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Hiya all, my name is Smartie and you’re right on the button when you ask “am I as sweet and colourful as a box of smarties”. I’m also a very good-looking and energetic three year old Rottweiler Labrador blend. Before coming here to Dogtown I was a security dog- something I did not enjoy in […]

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Howdy folks! Wrangler coming at ya’ from the outbacks of the Dogtown Ranch. It’s been a long road with many twists and turns to get here but I’ve made it! And boy, what a life do I have now. I never knew what it felt like to be a pampered cowboy but shoo-he did I […]

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Did you know that there are actually quite a few famous Adele’s in the world? Of course, none are as famed or more loved than our Adele! She’s brains and beauty all wrapped up in one package, a girl with a zest for life. She does everything with such passion and enthusiasm, it’s hard not […]

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Hey peeps. Meet Bruno, our joker at Dogtown SA. When he arrived, we instantly knew that we were in for some fun times with this little charmer! Bruno’s a handsome boy who has a whole lot of spirit. He spends his days and nights with his roomie Yogi with whom he has an excellent relationship. […]

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Once in your lifetime if you are lucky enough, you will meet a special someone who will bowl you over and literally make you take a step back – someone like our Jersey girl. Jersey is what you would call an old soul but she is still young in body and mind! She’s also more […]

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Top of the morning to ya! Raine coming at ya all the way from Dogtown… and no, that’s not a weather forecast… that’s my name! I’m Raine, the cutest, cuddliest, most precious girl you’ll ever meet! My brother, River, and I came to Dogtown a while back… I dont like to talk about what happened […]

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Once upon a time in the mountains of Hennops, there was a little girl called Bokkie. She lived happily with her little friend Bully. Her life was turned upside down one day, when her family sold the farm to move to a retirement home and Bokkie and Bully found themselves homeless. Luckily for Bokkie and […]

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Not too long ago, our boy Stevie and his 3 pals decided that a change was in order and, bags packed, took the scenic route to new adventures. As fate would have it, Stevie and his entourage found their way to the magnificent Dogtown hotel. Everything they could have asked for was laid out before […]

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I was surrendered to the town for dogs when my owners moved away and I had to stay behind. When I arrived at the town, I was given a brand new shiny red collar. I learned later that my collar was code for “having difficulty to control my sharp end”. What can I say, if […]

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I have a song stuck in my head! And it’s always there! It goes like this…. ‘You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round round round’ I bet you are singing it now too right? It drives me nuts! nuts! nuts! I flew over on an air plane to […]

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