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Hi there friends. It is me, Ginger, also known as Ginger snap or little Gingi. I am a very sweet little princess with the most beautiful puppy face in the whole wide world. I live here at Dogtown with a handsome fur prince named Geoffry. We have a great life here. The sun is shining […]

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So please “choose me. Adopt me. Let me make you happy.” When you do come looking for me, just remember that I’m the guy with the helicopter tail and soulful eyes. You won’t miss me – I am after all, “just a boy, standing in front of a girl, asking you to love him”.

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I have been waiting for a long time for my forever family but I know that all good things come to those who wait. My perfect home would be where there are other dogs for me to play with. I am good with children too so a human sibling or 2 would be great as well. But……… I am not a fan of felines, we just dont see eye to eye so I would prefer a home without those weird cat creatures.

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I am a gentle boy with lots of love to give. I will never say no to cuddles and I will most certainly never say no to any treats either :) I hear the humans here say that I am a charmer of note and a real ladies-man :) I get along with most dogs, I am very easy going. So if you have other furkids in your family, no problemo!

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Im a happy girl who loves to play and be cuddled. I am good with most dogs so if you have other furkids in your home, I would love to meet them. I also dont mind cats so if you have those too, well then we can all be one big happy family.

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My caregiver calls me a cautious canine but I see myself more of a couch potato who loves to just chill wherever my human is. Most of the time I’m a very laid back and relaxed girl, and my favourite pass time is napping and chewing yummy chews.

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Hey Townies! Chappie coming at ya front and centre! This little bundle of energy recently found her way to Dogtown and has already managed to worm her way into our hearts. Her intelligence, intuitiveness and charm all come wrapped up in a sleek little package with the cutest pointy ears and beautiful brown eyes. Chappie […]

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Maestro – “a distinguished figure in any sphere” Well that sums me up pretty darn well….ok I do have a couple of little nuances but let me first tell you a little about myself. I’m an extremely handsome (according to my caregivers) tan coloured male boerbul and at nearly six years old I’m in the […]

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When I was a wee boy (as wee as a boy like me can be), I was taught that there is not much of a difference between fighting and playing. Actually, I thought I was playing but then later found out my hooman wanted to make me aggressive so that I would protect him.   If […]

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The other day I was scrolling on my caregiver’s phone (ok I stepped on it) and saw this test you could take to see what you would have been in your previous life. I took the test (stepped on it again) and it told me I was a nurse. What a load of chewed up […]

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