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In every social setting, there’s always that one person who stands out because of their coolness (think Danica Patrick kinda cool) and their unconventional lifestyle. Someone who has the guts and courage to live outside of the proverbial box and have fun while doing it! At Dogtown, that title goes to Miz Pippa! Pippa’s the […]

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When I was a wee boy (as wee as a boy like me can be), I was taught that there is not much of a difference between fighting and playing. Actually, I thought I was playing but then later found out my hooman wanted to make me aggressive so that I would protect him.   If […]

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The other day I was scrolling on my caregiver’s phone (ok I stepped on it) and saw this test you could take to see what you would have been in your previous life. I took the test (stepped on it again) and it told me I was a nurse. What a load of chewed up […]

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Hey all you good peeps. My name is Kevin and at Dogtown I’m known as Mr Big ! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a gangster dog or anything like that. The nick name is simply related to the fact that at 45 kg and 70cm at the shoulder, I’m a really biiiig dog! […]

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Just like that well known Scottish King, Robert the Bruce whom I’m named after, I’m a big strong lovable character. At 2½ years old I’m a Mastiff blend entering adulthood and ready to make my name known in the world of furkids. Although I’m pretty big and can look rather intimidating, once I get to […]

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Hiya all, my name is Smartie and you’re right on the button when you ask “am I as sweet and colourful as a box of smarties”. I’m also a very good-looking and energetic three year old Rottweiler Labrador blend. Before coming here to Dogtown I was a security dog- something I did not enjoy in […]

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Howdy folks! Wrangler coming at ya’ from the outbacks of the Dogtown Ranch. It’s been a long road with many twists and turns to get here but I’ve made it! And boy, what a life do I have now. I never knew what it felt like to be a pampered cowboy but shoo-he did I […]

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Did you know that there are actually quite a few famous Adele’s in the world? Of course, none are as famed or more loved than our Adele! She’s brains and beauty all wrapped up in one package, a girl with a zest for life. She does everything with such passion and enthusiasm, it’s hard not […]

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Hey peeps. Meet Bruno, our joker at Dogtown SA. When he arrived, we instantly knew that we were in for some fun times with this little charmer! Bruno’s a handsome boy who has a whole lot of spirit. He spends his days and nights with his roomie Yogi with whom he has an excellent relationship. […]

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Once in your lifetime if you are lucky enough, you will meet a special someone who will bowl you over and literally make you take a step back – someone like our Jersey girl. Jersey is what you would call an old soul but she is still young in body and mind! She’s also more […]

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