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Meet the Team – Joanna’s Journey

Just Joanna ! We all have dreams and wishes in our lives but unfortunately it is often easier to stay in the rut you are in because changes are daunting and very scary, so, sadly many people remain partially happy for most of their lives.   To try and follow your dream or even more so […]

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The Morning After the Night Before

     The morning after the night before Ramblings of a crazy dog Lady Last night is all a bit of blur, but what I did realise is that when fear and adrenaline set in, we humans are a different kettle of fish. I must have run up that mountain 10 times whereas on a normal […]

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Newbies at Dogtown – August 2018

Meet the new kids on the block. These beautiful souls all become part of the Dogtown family this month. They are all looking for sponsors who can help us cover the cost of their sterilization, vaccinations, check ups and deworming before they can be placed up for adoption If you would like to sponsor any […]

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Are you all volunteers ?

Are you all volunteers ? Rambings of a crazy dog lady I often get asked if all the people working at dogtown are volunteers. How awesome would it be if we could find enough people that could give their time freely everyday. Our staff bill is one of our biggest costs along with food and […]

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The Benji-man

I am Benji, my foster mom calls me Benji-man. I don’t want to brag but I am a bit of a miracle. See when I was a wee pup, my vaccinations were not up to date and I got distemper. It was terrible and so confusing, I got through it somehow and survived.   My brain […]

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Pretty woman, walking down the street

Hi, readers I hope you are enjoying the winter and keeping warm and snuggly. So, many things have happened in this month so I thought it would be a good idea to write a story and gossip a bit ha-ha. My one true love Liddie has found her forever home, her brother Arthur was adopted […]

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Living with a Blind or Partially Blind Dog

As our beloved dogs grow older it can be extremely upsetting for us to realise that they may become blind and their vision is not what it used to be.   Having said this of course blindness isn’t by any means age specific and can affect dogs of all ages but as our companions age we […]

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Snowy’s Progress

Hi there townies. To all those who don’t know me, My name is Snowy aka snow ball. I want to start off by saying thanks to he people of Dogtown for taking me in. If it wasn’t for all of you, well let’s just say I am happy to be at Dogtown. I spend my […]

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Paige & Ronel – “Bouncy BFF’s

Hi there people, my name is Paige, aka Perfect Paige, according to my caregiver. She says I am the whole package….. A lovable gentle soul with super duper socials skills with dogs, cats and humans. I love cuddles, food, walks and more cuddles. Anyway, my arrival with some friends at Dogtown was a bit scary […]

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When Im old and weary

When I’m old and Weary

When I’m old and Weary Ramblings of a crazy Dog Lady   I think one of the saddest things we experience along with unthinkable abuse and neglect we come across is when a loving family pet has to come to a shelter because their family has passed away or they have had to move into […]

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