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Are you all volunteers ?

Are you all volunteers ? Rambings of a crazy dog lady I often get asked if all the people working at dogtown are volunteers. How awesome would it be if we could find enough people that could give their time freely everyday. Our staff bill is one of our biggest costs along with food and […]

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It’s all in a days work

Hey Townies Hope you are all having a super duper month so far. We’re just popping in to show you some of the things the Dogtown Team have been up to this past month. When it comes to dogs, no 2 dogs are ever the same so every dog needs a different life care plan […]

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Very Many Vet Visits

Well we’ve been keeping our vets super busy this past month but isn’t it always like that. Everything comes at once. With the cold weather a lot of our older babies have had arthritic flare ups and their joints are struggling. Bobby boy, Stallone and Samba Sam heading over to Dr Garry so he could […]

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The overlooked shelter dog

Why don’t they Love Me ?

Why don’t they Love Me? Why is it that some dogs in a shelter are just overlooked time after time. Theres no real fool proof guideline to what makes a person fall in love with a dog. Some people like a specific type of breed, sometimes its the size of the dog, the personality of […]

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Adopt your Best Friend Today

Dogs are the New Kids

Dogs are the New Kids With the current fast moving lifestyles of the young and carefree The decision to have children are moving much later on in life, if at all. The average 30 year old is happy to focus on their career and come home to a loveable fur kid and is not necessarily […]

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Your dog barks too much

Your Dog Barks Too Much Really ? So I have lived in my house for the past  20 years, when we first built our house we had 2 single story houses next to us. Since then we’ve had a couple of neighbours move in and out and the latest, both extended their houses in fact […]

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Just another month at DogtownSA

Well I can’t start this months newsletter without a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped us out of the financial crisis we found ourselves in the end of last month. That was not a fun experience for any of us but it was a huge wake up call for us. The demand for us […]

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Tis the Season

While most people are excited for the holidays, this time of year exhumes dread and desperation for shelters around the world. You’re probably wondering why? Believe it or not it’s our worst time of the year for dogs being dumped. This time of celebration for most families is also a time that brings out the […]

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It's about to get Real

It’s About to Get Real

It’s About to Get Real by Tracy McQuarrie, founder and chief pooper scooper at DogtownSA I’m sorry townies. It’s about get real. Not a week goes by when we don’t hear the rumblings of debates about no kill vs kill shelters, pro life or life at all costs and I’m not gonna lie. I’m getting […]

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Rescue Dogs are Rubbish Dogs

Rescue dogs are rubbish dogs! Dogs in shelters are broken and damaged pets. They come with emotional baggage, a history of abuse and can only be adopted by animal behaviorist who need to rehabilitate them! Or are they just regular pets who can just as easily and happily fit into any home? There is a […]

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