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Meet Pat – Fundraiser at DogtownSA

Hello – I’m Pat and I fundraise for the Dogs of Dogtown.  I am too stupid and sensitive to physically work with the dogs, so I am blessed to work from home with my six spoiled (read ruined) FurKids.  I use the term “work” loosely as I consider what I do to be an honour […]

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Meet Wilmi

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wilmi and I am what they call a junior behaviorist at Dogtown. It’s a BIG title which I carry with GREAT pride! But let me back up for a moment. My life wasnt always filled with wagging tails and wet noses. When I look back on […]

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Meet Thandi

Hi my name is Thandi. I am a caregiver at Dogtown.  I started at here 10 months ago and I really enjoy my job. To be a caregiver you need to be physically fit and strong because you spend the whole day moving around and on your feet. My day consists of walking dogs, dipping […]

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Meet Susan

My story is very simple. I was born an animal lover. I was a bookkeeper for more than 15 years, stuck in an office in front of a computer working on Pastel accounting.  I loved working with figures, or so I thought. I had 3 German Shepherd dogs and lost them close after each other. […]

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Meet the Team – Joanna’s Journey

Just Joanna ! We all have dreams and wishes in our lives but unfortunately it is often easier to stay in the rut you are in because changes are daunting and very scary, so, sadly many people remain partially happy for most of their lives.   To try and follow your dream or even more so […]

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Meet the Team – Elanza’s story

My name is Elanza and without question, I have the best job in the world. I get to place our beautiful furkids into loving, forever, second chance homes My path with Dogtown started in December 2011 when a friend asked me to join them to volunteer. I have never looked back. I volunteered most of […]

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Meet The Team – Savannah

Getting to know Savannah Hi everyone. Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about what I do at Dogtown and how I got here. My name is Savannah-shae and I’m currently a caregiver here. I’ve been working at Dogtown since September 2016. Let me tell you, this is one of the […]

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Gordon - Head Behaviourist

Meet the Team – Gordons Story

Meet Gordon Head Behaviourist at DogtownSA My name is Gordon Banks and I am extremely fortunate to be part of the Dogtown SA family. My original vocation choice was in architecture and after qualifying in 1973 I begun a long career working in private practice, larger corporate environments and finally as a partner in a […]

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