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Woofie, now named Titan by his foster parents, is up for adoption. He was one of the 3 pups rescued Nov last year, after being beaten with a shovel in the Noupoort township. Titan landed himself a FOSTER home (not permanent) in JHB where he is being schooled in being a presentable Canine Citizen to […]

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9. Waiting for a kind human to notice me


Sweet Rocky was rescued after falling victim to a horrible illegal Gin Trap in Aberdeen area. We would have loved to name Rocky “Sweet Pea” because that is what he is, but didn’t want to bruise his male ego, so settled on Rocky, as he is after all a fighter, having survived the Gin Trap. […]

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Aphrodie, Isie & Lucky

Aphrodie, Isie and Lucky was born Dec 2016. They were hand raised by the dedicated team of Noupoort Animal Care since their Mommy sadly succumbed at their birth. Today they have turned into two handsome boys and two beautiful lasses. If  you had ever longed to add a “purebred” Africanis to your pack, look no further […]

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1. Lady


Lady was given by her owner to his garden help as a puppy. After a few months the garden help realised that he can not afford to feed all the dogs he already has, and surrendered her to CSI. Actually he realised that he could not afford her care when he took her, but felt […]

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Rusty & Tinkerbelle

2 gorgeous 8 year old doggies, Rusty (maltese x Yorkie) boy and Tinkerbelle (chihuahua X JR / foxie – guessing) up for adoption. They can, but need not be adopted together. Rusty like car rides, but chases cats, so rather no cats.

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4. Georgie


She needs a more active home as she loves to run around and plays with my pack’s younger dogs. She is quite nervous and suffers separation anxiety to a small degree, not chronic. She does jump my 4 foot fences to get to me if she’s behind a gate with the other dogs. She does […]

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2. Tiekie


Tiekie and Worsie were left homeless when their owner passed away about 2 weeks ago. Worsie was fortunate to soon find a loving home. Tiekie is still awaiting his forever retirement home in foster care.   If you have a Jack Russel size spot in your heart and home, pls contact 072 1762 175 or […]

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3. Archie


3 year old Archie is a rescue doggie that was adopted by a wonderful family, but sadly Archie is not getting along with the resident male Labbie. He is however very good with the female Lab so would be suitable to a home with another female large breed dog(s). He is a lovely dog, gentle […]

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12. Beanie

Mr Bean

Sadly Mr Bean has misbehaved very inappropriately in his new home, despite his owner’s patience and best efforts to teach him that chickens are friends, not food!! Three chickens tragically lost their lives recently and of course the chickens were there first and do not deserve to be cooped up after being used to living […]

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Mercy & Goodie

Mercy and Goodie’s owner is relocating and placed them up for adoption. They are respectively 3 and 2 years young, good with dogs and kids, and lived with a cat. Mom and daughter, so have always been together, but if needed to be separated to find them good homes, will do. Kindly help us share […]

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