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Hello world, I am Lillian. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl, right? I am not quite sure how I ended up in the middle of the busy road like I did, but let’s just say I am grateful that the human from Dogtown saw me and came to my rescue. All those loud cars […]

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Hello, my name is Branca, aaffectionately known as Brankies My family had to move and could not take my brother and I with them That made us very sad because we really loved them. But we are both now ready for our new chapters to start. I can sometimes be a bit shy when meeting […]

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Hi there! My name is Willow. The humans at Dogtown found me on one of the roads close to them. I must have gotten out of my home and tried to find my way back, but got so lost The humans at Dogtown tried and tried but they could not find my family so now […]

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I have a song stuck in my head! And it’s always there! It goes like this…. ‘You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round round round’ I bet you are singing it now too right? It drives me nuts! nuts! nuts! I flew over on an air plane to […]

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Hello folks, Loki’s the name. Your eyes are not deceiving you, the handsomeness that is me, is homeless But not for long, I have a feeling that my forever family are reading this right now so the phone in the office will ring …. right ….. about …… now……….. How and why I am in […]

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More information on Apache to follow..

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More information on Ali to follow…  

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More information on Tiara to follow..

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More information on Cassidy to follow..

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Hi there everybody! My name is Michael, but the humans here call me Smiley Mike. Well that is because I always walk around with the biggest smile on my face. Life has thrown me some curve-balls but I was never going to let that get me down. I’m a bit of an old soul so […]

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