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Hi, my name is Bella
I am a Female - spayed Labrador.

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Last updated on Friday, Jul 18 2014
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Hi, my name is Rondebosch Baby
I am a Male - neutered Domestic. I have found my new home.

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Last updated on Monday, Jul 21 2014
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Hi, my name is PHIL
I am a Male - neutered Africanis Blend. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Wednesday, Jul 23 2014
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montego redo
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Last updated on Monday, May 05 2014
Precious is such a favourite at DogtownSA and is one of the first of our special furries that you see on arrival. As a young puppy she was hit by a car and left untreated which resulted with a leg that doesn’t work too well but she has learnt how to cope with this and loves to go on her walks with her four legged roomies and her caregivers. She is very affectionate and on the walks you must remember to stop for an extra cuddle. She shares a couch in her run with her two buddies but as soon as you come to see her she will make sure there is plenty of space for you to sit next to her. She will settle down and be ready to listen to all your stories and give many licks and kisses at the appropriate moment making you feel a million dollars.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jun 10 2014
Maxamillion is my name but they call me Max for short. Hey that's my name that's short not me he he. Don't let my size fool you I'm a serious dude. I look after my sister here at DogtownSA so I'm a busy man.I don't remember much before coming to the centre but apparently I was a stud. I tell the ladies here I know I'm a stud but they just giggle maybe I don't understand the word right. Anyhoo I'm hoping for a home where my sis and I can go together as we have really helped each other after we we're abandoned. You know what family is like. You can't live with them and you can't live without them. I hear my sister say a prayer every night that a family will come for both of us and we will be together forever <3 Bless, she is too cute sometimes.Even though I act like the tough guy around town, I really do have a soft spot for her.
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Last updated on Monday, May 05 2014
Mishka is a very special gal who loves to be cuddled and made a fuss of. When it is bedtime you must make sure she is comfortable in her house with her blankets and give her lots of kisses to send her off to sleep. In return she will give you such a big smile and return your affection double fold with her special kisses. Her previous family fell on hard times and had to rehome her nevertheless she has settled in very well but every night when she snuggles down to sleep she does send out her wishes for a forever family to come along and meet her. She enjoys her walks with her caregiver and on certain days they go and sit under a shady tree just catching the breeze and chilling together * Unable to adopt Mishka? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, SA networks only.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jul 08 2014
I am still a young lady, and have my figure, no wrinkles and lots of pizzazz! I am a little bit dizzy sometimes, because I find life really, really exciting! I am always excited about things – a real “live in the now” kinda gal! I have a great roomie and we get along quite well. I have learnt to go into my crate – I am just so super clever! I like walking, playing and experiencing anything new – its how roll! I would love to be an Olympic athlete, doing agility, or long distance hikes – right up my alley. I am a low maintenance girl too, a quick brush down is all I need. Oh, and some biscuits!
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 23 2014
Hi there. My name is Elizabeth and I would love to meet you so that I can show off my talents to you and sing my favorite song!! You see I know my name is really rather regal and you might well think of Queen Elizabeth but I am much more fun! I am just like the Beatles song from the old days called “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” hehehehe. Yes, sireé, honestly the words from the song realllllllyyyy do describe me very well. So rather than just imagining that I am singing them to you why not come and meet me at DogtownSA and I will try my best to “sing” to you, even though it might be a little out of tune!!! Here I go “You make me dizzy, Miss Lizzy, The way you rock and roll, you make me dizzy, Miss Lizzy, when we do the stroll. Come on, Miss Lizzy, Love me before I grow too old.” I must admit that whilst I sing I run around in my garden with my boyfriend Hawkey and because he is paralysed from the middle of his spine, I have devised a type of rock and roll dance that we can do together. At times I do make him a little too dizzy cos I have so much energy whilst I am dancing but he doesn’t mind, he tells me that he loves to see me so happy and showing off. You see when I first arrived I was very frightened of people as I had come from a very scary place and just wanted to hide away. This amazing hotel DogtownSA has, with the aid of very super carers and volunteers helped me to learn to trust again and realize that I do not have to hide from anything. Now I am full of energy and smile all the time. I also know I need to make up for my “fur-man” not being able to do the moves so easily and he has told me he just loves watching me wriggle my body around and giving him lots of big grins. At times I tend to get a little too excited and jump up and down trying to get the moves spot on. My dream is to find a forever home with humans who would take great delight in dancing with me and training and teaching me groovy “lady like “moves and I will always try my best to make you very proud of taking me into your home.
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Last updated on Monday, May 12 2014
Hi there, I'm Bobbie. You may have visited the centre many times and missed me. You see I'm quite a shy nervous girl, I didn't get the best start to life so all new people are dangerous until proven otherwise but with patience, treats and love it doesn't take me long to understand you are there to love me not hurt me. Sometimes the volunteers just come and sit with me and give me treats if I come and see them. I like this game so much, but I'm getting too good at it now because all those treats on my lips are now settling on my hips. You ladies will understand what I mean. So I know I'm a bit of a scaredy pants but please don't let that pt you off me, I'm really a great gal once we know and understand each other. * Unable to adopt Bobbie? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, SA networks.
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Last updated on Thursday, Apr 10 2014
She loves humans of all kinds and most other dogs. However I think she would do best with a house where she is the only dog and can be spoilt with attention. The people would have to be active and walk her regularly cause she can get quite destructive if she is not getting her excercise. She is extremely affectionate and anyone who meets will very quickly see why I say that. She will give many years of happiness, loyalty and love to the right family. I wish more than anything that family could be me but unfortunately circumstances don't dictate that. Its a very hard decision to have to make as it feels as if I am having to give up a child.
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Nico & Apache
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Last updated on Friday, May 02 2014
Nico I’m 12 months old as of April 2014, have a microchip so you can track me, am up-to-date with all my vaccinations and I’m neutered. I’m a very jovial character who is both friendly towards animals and humans. I like to play with my sister, enjoy the company of others, and I am quite a laid back boy with a docile nature. My favourite activity is to curl up on the couch next to my human and sleep. I am well house- and crate- trained and I attended Puppy 1 and 2 classes – I’m excellent with commands and love treats. Apache I’m 12 months old as of April 2014, have a microchip so you can track me, am up-to-date with all my vaccinations and I am spayed. I am a happy and boisterous puppy who likes people and I get on very well with my brother, Nico. I am loyal to those who love me and very affectionate to those whom I care about. I love to play with my brother, enjoy walks, and love to chew on my Zogoflex toys. I am well house- and crate- trained and I’m excellent with commands, having attended Puppy 1 and 2 classes.
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Last updated on Monday, Jul 14 2014
Howdie Doodie. My name is Cooper and often I hear my nickname as “Super Duper Cooper” from my carer which makes me feel very special. I am one of the “older” residents at the Shady Pines Village at DogtownSA . My journey was been somewhat bumpy and very unpredictable. I was found in Southfield in the Cape and at that time I was extremely hungry and had bad skin problems which made me very sad as I really am a handsome gent. I also had other “male” issues which I know do come with age but are rather embarrassing. I was taken to a rescue centre in the area but they had very limited space and even though they wanted to help me it was difficult for them. Then, believe it or not a new manager who had been working with rescues like me in Gauteng joined this particular centre and, with his connections suddenly I was on the move. I was put on a plane and flown all the way to Gauteng and as I emerged at the other end, I was greeted by some very kind peeps who drove me to this 5 star hotel DogtownSA. I really thought I had flown over the rainbow because I was just so wowed out by such caring and friendly peeps. Even at my age I was getting so spoilt –it was a m a z I n g! It truly was a whole new experience for me and the love and attention that I received was simply awesome. Here they took into consideration my advanced years and did not try to make me do anything that I couldn’t manage. As I started to get stronger I was even taken on short walks. I love these walks and they are not too far for me as my legs still do get a little tired but I am always allowed to dictate the pace and on my return having thoroughly enjoyed myself, I climb on my suuper duuper couch and relax. My carer makes sure I am warm and comfortable and often stays and sit with me giving me many cuddles and kisses and then we snuggle up together. I also have very smart jackets that I get to wear in this cold weather and look so handsome I could easily model for the top fashion houses and strut my stuff!!!!!!! I even have a special visitor who brought me a very smart jacket and comes to see me when she can. She lets me lie on her knee and gives me so many cuddles and kisses that I feel like I am the most important “oldie” furry in the world. I am very fortunate as well as my little dwelling is in a prime position to observe all the comings and goings at DogtownSA and as such all the carers and volunteers make a huge fuss of me as they arrive. Although I am older I still have a lot to offer in love and friendship and my dream is to find a forever home where I can give back all my loyalty and affection.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jun 10 2014
Hi my name is TOTO - I am named after a band for their Song about rains in Africa. I like that idea, because my name really suits my cool camouflage coat. I am SO gorgeous, as I keep getting told. Whatever that means. I am super bright too, so my trainer says. She laughed at me so much because I have a great sense of humour and when I do something I do it with all my heart. I am really lovable, I adore being with people - all people, even children. I love being brushed,it makes me feel sooooooo good. I enjoy the odd bone, or chew, and really love my meal times. I am actually a very relaxed girl, you can even take my bowl away while I am eating and I dont mind. I remember to sit,and wait politely. I kind of like cats, but I also want to play with them, so I think that maybe soft toys are better for me - my trainer says I am allowed to play with those. I am a great looking gal, and very kind, I know a lot of tricks, and I am clicker trained, so I can learn all sorts of things! I would love to have a special family to look after.
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Last updated on Wednesday, Jul 09 2014
Hello my name is Zimbi, the humans sometimes call me Zimbi Zim Zim which sounds really cool too, I am currently living with a really kind foster family. You see when I was surrendered to Dogtown way back when,I had a bit of a big tummy which just kept growing and growing so the humans took me to the doggy-doctor who said I was going to be a mommy. I must admit I was very scared when I heard the news but I was quickly taken to this 5 star foster home where I could relax and prepare for the lil ones. When I arrived I met some other dogs and made plenty new friends but I didn’t really know how to play with anybody yet and just ended up lying on top of everybody as soon as the game started, but I figured it out quickly ;) One afternoon it all happened and I had 7 little puppies, somehow they all looked different, yikes! It was awesome to watch them grow up but they eventually grew up into little terrorists and started chasing me every time I came to say hello. When they grew up and got too big for the house they went to Hotel Dogtown where they were all adopted into loving homes, I am indeed a proud momma! Somehow I just ended up staying in my foster home (sneaky sneaky heheh) I do miss my babbas but the other dogs do keep me busy by teaching me how to play games and chase them around. I can be a little bit nervous sometimes but my awesome foster dad has started taking me along on rides in a little green beetle (which I think is pretty cool) and sometimes we visit Hotel Dogtown and everybody comes to say hello and give me lots of delicious treats. I must admit, the more we go on car rides... the more I enjoy it. One time we went to a shopping centre which at first was really scary but after a very nice lady came to say hello to me, I felt much better :) Soon I'll be able to go to my very own forever home (which I really look forward to). If you think you have what it takes to give me a perfect, calm, happy home, why not contact the humans at Dogtown and arrange to meet me, you wont be disappointed :)
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 09 2014
Hi everybody, my name is Penny and I would love to be your “Penny from Heaven”. I consider myself such a lucky furry as I joined the DogtownSA family with the help of a kind Samaritan, who took me away from somebody who didn’t know how to look after a fur-kid. When I first arrived I met some other furkids and was able to move in with them and we all lived together in a house with a small garden. This was just amazing cos we played lots of games and had a warm house to sleep in and so many blankets to snuggle into at night. We also were taken out on regular walks together by our carers and volunteers. I just couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Whilst I have been living at DogtownSA I have been able to help other furbabies who were rather unruly and naughty and teach them doggie skills and good behaviour so that they would be lucky enough to find their own forever homes. Quite recently I moved in with a very handsome boy called Chaka who had been homeless for many months. You see he was rather nervous when he arrived and I have been able to help him settle into this very special hotel and steadily teach him all the little things he needs to know so that he will be ready to find his forever home. We go on many interesting walks together with our carers and volunteers and then when we get back I like to cool off and recline on my Hound Sleep in the sun and Chaka lies next to me also taking a little snooze. I still get a little unsure when young children come to meet me, so ideally I would like to find my forever home with a family who have older children who I can romp and play with and go on walks together. It would be my dream to have at least another furkid as well and if my forever family don’t happen to have one then maybe my handsome boyfriend Charka could come too and together we will bring you all many years of fun and happiness.
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Last updated on Tuesday, May 13 2014
Annie is a feisty “little lady” who knows what she wants and who she likes. When it comes to making new friends she will only be happy in the company of males as she has to be the centre of attraction and be Queen Bee! Being a modern-day thinking lady she thrives on taking the lead and prefers her male partner to toe the line and fall in with her choices of the day. Her current “beau” Spartacus has learnt how to handle this strong-willed lady and another male with a similar outlook would be ideal for her. When you arrive at DogtownSA she goes out of her way to make sure she is noticed and that you will come to see her. She is always ready for you to give her treats and, with a bit of persuasion, come in to meet her and shower her with cuddles. Best of all, she is hoping that you will let her sit on your lap and give her all your attention. She would be best suited to a more mature family, preferably with somebody who is home all day. She loves going on her walks with Spartacus, and she will be only too delighted to go with you on as many outings as she can to keep you company.
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Last updated on Monday, May 26 2014
Jojo came up from the coast from an environment of physical abuse which often seems to be the order of the day. This was evident by the number of scares and wounds found all over her body when she arrived at DogtownSA. In spite of all this Jojo still managed to portray a personality of exuberance and zest for life. Her infectious wiggling and excitement when one enters her run is both contagious and enjoyable for handlers and volunteers who come to play with her and take her out on her walks. She loves to be brushed and cuddled while lazing on her couch and will snuggle into whoever is willing to give her the chance to show her affection. While out on walks she takes full advantage of all the exciting smells and sights and constantly reminds the walker that for this short time she is out walking she is the focal point and expects their full attention. This is achieved by her uncanny ability to become “a tug boat” and pull the walker around the trail at a pace suited only to Jojo. She is however learning that this is not a recognized DogtownSA behavior and will slow down when given the appropriate correction and tasty reward. Due to Jojo’s past before coming to DogtownSA she would prefer a forever environment where she is the only furkid and can receive all the attention that she deserves.
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Last updated on Monday, May 26 2014
Suzie-Q is a great favourite at DogtownSA with her carers and volunteers as she is always happy and smiling ready for your company and affection. She loves to be the centre of attention and is ever ready, at the drop of a “lead” to go on walks with you and, even better, to the play area where you can spend even more time with her. She makes the most of her morning “brekkie” showing off just how clever she is manoevering her food wobbler, which is a food puzzle in the shape of a Faberge egg and rolling it around to get every last morsel of kibble out. She is such a clever “girl” and will outshine many a young “furkid” at the speed she can do this. Being slightly more mature her age gives her that special edge that the “older” generation has! She loooves to be groomed and will snuggle happily with you whilst you sit on her balcony and wriggle with delight as you brush all her cares away. She is quite happy to be with older children and play ball and join in the fun without any hesitation. She also enjoys relaxing on her “stoep” or lying on her blanket in the sun and recharging her “batteries” ready for the next adventure. Suzie-Q’s dream is to live in a forever home with a family who will lavish all their love and attention on her and in return she will bring you endless days of complete happiness.
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Last updated on Friday, Jul 25 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - PORT ELIZABETH, This boy is in book perfect physical shape and he also has the nicest, sweetest, most lovable temperament. Atlantis is so well socialised. He has joined us on walks and swims with dogs of all breeds, sex, size and age. He has lovely manners. He loves all types of good and nice people and adores cuddles from children. He travels well in a car, (almost always) sits on command and takes food ever so gently from your hand. He is funny, kinda goofy, silly billy funny. Today he joined us with my Pitbull, Yanka and Dexi, Pit X pup. The 3 of them played up a storm! He was so gentle and tolerant of the yapping puppy. I simply cannot put it into words how awesome this boy is. If you are at all ready to adopt a dog, please do not delay. This boy is super super special! He is app 2 years old and a true gentleman. He will steal your heart. Please pop in at AWS, PE and ask for Katryn or Matthew or call me on 083 446 6180 if you would like to meet, fall in love and ADOPT.
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Last updated on Wednesday, Jul 02 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - CAPE TOWN, Aangeheg is ‘n foto van 2 hondjies wat ons vanoggend in Okovango opgetel het. Hul vreeslik mak en verskriklik liefdevol. Die tefie is swart en die reuntjie is bruin met effens swart in. Veearts skat hul is omtrent 8 maande oud.
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URGENT APPEAL - Foster Appeal - Trix 4 Animals - ongoing
Last updated on Friday, Mar 01 2013
Dog Town

Hi Everyone,


This is a plea to anyone in Gauteng that is willing to foster young and old, large and small dogs in Gauteng.

These animals have been cooped up in a kennel for many months and my heart aches when I see all those faces looking at me through the fence.

The majority of our dogs are large breeds and they need to have a chance to be free and have space to move and run and play.


If you think it is sad for you to look into these cages, imagine how they are feeling looking out.


If you feel that you are able to foster a dog, that you can afford to look after him, care for him, feed him, and if you have the space for him in your yard

and can offer him a special temporary home please contact me on Trix4Animals@gmail.comv

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BARKING NEWS - theres an amy on my stoep
Last updated on Thursday, Dec 05 2013
Dog Town
There’s an Amy on my stoep!
by Luke

 Amy was found abandoned in August 2010, aimlessly wandering around with no clue where she was or how to find her way home. It is presumed her previous owners no longer wanted and dumped her on the side of the road. Amy was picked up by a kind samaritan and brought to DogtownSA; she was very wary of people and snapped and growled when she was approached or touched – this lady needed to be rehabilitated and her trust in humanity restored.
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FUNDRAISING - Appeal for Tufcat - 31/7
Last updated on Thursday, Jul 03 2014
Dog Town
The TUFCAT Home for Life sanctuary has to move and we need your help. TUFCAT has been caring for feral cats on UWC campus in Bellville since 1994. During this time we have rescued hundreds of mostly abandoned cats and dogs. Although we have homed the vast majority of these animals, some were not considered to be adoptable and were kept by us for various reasons. Our small sanctuary is currently based at our home on a smallholding in Gordon’s Bay. Unfortunately the property is being sold and we have been given notice to vacate by the end of July 2014. Although this is a source of much stress, it also presents us with an opportunity to formalize our unique sanctuary which is more of a permanent pet retirement home (with the emphasis on home) than a shelter or rescue centre. The animals live in a spotlessly clean and comfortable home environment and we provide perpetual care and company for them. All the dogs have their own beds with duvets and pillows and everyone sleeps indoors (except the ferals of course). They are fed premium food, receive high-quality treats and their veterinary needs are taken care of. The aim is not to get these animals adopted but to continue providing them with a safe, secure and loving home for life. These animals are not suitable for adoption due to behavioural or medical problems, they have ‘special’ needs or they are simply too old to be placed in new homes. Our future plans include purchasing a suitable property and opening the existing retirement home to animal lovers whose pets outlive them. This is a nascent, but growing trend in companion animal care globally and there is no doubt that a need for such a facility exists locally. However this is a future plan and our most immediate need to find a somewhere to rent from 01 August 2014. We need a smallholding, farm or portion thereof, to rent (preferably long-term) with an option to buy, in or around any of the following areas: Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Klapmuts, Somerset West, Gordon’s Bay, Grabouw, Bot River, Hermanus etc. We require a fenced property, minimum 1 acre, with a house/cottage plus outbuilding/s and/or stables. Animals housed are limited to cats and dogs with a total limit of 50 being the rule. Animals here, are retired for life, and all have been rescued from lives of abandonment and abuse, starvation and stress. We currently have 12 canine residents and 29 feline residents. All our animals are sterilised and we do not support backyard breeding. If necessary, we will install (removable) cat-proof fenced enclosures for some of our more feral and/or fearful feline residents . We are reliable and trustworthy and have references from other registered animal welfare charities. We are ultimately looking for a long-term arrangement as the welfare of the animals is our primary concern. If you have a suitable property or even a section of your property that you would be willing to rent to us, please email Sharyn – info@tufcat.co.za . For more information on what we do, please visit www.tufcat.co.za
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Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 04 2009
Please can you put on your web site the current scam on teacup terriers, they say that they have moved to Botswana and just need the airfare to ship the puppy over. Once you have dep the money, they need more money for quarantine, This is big, I lost R3000.00, and found another three operators on gum tree, all basically saying the same thing.

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Featured Event:
Furry Feeders
Saturday, Sep 21 2013
Event Details
Last updated on Thursday, Jan 16 2014
Furry Feeders
Become a furry feeder of a BarkingMads/DogtownSA TODAY and help us feed the furkids. Your name will proudly be displayed on our Furry Feeder wall for all to see, just how pawsome you are :) PLEASE email pat@barkingmad.co.za
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Hi, my name is EBONY
I am a Female - spayed Shepherd Blend. Would you like to sponsor me?

Click here to find out more
Last updated on Monday, Jun 30 2014
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Puppies bite. Puppy biting and mouthing is natural. Since they do not have hands and opposing thumbs they use their mouths to play and investigate.

When you observe a litter of puppies there is a lot of mouthing going on. When pup bites too hard, his littermates yelp and stop playing with him.  The pup quickly learns that when he bites too hard, his buddies wont play with him, so he chooses to use a softer mouth on them. This is called Bite Inhibition and is an important lesson for the pup.

Forbidding a young puppy from biting altogether may offer immediate and temporary relief, but it is potentially dangerous because your puppy will not learn that his jaws can inflict pain. Puppy must be taught to inhibit the force of his bites (Ian Dunbar)

That cute little nibble will not be cute anymore once the puppy has grown into an adult. They need to learn this before they are four months old.

Teach your puppy to trust you this is necessary to tech your puppy about bite inhibition.
NEVER hit, slap or shout at the puppy, physical punishment will lose that trust. It will not stop the puppy from biting it will only scare and confuse him.

Make sure you are not reinforcing his biting behaviour. Grabbing the mouth and shouting at him is actually reinforcing him by giving him attention being that negative attention.

We need to teach puppy that while mouthing is ok he must stop when asked to , mouthing should only be initiated by you. We must teach puppy that he must not hurt you and he must know that he must not exert pressure at all when biting.
If your puppy is biting/ mouthing with pressure you must simply say “ouch” and turn away from him for 5 seconds and pretend to be licking your wounds, then return to the pup and say gently. This will teach the pup what his mother and littermates would have done and he will realise that when he bites his fun to goes away. The severity of the “ouch” must match the severity of the bite

If your pup acknowledges your "ouch" and stops biting, praise him and lure him to offer a different behaviour and offer him a yummy treat. If your pup ignores the "ouch" and continues biting, yelp "Owwwww!" and leave the room. Your puppy has lost his playmate. Return after a minute timeout and make up by lure-rewarding your puppy to come, sit, lie down, and calm down, before resuming play.
If puppy gets aroused by the ouch sound and has not decreased his biting after 3 attempts in a row, END your play session and try again later on in the day.
Even once your pup's biting no longer hurts, pretend that it does. Greet harder nips with a yelp of pseudo-pain. Your puppy will soon get the idea that humans are super sensitive.

The pressure of your puppy's bites will progressively decrease. Once your pup exerts NO pressure when mouthing, only then, teach him to reduce the frequency of his mouthing. Teach your pup that mouthing is ok until you request him to stop. Give him the command  ”leave”
Each time your pup stops mouthing reward him and begin playing again. Remember to give clear indication to your pup when your play/training session has ended. “All done”
Be persistent and consistent.
Reference: Dr Ian Dunbars Good little dog book (page 96-100)
And www.siriuspup.com