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Hello hello, My name is Juno. My sister and I were left behind when our family moved. I guess they had their reasons Thankfully somebody heard about us and we were taken to Dogtown so we can find new families who will be able to take care of us for the rest of our lives […]

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Hi there, hello, I’m Nera. My sister Juno, and I had a family but they had to move and they left us behind I don’t know what their reasons were but luckily somebody spotted us and alerted Dogtown who then came to fetch us. I’m a shy girl and can be nervous of new people […]

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Name’s Jack, Ive been told I’m a stand up little man! I love long hikes on the walking trails which is where I gained my nick name, Mr. Sniffalot, because I leave no bush unturned. A walk with me is really more of slow stroll, so if you are take it easy kind of person, […]

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Meet Troy! That’s me! Now before we get started, I know I’m the most handsome dog in the world and that my colouring is unique…. but you can keep telling me if you want, I never get tired of hearing how awesome I am I’m an active boy so I need a family where I […]

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Hello Hello! I am Tarzan I am a comical guy who would love to have my own home where I can entertain my family to my heart’s content! I love life and I am keen for any adventure that life has to offer I enjoy going for walks…. short walks, long walks, hikes, causal strolls…. […]

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Hi there, my name is Bobbie-Girl. You may have visited Dogtown a few times and not even seen me, Im shy and keep to myself. Humans were not good to me in the past and although I have moved on and started a new chapter, sometimes I cant help but be nervous when a stranger […]

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I LOVE to go for walks. Even more than walks, I love a good grooming session so I can look as good as I feel :) My ideal home would be where there are other furkids for me to play with and a family who will love and cherish me and keep me safe and make me part of their family. I am not a fan of those strange feline creatures though, so a home without cats please. I get along with dogs my size so a furry friend would be welcome :) I am good with kids too so I can easily fit into most families.
If you think you have what it takes to make my dreams come true, please contact

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I love going for casual strolls, I’m not much of a hiker but if you want some company on a leisurely walk to just unwind, then I’m your guy. I love being groomed and brushed and cuddled and loved. The only thing I love more than that is water! If you have a pond or a pool, pick me pick me!!! I love to go in the water, I guess that’s the Shepherd part of me :)

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Howdy doo folks, my name is Chipz. I may come across as shy and weary but once I get to know you, I am a super cuddly and affectionate boy. I must admit, I am a bit nervous of men sometimes, But I am known for giving humans second chances so if you treat me with love and patience, we will be best friends in no time.

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I’m just a Baby Girl, standing in her pool, wanting you to love me. Contact

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