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Help! My Dog snatches food and treats

Gently does it. Have you acquired a dog or puppy that turns into a piranha whenever there are treats on offer, you know what I mean, treats, fingers, hand all get chomped in one almighty, over enthusiastic snatch ! Sounds familiar right? Unfortunately our furkids are not genetically predisposed to calmly and gently take food […]

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Dig, Digity Dig….

Dear Jennifer

My mom has been questioning my landscaping skills recently. I think the garden looks great with all the holes I make for mom during the day, but she says my garden-creativity is driving her up the wall. She should really just come help me make holes, its loads of fun if she would just give it a chance hehe! I am however willing to redirect my creativeness into a more acceptable activity, to keep the peace :) Please can you give my mom some ideas of other stuff for me to do during the day when my creative juices kick in?

Love and Licks, Billy

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Help! My dog is very vocal when it’s dinner time

Dear Jennifer I need your help! I love food, a little bit too much. I become a bit obsessed at meal times and as soon as I hear my mom fiddling with my bowl I just get so excited that I start shouting and shouting and shouting because I am just soooo happy and excited. […]

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Help! My dogs pull too much when we go for a walk

Dear Jennifer I hope you can help me. My fur-brother and I looooooove going out for walks. It is so exciting to see all the stuff happening outside but I can hear my mom complaining that we pull too much and that it is too hard for her to take us out for walks. We […]

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Help! My dog gobbles up her food within seconds

Dear Jennifer I have a problem, I am a bit greedy. When my meals get served, I literally just gobble it up and barely come up for air. This means that I really don’t get to enjoy my food and my mom says that me eating so fast is really not good for me. Is […]

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Help – My dog has started peeing on my bed!

Dear Jennifer I hope you can help me. My mom is a bit upset with me because I have started to pee on her bed. I wish I could tell you why I am doing that, but It just happens, I don’t know what is causing it. She has taken me to the vet for […]

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Help – my dog is destructive when I’m not home.

Dear Jennifer I could really use you help. When my mom leaves for work in the morning, I get really lonely and don’t really know what to do with myself. So I find ways to keep myself busy but by the look on my mom’s face when she gets home, I can tell she is […]

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Help – My dog snatches!

Dear Jennifer I need your help please. My mom has stopped giving me treats! That’s right, she just stopped! She says it’s because I don’t take them nicely and get over-excited and then nip when I take them. But that’s the only way I know how to take treats. Please can you help her so […]

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Help – my dog eats his own poop!

Dear Jennifer I need some serious help! I have a problem of a very personal nature and I’m quite embarrassed about it…. but if anybody can help me, you can! I seem to have developed this very gross habit of eating my own poop…. I don’t know what its about but it freaks my mom […]

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Help! My dog keeps jumping the wall

Dear Jennifer I am asking for help on behalf of my mommy. She’s a nervous wreck. I have developed this silly habit of jumping the wall and running away, not away away, just to go on a little adventure. My mom becomes frantic and just about turns the world upside down until I am back […]

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