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Hello world, my name is Yoko. I don’t mean to brag but I am a pretty amazing girl. I know this because my caregiver tells me alllllll the time My family suffered a big tragedy a few months ago and me and my fur-siblings all had to be surrendered to Dogtown for rehoming. Out of […]

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Hi there, I am Phoebe. My mom had to surrender me and the rest of my furfamily to Dogtown because of a big tragedy that happened to her. All of us are now safe and now time for us to find new, forever families. I am a happy go lucky girl who is always up […]

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More information about Bandit to follow…

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Wind truly believes he is royalty reincarnated.  And who knows, maybe he is.  In true greyhound style, he enjoys zoomies first thing in the morning before breakfast, because after breakfast, it’s siesta time…for the rest of the day.   His Ttouch sessions are to him what most people’s morning coffee is. The day just doesn’t start […]

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Hi there, my name is Lola. There is no way you can look at my face and not go aaaaaaaawe, right? Anyway, let me tell you more about myself. My past is filled with some pretty sketchy people and not so great experiences but that is all it is, bad experiences that’s in the past. […]

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Hi there, nice to meet you. My name is Sway My story like so many others, is a tragic one where my family were forced to surrender me and my fur-family to Dogtown because they suffered a terrible tragedy and could no longer care for us. I am glad that we are all safe at […]

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My name is Thandi and boy am I glad to see you reading this! I need a home, in fact, I have been needing a home for a while now but I am always overlooked I think it’s because I am just a black dog but if you meet me you will know I am […]

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When heading into work 8+ weeks ago Michael saw a terrified dog, shivering and unsure what was happening, on the side of a busy main road whilst trying to cross over and almost being hit by cars, looking for help. Michael pulled over and managed to get her into his car. Getting her back to […]

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Hiya, name’s Django! Thank you for reading my story, I bet it’s because I am so super handsome! It’s hard to see this face and keep scrolling, I know!   Let me tell you all about me! Well I come from a beeeeeeeeg family of dogs but sadly our human had to surrender all of […]

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Hi there world! Meet the awesomeness that is Molly (that’s me)! My story, like so many others, is a very sad one. I had a loving family who literally moved heaven and earth for me but their lives changed in a way in which I simply could not go with them to start the next […]

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