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Hello hello, My name is Juno. My sister and I were left behind when our family moved. I guess they had their reasons Thankfully somebody heard about us and we were taken to Dogtown so we can find new families who will be able to take care of us for the rest of our lives […]

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Hi there, hello, I’m Nera. My sister Juno, and I had a family but they had to move and they left us behind I don’t know what their reasons were but luckily somebody spotted us and alerted Dogtown who then came to fetch us. I’m a shy girl and can be nervous of new people […]

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Im a happy girl who loves to play and be cuddled. I am good with most dogs so if you have other furkids in your home, I would love to meet them. I also dont mind cats so if you have those too, well then we can all be one big happy family.

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Name’s Jack, Ive been told I’m a stand up little man! I love long hikes on the walking trails which is where I gained my nick name, Mr. Sniffalot, because I leave no bush unturned. A walk with me is really more of slow stroll, so if you are take it easy kind of person, […]

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My name is Saskia. I am a typical “gentle giant” as they say. I am a big girl but the biggest thing about me is my heart. I would love to be in a home of my own. My family moved and left me and my brother to fend for ourselves. I dont know why […]

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Meet Troy! That’s me! Now before we get started, I know I’m the most handsome dog in the world and that my colouring is unique…. but you can keep telling me if you want, I never get tired of hearing how awesome I am I’m an active boy so I need a family where I […]

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Handsome Angus here, most people just call me Angus but I think Handsome Angus has a much better ring to it. Let me tell you about myself. Well my sister and I were picked up in the streets a while ago. Our previous family did not take much care in keeping us safe and sadly […]

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Could you be her forever family?


Hi there, my name is Angel. I had a really difficult start in life and I was really skinny and nervous when I came to Dogtown. Thankfully that changed in no time I am one of the older residents at Dogtown and I’ve been patiently waiting for my forever family to come along and fall […]

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More information about Brock to follow…

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Who is this handsome lad you see before you? Surely he is waaay to handsome to be homeless! I bet that’s what you’re thinking hey? Well to answer your question, my name is Harry and yes, I am too handsome to be homeless but somehow I am. That’s all about to change though, because YOU […]

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