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Hello Hello! I am Tarzan I am a comical guy who would love to have my own home where I can entertain my family to my heart’s content! I love life and I am keen for any adventure that life has to offer I enjoy going for walks…. short walks, long walks, hikes, causal strolls…. […]

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Hi there, my name is Bobbie-Girl. You may have visited Dogtown a few times and not even seen me, Im shy and keep to myself. Humans were not good to me in the past and although I have moved on and started a new chapter, sometimes I cant help but be nervous when a stranger […]

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I LOVE to go for walks. Even more than walks, I love a good grooming session so I can look as good as I feel :) My ideal home would be where there are other furkids for me to play with and a family who will love and cherish me and keep me safe and make me part of their family. I am not a fan of those strange feline creatures though, so a home without cats please. I get along with dogs my size so a furry friend would be welcome :) I am good with kids too so I can easily fit into most families.
If you think you have what it takes to make my dreams come true, please contact

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I love going for casual strolls, I’m not much of a hiker but if you want some company on a leisurely walk to just unwind, then I’m your guy. I love being groomed and brushed and cuddled and loved. The only thing I love more than that is water! If you have a pond or a pool, pick me pick me!!! I love to go in the water, I guess that’s the Shepherd part of me :)

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My perfect home would be one where I have other doggy-friends to play with, an older human sibling or 2, lots of love and attention, a dash of sunblock each day and my favourite activity, puppy schooooool :)

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Howdy doo folks, my name is Chipz. I may come across as shy and weary but once I get to know you, I am a super cuddly and affectionate boy. I must admit, I am a bit nervous of men sometimes, But I am known for giving humans second chances so if you treat me with love and patience, we will be best friends in no time.

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I’m just a Baby Girl, standing in her pool, wanting you to love me. Contact

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Stevie is a boy full of personality. Just look at those ears! I mean, come on, if that does not endure him to you – we don’t know what else will. He’s super intelligent and catches on in his training lessons amazingly well.

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Maestro – “a distinguished figure in any sphere” Well that sums me up pretty darn well….ok I do have a couple of little nuances but let me first tell you a little about myself. I’m an extremely handsome (according to my caregivers) tan coloured male boerbul and at nearly six years old I’m in the […]

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Hey all you good peeps. My name is Kevin and at Dogtown I’m known as Mr Big ! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a gangster dog or anything like that. The nick name is simply related to the fact that at 45 kg and 70cm at the shoulder, I’m a really biiiig dog! […]

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