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Oh hi, didn’t see you there. My name is Hannah. I actually started off at another rescue centre and then made my way to Dogtown so they can help me to find my perfect family. I used to have a family but they couldn’t care for me any longer I am a sweet and gentle […]

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Hi there, I am Lennox. I was found in Lennox road (hence my name) where I was really having a hard time because some mean people shot me with a pellet gun and my leg was very sore and infected. Thankfully some kind people managed to catch me and got me to a vet who […]

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Hi there world, my name is Mia, or Beautiful Mia which is what the humans here at Dogotwn call me most of the time I would love for you and your family to consider making me part of your life. I am a very sweet girl and I love handing out kisses, lots and lots […]

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Hi there, I am Jessy. So nice to meet you! I am looking for a family who will love me and take care of me, not like the family I had before, they really didnt take good care of me. I was found wondering the streets in a very bad state Lucky for me I […]

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My caregiver calls me a cautious canine but I see myself more of a couch potato who loves to just chill wherever my human is. Most of the time I’m a very laid back and relaxed girl, and my favourite pass time is napping and chewing yummy chews.

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Don’t be fooled by my age, Im an energetic girl who loves to go on adventures and walks. I dont want to miss out on anything and I love to be where the action is :) I am super smart, Border collie genes and all, so I love learning new things and keeping busy.

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Hi all you fabulous people. My name is Lady. I think there must have been a mistake on my paperwork somewhere because my documents say that I am 8 years old…. can’t be, I am just a puppy at heart so I think the paperwork is definitely wrong. Sometimes my body gets a bit sore […]

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Hi there, I am Bella. I am what my caregiver here calls a “one of a kind girl”. My best thing in the whole world is being touched. I literally become a puddle of mush when somebody gently strokes me, especially on my chest. I am an active girl and I need an active family. […]

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Hey peeps, I am Gabbi. My so called family booked me and my siblings into boarding kennels while they “moved house” and then never came back for us. Ever. We were all very upset about it because we honestly thought they loved us Luckily Dogtown came to our rescue and that is where my new […]

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Hi, my name is Zeus and I have severe OCD (Hello Zeus, lol) I am not a puppy anymore but neither am I old and I have an abundance of love to give. I must admit that it takes me a little bit of time to warm up to people but that’s only because it’s […]

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