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More information on Nikki to follow..

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More information on Robbie to follow..

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More information on Ryder to follow…  

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Hello friends, my name is Eva. I was found as a stray, which means my first family didnt really take good care of me, else I wouldnt just be wondering around in the streets, it’s not very safe out there! But thankfully I am safe now and ready to be adopted! I am a busy […]

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Hello world, I am Rambo. I made my way to Dogtown from another rescue centre. Back then I had some quirks which they didnt know how to deal with and that also meant that volunteers couldnt spend time with me, which sucked Luckily my quirks have pretty much become a thing of the past and […]

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Hi guys, my name is Smartie. I have been compared to Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. I guess I am a bouncy happy dog! I really just want to play! Before I came to Dogtown I was a security dog, can you believe that? I never ever want to go back to that again! That […]

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Hi, my name is Honey.  I think they named me that because they keep saying how sweet I am My family had to surrender me to Dogtown because I didnt get along with their small dog. I guess I am just not a small-dog kind of girl, which is ok. I know there is a […]

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Hi, I am Channing. My sister and I were being sold on the side of the road, thankfully a good person saw this and intervened. Thank goodness for that, who knows where we could have ended up. This was a while ago already, since then I have been living at Dogtown while I wait for […]

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Hello world! Let me introduce you to the cutesness that is me …. ta-daaaa! Believe it or not but the cuteness that is me, needs a forever home. I got lost somehow but my guarding angels were looking out for me and they literally led me to Dogtown. The humans at Dogtown found me wondering […]

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Hi there everybody. My name is Jamie, or they sometimes call me Mama Jamie here. I was rescued a while ago with my 10 puppies. They have all been adopted and doing so well in their homes! That makes my heart so happy! Hopefully it will be my turn for a happy-ever-after soon. I am […]

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