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Hello wonderful people ! My name is Rozzie but these humans here call me Rozzie-Rooooo all the time A terrible thing happened to me when I was much younger, my family died and there was nobody else who could take care of me For a long time I was very sad and I sometimes still […]

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Hello my name is Beauty. I was first brought to Hotel Dogtown when my original owners couldn’t keep me anymore, which was very sad but I am now back my old happy self here at Hotel Dogtown. At first I had a bit of a naughty streak, I would purposely pull my blankets out of […]

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Hi there everyone, I am Mercy. I had a bit of a sketchy start to life but it all changed when the people who had me, decided to rather surrender me to a local shelter so that I could find a family who can take care of me. Unfortunately that shelter had trouble coping with […]

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Hello everybody out there! My name is Dawson. Believe it or not, I am family-less. I know it’s hard to believe when you look at me. I think I had a family at some point but they didnt keep me safe, so I was always out in the street. One day a human from Dogtown […]

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Hello world, name’s Bruce. I was surrendered by my previous family because I had some behavioural issues that they didn’t particularly like. Just some of those little annoyances that all us furkids go through from time to time, like over excitement, chewing things and getting out to explore the surroundings etc. Dogtown said they would […]

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Hi world! How you doing! I am Ruben! My life has been a bit of a roller coaster. I was passed around a bit and I was a bit boisterous so my family could not manage me, so I was passed around some more. I was also chained up at one stage but thank goodness […]

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Hello world! My name is Sammy. I had some trouble in my foster home where I was before, but thankfully the humans at Dogtown managed to make a plan to take me in and help me get back on the right track. In my foster home I lived with other dogs and even cats! That […]

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Hello everyone, my name is Bobby-Boy. I found myself on the streets, fending for myself and to make matters worse, I had a broken leg and no medical help Thankfully the stars were shining down on me and the humans at Dogtown came to my rescue. So let me tell you all about me! I […]

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Hello everybody, my name is Coco. I am no stranger at Dogtown, in fact, I’ve been around for a loooooong time waiting for my forever home. The trick is to find the right home for me. I’ve seen many of my friends at Dogtown go to their forever homes and I so wish that one […]

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Hello world! I am Raven! I am such an awesome dog, yes even if I have to say so myself. I was found running around on a quiet road suuuuuuper early one morning. The Dogtown humans tried really hard to find my family but no such luck. I guess I must have gotten out of […]

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