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A Guide to Pet-Friendly Eateries in South Africa

A Guide to Pet-Friendly Eateries in South Africa By Mary-Jane Gallagher The population of dogs in South Africa is about 7.4 million in 2018, as reported by PetSecure. This is a clear picture of how more people have embraced pets as part of their day-to-day lives. Pet owners are actually spending more time with their dogs, cats […]

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Happy Homings in November 2018

The end of the year is always tough for us in rescue, adoptions slow down to a complete halt and sadly intakes double, if not triple. At this point in the year we are lucky if we get any adoptions at all but we are proud to announce that November resulted in FIVE of our […]

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Another month has come and gone and we still haven’t won the lottery…

Another month has come and gone and we still haven’t won the lottery… and humans haven’t become more caring and loving yet either … but we live in forever hope that one day all humans will love doggies as much as we do.  This year has been a struggle for Dogtown. We’ve had more downs […]

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Dealing with Dogs in a Divorce

Dealing with Dogs in a Divorce By Mary-Jane Gallagher The latest figures from Stats SA show that over 25,000 marriages in South Africa end in divorce annually. Given that there are about 8 million dogs in the country, thousands of pets each year are caught in the middle. Divorce is fraught with difficult negotiations and for those with […]

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Newbies at Dogtown – November 2018

With open arms we welcomed these lovely newbies to the Dogtown family this month. As always we are so pressed for space but we couldnt turn our backs on these babies, so they are now part of the Dogotwn family until their forever families take them home! Meet our NINE newbies for NOVEMBER!   Meet […]

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Communicating with your dog to stop jumping up

Communicating with your dog to stop jumping up By Joanna, Trainer Having the opportunity of working with animals, specifically in my case, dogs, I realise more and more that unless the basic communication skills that we use with each other are not put into practice with the dogs, it is virtually impossible to achieve any […]

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sms SAVE to 38919 and donate R10

Loud and Clear

          Have You seen Us? Wow what an incredible gift we have received. After a lot of work by our incredible Director Karen. Karen managed to secure us a donated Billboard spot. It really is too beautiful for words and hopefully will help us Save More Lives. Thank you so much […]

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Dangerous Dogs Act

Ban Pitbulls

Now relax, it’s not what you think.  I love pit bulls with every part of my being but even families that love them do not have an easy road when it comes to having a pit bull as a child. Whether its having to always be on high alert worrying if someone will steal their […]

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Why adopting saves 2 Lives

Why Adopting a Dog Can Save Two Lives

Why Adopting a Dog Can Save Two Lives By Mary-Jane Gallagher There are almost 10 million dogs in South Africa and a whopping one-third of South Africans have been diagnosed with mental health issues. Two seemingly unrelated statistics that can actually work together to save lives. It has already been established that having a dog can improve a […]

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Why Nose Work ?

Why Nose Work?

Why Nose work “Hi, my name is Sheena and I’m rehab’s top nose-work dog. Using my nose is a very important part of my daily routine. Many years ago, before we were domesticated, our noses were the main tool in our survival kit. We obviously had to eat and that meant finding and catching our […]

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