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So please “choose me. Adopt me. Let me make you happy.” When you do come looking for me, just remember that I’m the guy with the helicopter tail and soulful eyes. You won’t miss me – I am after all, “just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking you to love him”.

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ive been adopted :)

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Ben is being rehomed due to immigration. Ben is a fiesty but biggish strong Yorkie. He is lovable and very cute.

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Maximus (max)

He is 10 years old. He loves cuddles and people. He is absolutely excellent with kids and socializes well with other pets. He is a like a soft cuddly teddy bear that loves to play. Max’s family are immigrating and sadly Max and his sister, Lani, are not able to go with them.  

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Lani is a black labrador. She is 9 years old. She loves playing and swimming. She is very protective over her family and loves loads of attention. She socialises well with other pets. She is fantastic with kids. Sadly her family are immigrating and cannot take Lani and her brother, Max, with them.  

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I have been adopted :)

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Summer is being rehomed due to emmigration. Summer is a beautiful and easy going 9 year old Golden Retriever. She loves a good walk but is happy to laze in the sun. She is very calm natured.

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Tammy is a 10 year old miniature doberman pincer breed. She loves attention and kisses and will lick you to death. She loves to be cuddled and in the living arms of anyone willing to give love.

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Jerry is a medium size labrador dog. Black in colour with short hair. He is sometimes goofy and doesn’t always realize he is a bigger dog, so can be a bit rough and tumble. He loves a hug but isn’t that comfortable with seeing new faces in his environment and can sometimes bark and nip […]

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Lilly is a strong willed pug type dog with a playful nature.She loves attention but can sometimes lick and play a bit rough due to her stockiness.The youngest of my group of dogs. She can be quite territorial and has fought with my other little female dog on occasion where I am outside with both […]

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