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Hi, my name is Giovanni & Morgan
Hi, my name is FOUND - Uitzicht
I am a Male Chihuahua. I have found my new home.

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Hi, my name is Miley
I am a Female Jack Russell X German Shepherd. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Monday, Sep 30 2013
This is an inspiring tale of courage and determination; of a little dog who sustained severe spinal injury after being knocked over by a car in “Dark City”, a disadvantaged community near Bronkhorstspruit. We went out to rescue this little chap after Picane, a caregiver at DogtownSA, told us about his plight and need for medical attention. Picane went to visit one of his friends on his day off and happened to walk past a garden where a dog was dragging himself along by his front legs. Picane immediately asked his owner what had happened, who explained to him that her dog had been knocked by a car over four months ago. She had called an organisation in the area for help, but sadly, her calls for help fell on deaf ears. We drove out to pick up the little fellow the next day. He was a sad sight; terribly thin and, because he was dragging himself around, his hind paws were raw, calloused and infected. He seemed to be paralysed from half way along his spine down, and wasn’t able to feel any sensation in his hind quarters. Although he was scared and unsure, you could still see a bit of sparkle in his eyes... He spent the night at a vet, and the next day an appointment was made with Dr Garry Eckersley, a Veterinary Specialist Physician, to ascertain the severity of his injury. Radiographs revealed that he had sustained a complete fracture on one of his vertebrae. The impact from the car had caused his vertebra to break and shift in such a way as to sever his spinal cord. The irreparable damage to the nerves of his spinal cord means that this little man feels no pain and has no recognition or sensation from the break down and he will never be able to walk again. We decided to name him Hawking, after the great, awe-inspiring theoretical physicist, Steven Hawking – a man of great intellectual talent confined to a wheelchair. We felt the name was fitting, as our Hawking had such determination and zest for life. Hawking was taken home and being fostered by Luke, another DogtownSA caregiver, so he could get round the clock care. Hawking has flourished since he first arrived at DogtownSA. He has really come out of his shell and has transformed from a sad, frightened soul, to a lovable and outgoing character. He went for measurements and a wheelchair fitting with Amelia from Holistic Vet at Doggy Paddle Pet Hydrotherapy, and is getting used to walking around in his loaned wheels while his new wheels arrive. Hawking has made best mates with Dylan, another special needs dog, who was born with a malformed vertebrae leaving him semi-paralysed in his hind legs. Hawking and Dylan get on like a house on fire, and they love – excuse the pun – their drag races and zooming around together in their wheel chairs. Hawking is a prime example of how we strive to make dogs’ dreams come true. Just goes to show that a bit of TLC and determination is all that is needed and can make a world of difference to the life of a dog!
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Last updated on Thursday, Feb 27 2014
Ethan is the kind of dog that would prefer a quiet night in than a night out on the town. So he is looking for a calm home that will love and cherish him. He enjoys spending time with his furkind it's the non furpeeps he takes time to warm up to. Ethan has received much TLC, socialising and positive interaction here at Dogtown and is flourishing into an affectionate chap, who enjoys going for walks and being made a fuss of. He lives with one of our complicated ladies here at the centre, he takes loving and caring for his fur companion very serious :) Ethan needs a caring and understanding family to reach his full potential – until that day comes along, he has a loving home at DogTownSA.
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Last updated on Monday, Jul 22 2013
More information to follow shortly...
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Last updated on Wednesday, Aug 28 2013
Mishka says she loves nothing more then to be made a fuss of and enjoys a good cuddle, especially before bedtime and will always return your love with a great doggy smile and lots of kisses.After all she knows this is a two way relationship. She had a loving family once, but they fell on hard times and found herself here at the centre wondering when her forever family would come along.She loves to walk in open spaces, when she was younger she would love to tear around without a care in the world, but due to a sports injury she has to take thing a little slower now, but where she lacks speed she sure does make up in affection. * Unable to adopt Mishka? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, SA networks only.
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Last updated on Wednesday, Jul 31 2013
Storm was found trapped in a storm water channel; exhausted, hungry and petrified - it took his rescuers three days to get him out of the waterway and bring him to a place of safety. Luckily for Storm, he eventually made it out and was brought to DogtownSA for rehabilitation. Storm is an introvert at heart and his confidence relies with the dogs that are his friends. He has flourished at DogtownSA and is now an endearing, gentle and lovable dog. He is still a bit bashful and wary around strangers, but once he grows to know and trust you, you have made a friend for life! Storm enjoys going for walks and would need a home with a confident, friendly, four-legged friend to be his role model. He would be a loyal companion and devoted best friend in a gentle, reassuring home.
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Last updated on Wednesday, May 08 2013
Buddy is one of our special-needs dogs and is currently receiving socialising and training to help restore his faith in mankind. While he is not ready to be homed, Buddy is loved and cared for at DogTownSA. He’d love for you to sponsor him :) * Unable to adopt Buddy? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, all SA networks.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Feb 12 2013
Foxy is our olde worlde charmer. If he had lived a couple of hundred years ago, he’d probably have featured in a Jane Austen novel, right next to the handsome hero. He is beautiful, shy and sensitive, and seems to have been made for a gentler, more gracious, world. Foxy has travelled a rough road to get to where he is today, and he really enjoys his piece of prime real estate at DogTown SA. He just loves to watch who is coming and going at the shelter, and throw in his two cents’ worth. As long as there is a fence between him and people, Foxy is happy and confident. Without the fence, he is rather nervous of people, and it’s only once he gets to know you that he shows just how much of a gentleman’s gentleman he is. Foxy is an older cross-Shephard who loves other canine company, preferably girls, and lots of walks. Although he has recovered well from severe health issues, he still needs a little bit of extra caring. * Unable to adopt Foxy? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, SA networks only.
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Last updated on Wednesday, Aug 28 2013
Sheldon our lil pocket rocket. No-one can keep this lil fella down. We often hear him singing, I get knocked down but I get up again, ain't nothing gonna keep me down :) And boy does he live up to his lil chant. After a hit and run left him paralysed in his front leg and his back leg needing an operation, we thought the incident would break his spirit. Ha Sheldon has shown us, dogs dont care about how they look, they get on with their lives, no room for self pity, just gotta figure out how I jump on the couch and table (yes blush I said table)again. Quick sticks Sheldon figured it out with a week and proceeded to show his lady friend Ellen how to do the same*FACE PALM* But this is testament to his fighting spirit and letting nothing stand in his way of finding that pawfect family with a good sense of humour and a comfy knee to lie on.
Bobby & Widgett
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Last updated on Monday, Sep 16 2013
Bobby and Widget are two super doggies that would like to have a home together Bobby is a mixed breed, with predominantly Shepherd genes - she is about 5 years old. Widgett is a Black Pitbull cross Chow. He is a real "puppy" and doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body, and just loves biscuits and attention! He is about 3 years old. He is an affectionate, doting, attentive and charming lad, who is keen to please and relishes snuggling by your side as much as going for walks! He enjoys the company of female dogs he can interact with, but especially adores being around being around people and would be an unconditionally loyal companion. Bobby and Widget have become firm friends and they both have the sweetest, most gentle natures. They are used to children, and don't seem to worry about cats. We need to find them a loving home together. Strict home check applies. For adoption, please contact Vanessa on email benjaminv@mweb.co.za
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Last updated on Thursday, Jul 25 2013
On the couch with Precious. Actually, she’d prefer to be on your lap on the couch, but the couch will do. Once there, she is happy to listen to all your troubles and give you just the therapy that dogs are best at – unconditional love. Precious is one of our special needs dogs – she was hit by a car when she was a puppy and was left with a leg that doesn’t work too well. She has learnt how to cope with this beautifully and loves a walk as much as any other dog. She is a gorgeous pitch-black medium-sized mixed breed who is soft and gentle – she just can’t wait for a special someone to adore. Precious gets along easily with mainly male dogs and would be a devoted addition to a family without children.
Last updated on Monday, Feb 17 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - FREE STATE, A little Yorkie boy of only 18 to 21 months. So young, so lovely yet aboandoned. Call Virignia SPCA on 079 776 1153. Anyone interested needs to visit the SPCA in order to adopt. Specific animals may not always be available but they have lots of gorgeous dogs & cats to home. Please note that the SPCA policy is that kittens & puppies, 3 months & under can only be adopted in the area.
Last updated on Tuesday, May 07 2013
Dog Town
URGENT APPEAL - Foster Appeal - Trix 4 Animals - ongoing
Last updated on Friday, Mar 01 2013
Dog Town

Hi Everyone,


This is a plea to anyone in Gauteng that is willing to foster young and old, large and small dogs in Gauteng.

These animals have been cooped up in a kennel for many months and my heart aches when I see all those faces looking at me through the fence.

The majority of our dogs are large breeds and they need to have a chance to be free and have space to move and run and play.


If you think it is sad for you to look into these cages, imagine how they are feeling looking out.


If you feel that you are able to foster a dog, that you can afford to look after him, care for him, feed him, and if you have the space for him in your yard

and can offer him a special temporary home please contact me on Trix4Animals@gmail.comv

Last updated on Tuesday, Jun 25 2013
Animal lovers, Tamerin Jardine and Hayley Owen, have teamed up with Barking Mad/Dogtown SA, in order to raise funds and awareness for homeless, abandoned and unwanted animals.
“Being a Barking Mad ambassador means so much to me, as it allows me to give back to our furry best friends. I have been an animal lover since I can remember, and my best friend has always been a parrot, a dog, a cat, and even a buffalo. I hope to educate people on how to care and love our furry friends and help barking Mad where ever I can.” Model, Tamerin Jardine
Barking Mad, situated in Midrand, is home to many animals searching for new loving families to become a part of.
“Anyone that has ever been to my house, knows that I am a crazy dog person. Dogs are the most loyal creatures that give unconditional love. I hate to see dogs in distress or without loving homes, and I hope to make a difference in as many dogs’ lives as possible.” Actress, Hayley Owen.
Not only do they re-home animals, they are a rehabilitation centre and offer to take in long term dogs that have been deemed “problem dogs” from other shelters and provide them with the best care and rehabilitation programmes, whether it is behaviour modi?cation or extensive medical treatments.
They also have a retirement village for their old dogs, which have sadly not been rehomed, and looking to live out their last few years in peace.
“The dogs taken into our care are assessed on arrival, and then an individual training programme is put into place by our two internal behaviourists at DogtownSA.” Elanza, Barking Mad representative.
Their dogs receive a full medical examination, and are chipped, vaccinated and sterilised. If you would like to donate R10 to assist Barking Mad, please SMS the word “DOG” to 38919.
“We offer a lifelong commitment to all the dogs that come into our care and a lifetime support to their new families,” Elanza, Barking Mad representative.

Organisations such as Barking Mad rely purely on donations of food, money and blankets, and it is Tamerin and Hayley’s mission to do as much as they can to spread the word, assist, collect donations and create awareness for this amazing organisation.
For more information, please visit http://www.barkingmad.co.za
To view the wonderful work done by Barking Mad, and to view animals up for adoption, please visit their Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/DogtownSA
For adoptions, contact Elanza on adoptions@barkingmad.co.za
To make a donation
Account Name: Dogtown South Africa
Branch Code: 254005
Account Number: 62240425571
First National Bank
NPO number is NPO095-264
Tamerin Jardine and Hayley Owen will be at Barking Mad/Dogtown SA, tomorrow, Wednesday 26th June, from 11am onwards. Please feel free to join us and capture Tamerin and Hayley interacting with the animals -
22 Summit Road, 1684 Midrand, Gauteng

For interviews and pictures, please contact Kirsty@4elementsmedia.com
FUNDRAISING - Weekend Retreats - Animal Ambulance (ongoing)
Last updated on Monday, Jan 14 2013
Dog Town

At Animal Ambulance, we want to offer an opportunity to those who feel drawn to interacting with animals.

Schools and companies come to the plot to wash, walk, clean up after, groom and interact with our animals as well as lending a hand with building fences, assisting with repairs etc. We rely solely on donations to run our animal shelter and to feed 6 townships, which affords us access into areas where we find abused, injured, starving and sick animals which we rescue and nurse back to health and then re-home to suitable forever homes.

We are offering weekend retreats called “Animal Outreach, A Different Life” consisting of the following. From Friday afternoon until 5.00pm on Sunday, you are invited to bring a tent and sleeping bag(s) for yourself, friends/colleagues and spend the weekend with us taking part in all of the above mentioned activities. Although you will camp outdoors, breakfast lunch and dinner will be provided from our kitchen (please bring your own soft drinks as we will provide tea and coffee) and you will use our indoor bathroom facilities. The investment per person will be R750.00 for the entire weekend.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in a weekend of service to the animals in a rustic environment. 0832414452 or email us your weekend animal_ambulance@goggaconnect.co.za


Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 04 2009
Please can you put on your web site the current scam on teacup terriers, they say that they have moved to Botswana and just need the airfare to ship the puppy over. Once you have dep the money, they need more money for quarantine, This is big, I lost R3000.00, and found another three operators on gum tree, all basically saying the same thing.

Featured Event:
Furry Feeders
Saturday, Sep 21 2013
Event Details
Last updated on Thursday, Jan 16 2014
Furry Feeders
Become a furry feeder of a BarkingMads/DogtownSA TODAY and help us feed the furkids. Your name will proudly be displayed on our Furry Feeder wall for all to see, just how pawsome you are :) PLEASE email pat@barkingmad.co.za
Hi, my name is PRECIOUS
I am a Female - spayed Labrador, Africanis Mix . Would you like to sponsor me?

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The best way to stop puppy jumping is to simply ignore him when he does.  Turn your back to him fold your arms and stand still until he has fours paws on the ground. Then quickly get down to his level and give him lots of praise and rewards if he jumps up again, stand up and turn away until he stops jumping, and repeat. We are rewarding the desired behaviour and ignoring the bad behaviour. We also need to make sure that all people who come into contact with pup know this is what is to be done when pup jumps otherwise some unsuspecting visitor could unknowingly be undoing all your hard work by patting the dog or telling him to get off, both of these are rewarding the dog as he is getting the attention he seeks

The following exercises are also very effective for the jumping dog:
Put your puppy on a lead and tie the end securely to a doorknob.  
Make sure you have yummy treats with you and from a short distance move towards the puppy with excitement.  As soon as he jumps up, stop moving towards him and take a step backwards away from the pup.  As soon as he stops jumping move towards him again. Continue this approach until you can get all the way to the pup and give him a cuddle without jumping lots of praise and rewards from that position, moving back again if he jumps up in excitement.   
You could also do this exercise but you are the door know and you have another person approach the dog, as above once the person gets all the way to your dog without him jumping give him lots of praise and rewards.
This method will also teach him how to greet people, and to pay attention to you rather than them.
If you can catch your dog before he is about to launch himself off the ground give him something else to do like sit. But only if it’s before his paws have left the floor.
Happy Training.