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Our Wish List this Christmas

Dogtown’s Christmas WishList

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Neutral Posture

Change the body, change the mind.

How many of us have clicked on some kind of snippet with the heading ‘How can you tell if X is lying?’ I think pretty much everyone wants to know about the things people’s eyes and hands do that would give them away, as liars.   Unfortunately, it’s never as easy as that.   The thing to […]

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Raine’s appeal for a forever home

Top of the morning to ya! Raine coming at ya all the way from Dogtown… and no, that’s not a weather forecast… that’s my name! I’m Raine, the cutest, cuddliest, most precious girl you’ll ever meet! My brother, River, and I came to Dogtown a while back… I dont like to talk about what happened […]

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Bruno 4

Young Mr Bruno

What do you know I am a young lad, who’s life Isn’t so bad. While hanging out With my roomie is always So rad. I am well looked after. While dogtown knows, I’m such a charmer. My smile is funny, I just Want tickles under my tummy. I’m super clever so Teach me what ever. […]

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Love at first sight – the power couple

“You can be the Prince and I can be the Princess, you can be the sweet tooth I can be the dentist….” Oh, hello everyone, I am Moxie. I heard this song on the radio and I just LOVE to sing it because it describes me and Johnny perfectly. But before I talk about Johnny, […]

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Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.32.42 AM

Moby’s sleepover

Hi, there peeps. I think you all know me by now. It’s me, Moby. I came to Hotel Dogtown as a terrified little puppy after being with a family who never gave me any attention and I was so alone all the time…. and scared. But my life changed for the better when I came […]

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Simba & Opal

Hi all your peeps out there in the Big Wide World.   This is the one and only “Simba” chatting to you and I thought it would be a tremendous idea to update you on my life at this upmarket 5 star hotel called Dogtown. So, just to remind you all of how I came […]

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Jock – a work in progress

Jock is a such a loving dog who likes to go out for walks, it wasnt always possible because he doesnt like being touched and therefore putting a harness on him was not very easy. Jock is also not a fan of strangers or unfamiliar people or even dogs. He does live with a dog […]

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Princess Diana

Her royal highness, Princess Diana

Hear yee! hear yee! Good morning one and all on this fine day. To start, I would like to take the time to thank all for attending today. I, princess Diana of Dogtown, first of her name, am here to tell you why you should grace your home with my presence. Firstly I am a […]

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How to choose the right Charity

How do you know which charity to support?

It’s a great question and your hard earned money should go to who you believe is in sync with your beliefs and character. I always recommend if possible, visit the shelter or do follow ups on cases you have supported. With the constant mud slinging on Facebook I see daily, it’s sometimes a really difficult […]

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