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ask jenniferDoes your dog think that some of the things you ask him/her to do are crazy ? Get your furkid to send a letter to Jennifer. Let them tell her about the problems they are having living in this crazy human world. Jennifer along with her highly qualified assistant, behaviourist Gordon or as he is fondly known Mr G  will work out a plan for you and your furless family.

Gordon Banks (Dip CABT (NOCN UK) / CABT SA Practitioner / IMDT. DogtownSA Trainer & Behaviourist)

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Help – My dog has started peeing on my bed!

Dear Jennifer I hope you can help me. My mom is a bit upset with me because I have started to pee on her bed. I wish I could tell you why I am doing that, but It just happens, I don’t know what is causing it. She has taken me to the vet for […]

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Help – my dog is destructive when I’m not home.

Dear Jennifer I could really use you help. When my mom leaves for work in the morning, I get really lonely and don’t really know what to do with myself. So I find ways to keep myself busy but by the look on my mom’s face when she gets home, I can tell she is […]

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Help – My dog snatches!

Dear Jennifer I need your help please. My mom has stopped giving me treats! That’s right, she just stopped! She says it’s because I don’t take them nicely and get over-excited and then nip when I take them. But that’s the only way I know how to take treats. Please can you help her so […]

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Help! My dog keeps jumping the wall

Dear Jennifer I am asking for help on behalf of my mommy. She’s a nervous wreck. I have developed this silly habit of jumping the wall and running away, not away away, just to go on a little adventure. My mom becomes frantic and just about turns the world upside down until I am back […]

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Help – my dog eats his own poop!

Dear Jennifer I need some serious help! I have a problem of a very personal nature and I’m quite embarrassed about it…. but if anybody can help me, you can! I seem to have developed this very gross habit of eating my own poop…. I don’t know what its about but it freaks my mom […]

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Rough and tumble – when to intervene

Dear Jennifer I hope you can help me! My twin brother and I are 6 years old but we still play like we did when we were pups. It’s the best thing ever. We can rough and tumble for hours but sometimes my brother gets all weird when we play and then he suddenly doesnt […]

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When dogs and cats don’t see eye to eye

Dear Jennifer I need your help! We have a cat, and boy is she interesting! I dont mind her, but sometimes when I see her, I like to play a game of touchers with her but she doesnt seem to understand the game and just keeps running away and then hides. She doesnt seem to […]

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Harness – Friend of Foe

Dear Jennifer

My mom and I are having some disagreements about our daily walks. She says I need to wear this very strange looking thing that wraps around my back and chest, she calls it a harness. Ive never seen one of those things before in my life! I dont trust that contraption at all but she says just walking with a lead and collar is not safe. So now I am rethinking this daily walk thing, but I really dont want to miss out on all the neighborhood gossip so I guess I better make peace with this body-contraption-walking-device thing. Please can you teach my mom how to make me use to it so that I can feel comfortable and safe for our daily walk?

Woof Woof

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Dig, Digity Dig….

Dear Jennifer

My mom has been questioning my landscaping skills recently. I think the garden looks great with all the holes I make for mom during the day, but she says my garden-creativity is driving her up the wall. She should really just come help me make holes, its loads of fun if she would just give it a chance hehe! I am however willing to redirect my creativeness into a more acceptable activity, to keep the peace :) Please can you give my mom some ideas of other stuff for me to do during the day when my creative juices kick in?

Love and Licks, Billy

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Excessive Barking

Dear Jennifer
You’ve got to help me, the neighbors are not appreciating my acapella skills. Which for the record are out of this world. If there was a The Bark instead of The voice all those judges would swing around before Id finished my first note. I cant seem to stop my singing when my family goes out. Please I need your help. The neighbors are seriously cross with me.
Yours in Song

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