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8. Tyson


Tyson is a 4 year old Pitbul who is in need of a safe and secure home where he MUST BE the ONLY DOG. We got notified by our Vets staff on Friday about this boy and asked to network him for a new home, because like most pitties, he is excellent with humans. Tyson’s […]

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Lucy & Maddie

Woofdy to All My name is Lucy and I am sister to Maddie, but she is not very talkative so that is why I am the “spokes dog” for us two. Our little doggie hearts are very sad at the moment. Our Daddy is very, as in VERY VERY VERY ill, with no humanly prospect […]

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Luna & Ginger

We have Luna …. Melting hearts where ever she goes … Luna is very much a “people’s person” and enjoy humans entertaining her – she is full of confidence. Ginger is a beautiful brindle girl, loving pup, well socialised with other dogs. Should be small to medium when grown. Can be rehomed country wide given […]

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Ogies, Missy & Champ

Ogies, now named Liefie because she is so loving, is a small giril (about 5kg), she is estimated around 3 years, grew up in horrible conditions in Nieu Behesda, no stranger to scorching heat, freezing cold (living outside) and often no food.  She would very much appreciate her own loving human and a warm bed […]

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2. Champ


Pawdy do everyone My new name is Champ, I say new, because for as long as I can remember, I did not have name. I like having my own name. I come from the village of Nieu Bethesda, where I shared my home, and whatever food morsels or scraps there were to share, with 7 […]

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2. Mia


Witvoet, renamed to Mia was surrendered by her township owner in the hope of a better future for her. She was treated for TVT and is in perfect good health now. She is a friendly, playful girl, approx 2 years of age, gets on with both dogs and cats and adores children. If white chested […]

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Honey & Sugar

2 very friendly and loving young girls are hoping to find a place to call home. Between 12 and 24 months, good with other friendly dogs, cats unknown. Honey and Sugar just want to love, love … LOVE!!! They love GIVING LOVE, and they love GETTING LOVE !!! Guaranteed that you will NEVER feel UNLOVED […]

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We have been adopted :)

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CSI Kittens

We have been adopted :)

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4. Georgie


I have been adopted :)

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