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Why The Bond Between Dog And Owner Is Like No Other

Why The Bond Between Dog And Owner Is Like No Other By Mary-Jane Gallagher. There is nothing quite like the relationship between owner and dog, which explains why there are more than 9 million of them being kept as pets in South Africa. Adopting a dog from a shelter and offering it love and a […]

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Its getting harder every day to save more lives

Reality Bites

Reality Bites by Tracy McQuarrie – Founder and chief poop scooper of DogtownSA  Reality Bites is not only the name of my favourite movie, its also something I have had to deal with this past week on a level I wish on no man ever. For those who maybe don’t know. Before I started Dogtown […]

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Please helps us find a forever home for them

Meet Bessie & her son, Jake

Hi, my name is Bessie and the handsome guy next to me is my son, Jake. We are once again homeless   We were adopted from Dogtown together about a year ago but sadly our family’s circumstances changed and we are back at Dogtown once again, waiting for a forever family. We would love to […]

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Adoptions in March 2018

Adoptions are the best part of what we do. Seeing our furkids who come from less than ideal situation go to forever homes where they are loved and cherished really is the highlight of it all These 3 beautiful furkids got to join their forever families in March 2018. If you want to adopt your […]

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Newbies at Dogtown – March 2018

These beautiful furkids joined the Dogtown family in March 2018. They each have their own story and their own history which is exactly that, history Their new lives start NOW. Please consider sponsoring a newbie to help us settle them in and get them sterilized, vaccinated, dewormed, chipped, assessed and ready for rehoming Contact […]

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All he needs is YOU

Brownie – I thought I was a good boy :(

Well Hello you fine people out there. Today is your lucky day, today you get to meet the one and only, the charismatic, the handsome and totally irresistible furkid that is me! I am Brownie, how do you do? My life took an unexpected turn when my family gave me to the gardener  Thankfully he […]

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Terrier Talk

Terrier type dogs are highly popular pet dogs. They tend to be pocket rockets, an all round family dog and probably the first to alert his owners to any movement in the yard… any movement. Terriers were originally bred to work, however the type of work they used to do is not really sought after […]

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Rescue Dogs are Rubbish Dogs

Rescue dogs are rubbish dogs! Dogs in shelters are broken and damaged pets. They come with emotional baggage, a history of abuse and can only be adopted by animal behaviorist who need to rehabilitate them! Or are they just regular pets who can just as easily and happily fit into any home? There is a […]

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Your dog barks too much

Your Dog Barks Too Much Really ? So I have lived in my house for the past  20 years, when we first built our house we had 2 single story houses next to us. Since then we’ve had a couple of neighbours move in and out and the latest, both extended their houses in fact […]

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The best enrichment for your dogs

What the dog knows

What the dog knows Dogs are truly remarkable, not a day goes by when I don’t marvel in their simple approach to life. If something works do it again, if it doesn’t, stop wasting time and move on. Its remarkably simple and effective and yet we humans always manage to complicate things. We spend thousands […]

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