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What the dog knows

What the dog knows Dogs are truly remarkable, not a day goes by when I don’t marvel in their simple approach to life. If something works do it again, if it doesn’t, stop wasting time and move on. Its remarkably simple and effective and yet we humans always manage to complicate things. We spend thousands […]

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It's about to get Real

It’s About to Get Real

It’s About to Get Real by Tracy McQuarrie, founder and chief pooper scooper at DogtownSA I’m sorry townies. It’s about get real. Not a week goes by when we don’t hear the rumblings of debates about no kill vs kill shelters, pro life or life at all costs and I’m not gonna lie. I’m getting […]

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Its getting harder every day to save more lives

Reality Bites

Reality Bites by Tracy McQuarrie – Founder and chief poop scooper of DogtownSA  Reality Bites is not only the name of my favourite movie, its also something I have had to deal with this past week on a level I wish on no man ever. For those who maybe don’t know. Before I started Dogtown […]

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Your dog barks too much

Your Dog Barks Too Much Really ? So I have lived in my house for the past  20 years, when we first built our house we had 2 single story houses next to us. Since then we’ve had a couple of neighbours move in and out and the latest, both extended their houses in fact […]

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Dogs are the New Kids

Dogs are the New Kids With the current fast moving lifestyles of the young and carefree The decision to have children are moving much later on in life, if at all. The average 30 year old is happy to focus on their career and come home to a loveable fur kid and is not necessarily […]

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The overlooked shelter dog

Why don’t they Love Me ?

Why don’t they Love Me? Why is it that some dogs in a shelter are just overlooked time after time. Theres no real fool proof guideline to what makes a person fall in love with a dog. Some people like a specific type of breed, sometimes its the size of the dog, the personality of […]

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A living memorial to our precious furkids

Gone but Never Forgotten

We’re kind of big softies here at Dogtown, a lot of crying goes down, which is weird for me as I was never a crier but you these dogs and their emotional roller coasters they set us on often makes my eyes leak. We cry when they arrive, sad that they have either lost all […]

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See spot run or not

See Spot Run

Ramblings of a crazy dog lady See spot run So remember earlier in the week I was talking how nerve wrecking it must be when cats go walkabout but how much happier they must be that they get to investigate and feel some sense of freedom? Well I’ve always wondered how it would be with […]

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Taming the Wild

Blazing Saddles

DT: Meet our beautiful Blaze The amount of feral dogs we have come across since moving out to the farm has been alarming to say the least. Each week we come across at least one or two. They are super smart and very savvy of their areas, so catching them and bringing them to safety […]

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Ramblings of a crazy dog lady

Big Girls Don’t Cry

Ramblings of a crazy dog lady BIG GIRLS DON’T CRY: It’s kind a funny that I’m writing a rant about big girls, considering I barely hit the 5ft mark he he but as always I’m talking about the precious furkids. Today I’m standing up for those that fall into the large breed section. DogtownSA has […]

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