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Please give me a chance

Rozzie’s Plea – please give me a chance

Hello wonderful people ! My name is Rozzie but these humans here call me Rozzie-Rooooo all the time A terrible thing happened to me when I was much younger, my family died and there was nobody else who could take care of me For a long time I was very sad and I sometimes still […]

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Do you want a career working with South Africas coolest dogs

dogtown caregiver post

Do you want to work full time caring for and helping make dogs dreams come true ? Then here is the perfect job for you. Email your cv to We are looking for someone to give their all to our precious furkids Salary R6000-R9000 depending on qualifications and experience. Location: Schuverberg , Hennops Area […]

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Where has our humanity gone ?

Where has our humanity gone?

What’s going on? This past week we have rescued dogs 4 that were just lying in the road, too weak to get up and move. All in one week. It’s a huge worry that this trend will continue and it conjures up so many questions. How long have they been there? Did no-one see their […]

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Rescue 911

Rescue 911

It’s been a month of medical mayhem here at Dogtown and we’re only half way through. We actually can’t believe just how many of the dogs in our care needed veterinary care the past few weeks. From Bee stings to emergency operations we’ve had it all. There were so many vet visits it felt like […]

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The most calls for help we receive for behaviour problems is for dog aggression. Now dog aggression is a description used loosely and not always the correct diagnosis. Most of the time when we are called on for help, the dog is actually displaying fear. As humans, we don’t always understand why something is making […]

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Learn to Speak Dog

So how many times have you looked at your dog and wondered what they are thinking? I know I do on a daily basis. So what if there was a way to help you understand the subtle language that your dog uses, you would want to know, right? Well, there is we just haven’t taken […]

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Starting Retirement On The Right Foot (Or Paw)

Starting Retirement On The Right Foot (Or Paw) By Mary-Jane Gallagher It turns out, it’s not just rescue dogs who can find life a little too quiet at times; recent research has highlighted that around 10% of South African seniors feel lonely.  For those adjusting to life after retirement, a rescue dog could provide so much love […]

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Meet Marna

Hi, my name is Marna Bennett and I have been with Dogtown since 2014. Prior to working with Dogtown, I was working in imports and exports which is a specialized field and quite an involved career.   I worked in this field for 38 years for different companies, and was with the last company for 20 […]

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Meet Robbie

Hi everyone my name is Robson, I am working as a  caregiver at DogtownSA.  I have loved animals all my life, since I was little boy, because i grown up with them. To work with dogs  you need to be strong and calm because you spend the whole day walking around and teaching them good […]

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Meet Jackie

Hi my name is Jacqui. I was born an animal lover always used to find many strays to take home and get into lots of trouble from my mom. I was brought up with many animals around me ranging from chickens, rabbits, cows and horses. I had my fair share of falling off horses and […]

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