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Frankie, our American Pitbull will sadly not be able to join us in New Zealand as he is a banned breed.Frankie was born in 2014 in Freeway Park Boksburg.Frankie is boisterous, but such a smart boy that loves to be active, loves children.Frankie loves his food (Montego Classic) and enjoys the occasional apple/carrots. He takes […]

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Bella & Shadow

We have 2 beautiful Chinese Chow sisters who are in need of a new home due to a relationship break up. They have just turned 4 years old. They are dewormed & vaccinated. They are housetrained & walk well on a leash. They have the most beautiful personalities & get on with cats & other […]

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Pilate is a gentle, cuddly, bull terrier. He is smart and very well trained. A soft soul, he adores children and is super gentle with them. He is generally good with other dogs, especially females. As with most bullies is little anxious at times, and cannot be homed with any cats. He also spins when […]

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Ryder is in need of a new home as his family are moving into a flat.  He is sterilised, vaccinated & dewormed. Small very active dog who loves chasing the ball.  He is a amazing little dog.  He walks well on a leash.

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Teddy’s family are moving into a flat & he cannot go with.  Teddy is 4 years old.  He will be neutered before homing.  He is vaccinated & dewormed. He is a massive male with a loving heart and always looking for love. He walks well on a leash.

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Kelly is needing a new home as her current mom feels she cannot care for her.  She will be spayed before homing.  She is dewormed & vaccinated. She currently has a litter of pups that will also need homing in 3 weeks.  They are german shepherd x.  She loves attention and playing. Obedient enough to […]

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Paris is a six year old Jack Russell girl who will be sterilised & vaccinated before homing.  She is dewormed.  Her current family lead a very active lifestyle & no longer have the time to dote on her.  She is amazing with kids & would love a home where she can cuddle up to children […]

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Peanut 1


She is a beautiful soft furred dog who loves humans. She is about 4 years old. We got her as a rescue 3 years ago. She is sterilised, vaccinated & dewormed. She is fit and healthy and loves going to the park, but her favorite is to sit quietly at your feet. She does need […]

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Poppy is a white bull terrier who is 11 months old. She is a very lovable dog and really loves water. She is looking for a home where she can be queen of all she surveys.  Ideally a home with older children.  She will be sterilised & vaccinated before homing. She is dewormed. She is […]

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Bella is needing a new home with either a smaller pack or where she can be an only dog. She is sterilised. She will be  vaccinated & dewormed before homing.  She is a fantastic dog, great with children but the family currently have other dogs which might be overwhelming to Bella.  We would recommend that […]

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