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Maestro – “a distinguished figure in any sphere” Well that sums me up pretty darn well….ok I do have a couple of little nuances but let me first tell you a little about myself. I’m an extremely handsome (according to my caregivers) tan coloured male boerbul and at nearly six years old I’m in the […]

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When I was a wee boy (as wee as a boy like me can be), I was taught that there is not much of a difference between fighting and playing. Actually, I thought I was playing but then later found out my hooman wanted to make me aggressive so that I would protect him.   If […]

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The other day I was scrolling on my caregiver’s phone (ok I stepped on it) and saw this test you could take to see what you would have been in your previous life. I took the test (stepped on it again) and it told me I was a nurse. What a load of chewed up […]

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Hey all you good peeps. My name is Kevin and at Dogtown I’m known as Mr Big ! Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a gangster dog or anything like that. The nick name is simply related to the fact that at 45 kg and 70cm at the shoulder, I’m a really biiiig dog! […]

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Just like that well known Scottish King, Robert the Bruce whom I’m named after, I’m a big strong lovable character. At 2½ years old I’m a Mastiff blend entering adulthood and ready to make my name known in the world of furkids. Although I’m pretty big and can look rather intimidating, once I get to […]

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Hiya all, my name is Smartie and you’re right on the button when you ask “am I as sweet and colourful as a box of smarties”. I’m also a very good-looking and energetic three year old Rottweiler Labrador blend. Before coming here to Dogtown I was a security dog- something I did not enjoy in […]

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Howdy folks! Wrangler coming at ya’ from the outbacks of the Dogtown Ranch. It’s been a long road with many twists and turns to get here but I’ve made it! And boy, what a life do I have now. I never knew what it felt like to be a pampered cowboy but shoo-he did I […]

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Did you know that there are actually quite a few famous Adele’s in the world? Of course, none are as famed or more loved than our Adele! She’s brains and beauty all wrapped up in one package, a girl with a zest for life. She does everything with such passion and enthusiasm, it’s hard not […]

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Hey peeps. Meet Bruno, our joker at Dogtown SA. When he arrived, we instantly knew that we were in for some fun times with this little charmer! Bruno’s a handsome boy who has a whole lot of spirit. He spends his days and nights with his roomie Yogi with whom he has an excellent relationship. […]

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I was surrendered to the town for dogs when my owners moved away and I had to stay behind. When I arrived at the town, I was given a brand new shiny red collar. I learned later that my collar was code for “having difficulty to control my sharp end”. What can I say, if […]

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