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The one and only Picasso here peeps! With me it really is a case of “you snooze, you lose” …. I dont like to brag but I am kind of perfect! I mean, just look at me! Have you ever seen a dog as handsome as me? Come on, you know you want to agree […]

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I enjoy swimming and running around, I looooove treats so if you are armed with the good stuff, you can teach me to do anything! Ive heard the humans here at Dogtown talk about how clever I am.

Please come meet me? I have loads of love to give in return for a spot on your couch :)

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My perfect home would be one where I have other doggy-friends to play with, an older human sibling or 2, lots of love and attention, a dash of sunblock each day and my favourite activity, puppy schooooool :)

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My name is Jersey! am super low maintenance, all I really need (apart from a regular showering of kisses) is a dash of sunblock everyday to protect my delicate features. Other than that, I am happy to lounge around and watch Netflix with you all day.

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People say that I’m a spirited guy and I can’t disagree on that point. I love going on adventures and dashing around so that I don’t miss a thing. Yes, my name is Brownie and I have a little FOMO – pity there’s no support group for this hehe. There is one thing that gets me to stop and “smell the roses” though and that’s cuddles. I could lay there for hours if you would just let me (or a part of me) lounge on your lap. I love it when you talk to me while slowly running you hand over me. I think in those moments I know what it feels like to be in heaven.

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Skye is an active boy so he will do exceptionally well with an adventurous family or a pawsome family who will take the time to satisfy his energetic needs – be it a long walk every other day or a game of soccer with his human brother.

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Tessa2 copy


Don’t be fooled by my age, Im an energetic girl who loves to go on adventures and walks. I dont want to miss out on anything and I love to be where the action is :) I am super smart, Border collie genes and all, so I love learning new things and keeping busy.

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Stevie is a boy full of personality. Just look at those ears! I mean, come on, if that does not endure him to you – we don’t know what else will. He’s super intelligent and catches on in his training lessons amazingly well.

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My caregiver calls me a cautious canine but I see myself more of a couch potato who loves to just chill wherever my human is. Most of the time I’m a very laid back and relaxed girl, and my favourite pass time is napping and chewing yummy chews.

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Let me tell you about me. I love being groomed and fussed and cuddled. I love going for walks and watching the world pass by. I am very clever (even if I have to say so myself) … I love learning new things and I love showing off my skills :)

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