermates would have done and he will realise that when he bites his fun to goes away. The severity of the “ouch” must match the severity of the bite

If your pup acknowledges your "ouch" and stops biting, praise him and lure him to offer a different behaviour and offer him a yummy treat. If your pup ignores the "ouch" and continues biting, yelp "Owwwww!" and leave the room. Your puppy has lost his playmate. Return after a minute timeout and make up by lure-rewarding your puppy to come, sit, lie down, and calm down, before resuming play.
If puppy gets aroused by the ouch sound and has not decreased his biting after 3 attempts in a row, END your play session and try again later on in the day.
Even once your pup's biting no longer hurts, pretend that it does. Greet harder nips with a yelp of pseudo-pain. Your puppy will soon get the idea that humans are super sensitive.

The pressure of your puppy's bites will progressively decrease. Once your pup exerts NO pressure when mouthing, only then, teach him to reduce the frequency of his mouthing. Teach your pup that mouthing is ok until you request him to stop. Give him the command  ”leave”
Each time your pup stops mouthing reward him and begin playing again. Remember to give clear indication to your pup when your play/training session has ended. “All done”
Be persistent and consistent.
Reference: Dr Ian Dunbars Good little dog book (page 96-100)
And www.siriuspup.com