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Bon Voyage BONNIE!!

Just over a month ago an email popped into my inbox. It was an enquiry for Bonnie, one of our special “mommy dogs”. Immediately my heart started doing flick-flacks because just the idea of her being in a forever home was enough to make my day. For those who don’t know who Bonnie is, let […]

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Simba’s Dream

My name is Simba, I am a 6 year old Africanis blend boy. I am a bit stressed lately and have resorted to chewing on my wooden house when nobody is looking. I am sad because my best friend, Grace, was adopted into a lovely home and I miss her. I am looking forward to […]

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When you hear the name Jacques (as pronounced the French way) it may conjure up in your mind a suave Frenchman in a well-tailored suit, designer shoes and a beautiful damsel on his arm. Well I may not be quite the suave traditional French man you may expect, however I am an extremely handsome and […]

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Life Begins at retirement

Bubbles & Terry – “Life starts at retirement”

Meet Bubbles & Terry, mom and son. Their “story” began with their humans moving into a smaller place and sadly, it was too small for these two. It must have been a really small place because these 2 really dont take up much space, but alas, this is how they made their way to Dogtown, […]

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A first for Dogtown

Tattooing – a first for Dogtown

The incidents of environmentally-influenced skin conditions affecting our furkids is certainly on the rise. At Dogtown we have over the last few years seen numerous cases of sun related skin disorders appearing, particularly in the white or lighter coloured dogs. UV radiation is classified as a “complete carcinogen” as it is both a mutagen and […]

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Adopt Dont Shop

Oooh what an ANGEL

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen… let me introduce you to the one and only Angel. They say that some ANGELS choose fur instead of wings. Angel is a lovely girl with tons of love to give and stories to share, she is a volunteer favorite because she LOVES human interaction, cuddles and tummy rubs. Her eyes […]

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Which dog breed should you get next?

Ah, decisions decisions. There are so many breeds out there to choose from from the new designer golden doodles to the tried and tested Jack Russel Terrier. Which breed would suit your lifestyle best? I have put together a little check list that might help you make up your mind, because adding another member to […]

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Big Adventure

Copper and Sumner’s Big Adventure

Howdy there folks. My name’s Copper and I’m a resident here at Dogtown. I live with my brother, Sumner, we have a blast together. All day long we get to lounge around in our pool and play as much as we want… although it drives our  neighbours mad cause they wanna join in the fun […]

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A simple touch – Little George

A shelter is not always the easiest place to work. Nevertheless, I feel it is where I feel most able to make a difference. There are plenty of heartaches, but I seem to have a knack for calming and comforting the frightened animals, and that makes me feel good. I became involved with Lil George, […]

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Vet costs are not :(

The best things in life are Free

The best things in life are free (like the love of a dog) But we have to pay our vet fees, Vet care costs money – doo doo doo That’s what we need – doo  doo doo To pay our bills – doo doo doo To give our dogs the best vet care out there […]

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