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Jack the Lionheart reigns supreme in the hearts of his caregivers here at DogtownSA. Jack is master of his destiny and after overcoming a life of neglect is ready to live a life better tailored to his regal personality. This little terrier’s curiosity and machismo knows no bounds; Jack is always ready to head out […]

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They call me a social butterfly because I have so many friends at the centre. I really do enjoy playing with friends. I once had a loving home and I loved to play with my family but sadly I was dumped But I don’t let that get me down, I know there is a proper […]

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“Bonsoir je m’appelle Coco, for those of you who don’t parlez vous Français, you may address me as Mademoiselle Coco. I live by the creed of my glorious namesake Coco Chanel: ‘In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.’ “ Our enigmatic diva Coco is not bound by cuddly canine stereotypes, while she […]

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“Buuuddy” as we call this little “Star”, is one of our longest residents at DogtownSA. When he was a little “Bud” (a littlie) very naughty kids put a rope around his neck and swung him around. Well, as you can imagine, that takes a great deal of effort to get over. But our “Star” is […]

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Hi townies! My name’s Christine and I’m a newbie here at Dogtown. I’m named after Christine McVie, the singer from Fleetwood Mac. Do you know that she real name is actually Christine Anne Perfect? It’s no coincidence then that we share the same name because there’s really no denying how perfect I am I arrived […]

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I’m a pretty chilled guy who leads a stress-free life. I don’t require much – just lots of love and someone who will fight for me if ever they are forced to choose. If you are that person, please come get me and your Juno-bug I will forever be.

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Mamma Tracy at the centre always sings allie ballie bee to me, she seems to enjoy it and while she’s singing she gives me cuddles and love, so I kinda love this song now too. I once had a home but there was some sibling rivalry involved and I found myself looking for a family […]

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