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For those who dont know Ronellie, let me rewind to a few months back when things in the world if Ronellie was very different. It all started with a call about a scared dog running around a very busy road, not too far from us. We grabbed our gear and off we went…. it was […]

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I just finished my neighborhood watch shift and figured I have a couple of minutes before I have to start working on my reports.  So here is a bit about me.  It’s a bit of a stressful job I have, keeping an eye on the town and alerting everyone to any suspicious movement.  My partner […]

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Benji’s the name and acting is the game! Nah not really, that well known furkid look-a-like actor with the same name as me is a distant relative. He went to Hollywood USA and I came to Dogtown SA. How can you possibly compare the two I hear you say and obviously you’re quite right, Hollywood […]

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Hi there my name is George – “Little” George according to my carers. I am such a lucky furkid to have come to this suuuper duuuper hotel called DogtownSA. I have been living with a family but they are moving and will not be taking me with them. I didn’t know what was going to […]

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Hi guys I wonder if you know the song – “On the road again – Just can’t wait to get on the road again” The reason I am asking is because that was my theme tune. I have had a rather unsettling and precarious start in my furry life which saw me on the road […]

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Ricky & Wendy-4


Hi all you lovely “Dogtown supawters”, it’s Wendy here giving you a little update on my stay here at the best five star hotel in Doggyland. Do you all remember me ? I’m the gorgeous four year old Staffie blend that came to Dogtown in mid 2013. First, a bit about my name. There are […]

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“Word up Barking Madders, Action-man Ash comin at ya! You peeps checked out those Avengers movies, where the superheroes saved the world from destruction. Like me all super heroes have a rough start but catapult themselves to greatness. I reckon I’m a superhero in training. My Dogtown homies keep telling me I have awesome skills […]

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“Buuuddy” as we call this little “Star”, is one of our longest residents at DogtownSA. When he was a little “Bud” (a littlie) very naughty kids put a rope around his neck and swung him around. Well, as you can imagine, that takes a great deal of effort to get over. But our “Star” is […]

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