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The Escapades of a foster poopy

Raising Lawrence

The Escapades of Foster poopy Lawrence Ramblings of a Crazy Dog Lady I know there are many valid reasons why people choose a puppy when adding a furkid to their family but boy are they hard work. For the life of me why they don’t adopt a nice middle aged dog from a shelter will […]

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Saving Liesl

Some Days it Doesn’t make Sense Ramblings of a Crazy Dog Lady Every day in rescue is difficult, you would have to have no heart not to feel sorrow, happiness and deep love all in one day. This past month was an emotionally hard one for me. The rescue and passing of Liesl was really […]

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Don't let it happen to you


Don’t Hug the Dog! And other things kids should know… BRAND NEW Dog safety program being offered at local schools.   DogtownSA, a local Rescue centre will be taking a break from teaching dogs their manners to teach something even more important for dog-owning families and kids everywhere. With the help of Dog Stars, a […]

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New Roomies at Dogtown

With some amazing adoptions happening the last few weeks, we have been left with many “single living dogs” who are social and really need to have a friend to play with during the day At Dogtown we continuously do assessments on our dogs and have social walks so that they can meet new dogs and […]

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Help – My dog snatches!

Dear Jennifer I need your help please. My mom has stopped giving me treats! That’s right, she just stopped! She says it’s because I don’t take them nicely and get over-excited and then nip when I take them. But that’s the only way I know how to take treats. Please can you help her so […]

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Help – my dog eats his own poop!

Dear Jennifer I need some serious help! I have a problem of a very personal nature and I’m quite embarrassed about it…. but if anybody can help me, you can! I seem to have developed this very gross habit of eating my own poop…. I don’t know what its about but it freaks my mom […]

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Help! My dog keeps jumping the wall

Dear Jennifer I am asking for help on behalf of my mommy. She’s a nervous wreck. I have developed this silly habit of jumping the wall and running away, not away away, just to go on a little adventure. My mom becomes frantic and just about turns the world upside down until I am back […]

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We're all asking at Dogtown

The Million Dollar Question….

Hi Readers, I hope you are all warm, cozy and ready for this winter. So, you all probably wonder what the million-dollar question is?? Because I have no answer to this question. The Question is “Why Baby Ginnie hasn’t found her forever home yet?…” It really breaks my heart knowing that she hasn’t found her […]

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Just another month at DogtownSA

Well I can’t start this months newsletter without a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped us out of the financial crisis we found ourselves in the end of last month. That was not a fun experience for any of us but it was a huge wake up call for us. The demand for us […]

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Tis the Season

While most people are excited for the holidays, this time of year exhumes dread and desperation for shelters around the world. You’re probably wondering why? Believe it or not it’s our worst time of the year for dogs being dumped. This time of celebration for most families is also a time that brings out the […]

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