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Reunited with Family



I am back home :-)

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I am home safe :-)

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Chalrie Missing


I am home safe :-)

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Northriding Boy

Reunited with family :-)

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I am back home :-)

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Kietsie (Grey) - George1



Nina De Beer was in tears when she was finally reunited with her cat Kietsie Kat on Wednesday, which she lost in the aftermath of the devastating Knysna fires of 2017…

After scouring missing pet Facebook pages for 11 months, De Beer said she had given up hope of ever seeing her beloved Kietsie Kat again.

“I felt so guilty for losing him. He was such a loving cat, and it felt like a part of me was missing when he ran away,” De Beer said.

She explained that Kietsie Kat had gone missing when her family was in the process of moving homes after they received a fire warning notification on June 7.

Once her family had moved to the safety of their beach home in Sedgefield on June 11, the six-year-old cat ran away.

“It was a combination of a lot of people who helped me find Kietsie Kat,” De Beer said.

“In December, I received a message from a woman who saw a cat that looked like him. But she was unable to catch him and he ran away.”

On Friday last week, a Good Samaritan caught the cat a block away from where he was initially spotted.
‘I started crying’

“When I received the call on Wednesday, I started crying because I was scared that it wasn’t him,” De Beer said.

“We thought that the cat they had caught was a female, but when he heard my voice he turned around in his box to look at me. Then I knew it was him.”

Kietsie Kat is not the loving cat she remembers, De Beer said.

“He’s still in shock – a bit traumatised, because he was out in the wild for so long. He’s hiding under my bed, but he’s allowed me to stroke him now,” she said.

De Beer added that her family was overjoyed when they heard the news of Kietsie Kat’s return.

“My daughter messaged me from her maths class when we found Kietsie Kat. When she told her classmates, everyone cheered,” she laughed.

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I am home :-)

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I am back home :)

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I am back home :-)

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Roxy is home safe :-)

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