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Katie wire haired


Katie is a big wire haired collie female around 18 months old, she can climb diamond mesh fencing, not seen her go over a wall yet though but you will need secure fencing. She is the friendliest thing on 4 legs, gets on well with all the dogs we have had her with, better with […]

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Cleo is a 12 month old female, great with other dogs, busy little thing and a very loving girl. Knows a few basics like sit and loves treats! Her owner was given Cleo but she’s out all day at work and has a small garden so Cleo not a happy girlie. Cleo is with us […]

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Luna May


Luna is a 5yr female, her owners are emigrating and they cannot take her with them. She is very cautious of strange faces and will bark until she is comfortable with them, men especially will have to work their butts off to earn her trust. She is good with other dogs but would prefer to […]

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bruno aka pierre


Bruno aka Pierre is around 18 months old, probably a retriever cross, he has two speeds, flat out (120kmph) or flat out (fast asleep) He is great with female dogs, no cats! He has cloth ears and is a runner so you will probably need to be double gated, we can guarantee you he will […]

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Benny is a 6yr male, he isn’t good with small children, is good with other dogs. Loves to play ball, quieter boy, he’s with us in Centurion.

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Bushy was found as a stray but her owner doesn’t want her back as she escapes in storms, she’s a very friendly girl, loves her walks and is great in the car, just needs to be allowed inside in a storm, Bushy is 5yrs old. Bushy is with us in Centurion.

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Tiggi is almost ready to go home, completed her chemo (she had tvt), we will be sending a biopsy off soon to get the all clear. She is an absolute hooligan,big soft nutter but she forgets how big she is, she is great with children but will knock them flying, she is around 18 months […]

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Louis lyndhurst stray


Louis was found playing in traffic in Sandton, sadly not been claimed. He’s around 12 to 18 months old, very friendly boy, good with other dogs and great in the car, loves his walks too. Louis is with us in Centurion.

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max and zoey


Max is a 12 month male, would love to go with his sister if possible, we usually don’t home siblings together but this pair are very close. Max was involved in a car accident and has had a femur head op on his left hip but he’s all healed now – Wednesday he might be […]

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Mufasa is an 8yr male but still a busy boy! He’s great with children and other dogs, friendly guy, not keen on thunder but as long as he can get in the house and hide he’s fine, might want to be the only male in the house. Mufasa is with us in Centurion.

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