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Hi there! My name is Scarlet. I am sure you know me by now though, I have been waiting for sooooo long for my perfect family to come and adopt me. I am no spring chicken anymore so I really hope it happens soon. I am a people’s dog and very loving once I know […]

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Hi there, my name is Marci. I have some sad news, my hoooman has to move far away and she can’t take me with her, so I need to find a new hoooman who can love me and take care of me. I am a friendly girl and I love to be loved and cuddled. […]

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Hello Hello, Duffy here! I would love for you to come on over and adopt me! Im a super friendly girl and I have a spring in my step (literally) – so I need a secure property please I am very social and get along with other dogs, In fact I would love to have […]

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Hi there world, my name is Dusty! Can you believe it but I was found as a stray! My previous family didnt make sure they kept me safe and the humans at Dogtown couldnt find my family anywhere Well now it’s time for a new start with a new family to love and be loved […]

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Hellooooo people! My name is Anthia. I am named after the doggy-doctor-lady who took care of me during a really sad time of my life. I was found as a stray and even though I am still a baby myself, I was pregnant but sadly I lost all my babies because my body was just […]

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Hi there world, I am Nova. I would love for you to come and make me part of your family! My first family didnt take very good care of me because I was picked up by Dogtown in the streets and I was very sick But their doggy-doctor got me back to my old self […]

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Hello world, I am Marley. Sometimes the caregiver here calls me Bob, I have no idea why but it seems to make sense to them I come from a big family where there were many other dogs but unfortunately all of us had to pack our bags and come to Dogtown because our family had […]

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Hi there, my name is Tiago. When I first arrived at Dogtown I saw myself as a bit of rough-ridin gangsta. I was a nothing but skin and bones and my attitude was that I “dont need no one for nothing!” I grew up on the streets and I had to always have my own […]

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Hi there everybody! My name is Suzie. I was found as a stray, can you believe that? Well the humans at Dogtown looked here and there and everywhere but my family was nowhere in sight. So here I am, waiting for a new family who will love me and look after me. Let me tell […]

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Hi there world, my name is Sheena. I would love to steal your attention for a few minutes so that I can tell you all about myself. Well I am what they call a one-human kinda girl. Once I choose you to be my human, that’s it… we are besties for life. I am a […]

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