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I was surrendered to the town for dogs when my owners moved away and I had to stay behind. When I arrived at the town, I was given a brand new shiny red collar. I learned later that my collar was code for “having difficulty to control my sharp end”. What can I say, if […]

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I have a song stuck in my head! And it’s always there! It goes like this…. ‘You spin me right round, baby, right round like a record, baby, right round round round’ I bet you are singing it now too right? It drives me nuts! nuts! nuts! I flew over on an air plane to […]

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Ya man! It’s Jed, the Rastafarian! I am not your average standard Poodle, as you can see, I prefer my dreads over having a fluffy butt and feet. The fact is I HATE being groomed, which is partly why I am living at Dogtown, the other part is that I have a history of nibbling […]

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Hi All, My name is Troy – Terrier blend – Male – 4 years old. Why am I being so precise ? Well in days of old, in Ireland, the name Troy meant soldier and that’s me – a no nonsense, spit and polish, all military precision type of guy. Although with my brindle body […]

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People say that I’m a spirited guy and I can’t disagree on that point. I love going on adventures and dashing around so that I don’t miss a thing. Yes, my name is Brownie and I have a little FOMO – pity there’s no support group for this hehe. There is one thing that gets me to stop and “smell the roses” though and that’s cuddles. I could lay there for hours if you would just let me (or a part of me) lounge on your lap. I love it when you talk to me while slowly running you hand over me. I think in those moments I know what it feels like to be in heaven.

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My caregiver calls me a cautious canine but I see myself more of a  couch potato who loves to just chill wherever my human is. Most of the time I’m a very laid back and relaxed girl, and my favourite pass time is napping and chewing yummy chews. However, my downfall is I’m really fearful […]

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A rainbow has seven beautiful colours but can’t compare to Dog town’s resident Rainbow. Not only is she physically beautiful but her soul is too. She loves going for walks but she is happiest being close to a person who gives her treats, I mean love. She often mistakes a human face for a lollipop […]

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Hello hello hello are you peeps ready out there to meet ME, Picasso, the most awesome young furkid ever!!!!!! You see I feel quite honoured to have been given such a famous name like Picasso and really hope I can live up to this honour. I arrived from Somerset West just a month ago and […]

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Gunner is a beautiful 4 year old boy who is in need of a new home where he can be king of the home.  He will need to be neutered, vaccinated & dewormed before homing.  Gunner has lived with a small dog but we would recommend that meets are done between him & any potential […]

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“Hanni the Bumble-bee Jackson here, parking off with my peeps at DogtownSA: family, a fast car and the open road, now that’s the life! You guys keen on a little Tracy Chapman? I just dig this tune when I’m cruising: So remember when we were driving driving in your car. Speed so fast I felt […]

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