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Opal enjoys playing with her roomie and a good grooming session. Shes looking a for a family, that enjoys going for walks and has a nice fur sibling for her to play with.

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It would be my dream to have at least another furkid as well and if my forever family don’t happen to have one then maybe my handsome boyfriend Charka could come too and together we will bring you all many years of fun and happiness.

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Lovely Christine is a social girl who would love a home where there are other furkids for her to play with. Contact to arrange to come meet me, you wont regret it :)

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Stevie is a boy full of spunk and personality. Just look at those ears! I mean, come on, if that does not endure him to you – we don’t know what else will. He’s super intelligent and catches on in his training lessons amazingly well.

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Xavi is a sweet girl who would love a home where there are other dogs for her to play with, she is quite social with dogs big or small… she is just not a big fan of cats. Contact

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I’m just a Baby Girl, standing in her pool, wanting you to love me. Hi townies I hear the older furries at Dogtown say it’s just not right that a little baby like me is in a shelter. I don’t know anything about this forever home they talk about all I know, is it sounds […]

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Hey Townies! Chappie coming at ya front and centre! This little bundle of energy recently found her way to Dogtown and has already managed to worm her way into our hearts. Her intelligence, intuitiveness and charm all come wrapped up in a sleek little package with the cutest pointy ears and beautiful brown eyes. Chappie […]

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Time is of the essence, Our Tessa deserves a family to call her own. No time to stop for idle chitchat, this modern wonder woman is way too busy shattering the glass ceiling. After all girls rule the world! Tessa is always one step ahead of the game and eager for new activities to wrap her bright border collie brain around. From being a whizz at obedience and agility training to outsmarting tricky brain toys, Tessa always comes up tops.

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“Sawubona Barking Madders ninjani? Thandi’s my name and I’m your soul-sista here at DogtownSA. When I’m not lounging and enjoying the glorious African sunshine I love jamming a little jika jika jive with my chommies here at DogtownSA. Black dogs are often overlooked in shelters, but here at DogtownSA our BEE policy has me sitting […]

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Maestro – “a distinguished figure in any sphere” Well that sums me up pretty darn well….ok I do have a couple of little nuances but let me first tell you a little about myself. I’m an extremely handsome (according to my caregivers) tan coloured male boerbul and at nearly six years old I’m in the […]

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