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Ask Jennifer questions about your furkids behaviour.Does your dog think that some of the things you ask him to do are crazy ? Get your furkid to send a letter to Jennifer. Let them tell her about the problems they are having living in this crazy human world.

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My puppy keeps running away

Hi Jennifer. My daughter adopted a puppy 18 months ago. Archie is a delightful and quite a hyper active “Africanis” mix (see photo attached!). Every now and again he runs away from home which obviously makes my daughter distraught. He is in a home that is walled and gets plenty of exercise either walking or […]

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Mature Lady Problems

Dear Jennifer,  I am a 12 (and a bit) year old  female.  Don’t like to think of myself of old, but hey, got to face it, age has caught up. I used to be on petcam & only came off it in the last 3 months, & am now on Hills JD for mobility (the […]

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Jealous Sister

I have always been a bit jealous… I used to have minor ‘run-ins’ with my sister when she first arrived, but it’s all over now. I get along well with everyone – incl. people. It’s just that I sometimes fight with the new kid on the block.

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Jumping and Nipping

I have a 5year old staffie that jumps up and bites the lead while we are out walking ,twice he has nipped my hand ,I have sprayed the lead with something from the vet it tastes fowl but has not much effect can you please help ?

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My dog is chewing everything.

Hi Jennifer
Im going out of my mind, my dog eats everything she can get her paws on,
she’s even chewing my walls
Frustrated Dad

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