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A rainbow has seven beautiful colours but can’t compare to Dog town’s resident Rainbow. Not only is she physically beautiful but her soul is too. She loves going for walks but she is happiest being close to a person who gives her treats, I mean love. She often mistakes a human face for a lollipop […]

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Hello hello hello are you peeps ready out there to meet ME, Picasso, the most awesome young furkid ever!!!!!! You see I feel quite honoured to have been given such a famous name like Picasso and really hope I can live up to this honour. I arrived from Somerset West just a month ago and […]

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Hiya all, my name is Smartie and you’re right on the button when you ask “am I as sweet and colourful as a box of smarties”. I’m also a very good-looking and energetic three year old Rottweiler Labrador blend. Before coming here to Dogtown I was a security dog- something I did not enjoy in […]

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Gunner is a beautiful 4 year old boy who is in need of a new home where he can be king of the home.  He will need to be neutered, vaccinated & dewormed before homing.  Gunner has lived with a small dog but we would recommend that meets are done between him & any potential […]

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“Hanni the Bumble-bee Jackson here, parking off with my peeps at DogtownSA: family, a fast car and the open road, now that’s the life! You guys keen on a little Tracy Chapman? I just dig this tune when I’m cruising: So remember when we were driving driving in your car. Speed so fast I felt […]

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Hey Townies. Meet the beautiful, sleek and lovely Karishma. The name Karishma is of Indian origin and means “miracle”. If you are one on those people who think that miracles don’t exist, boy do we have news for you! This little miracle with paws is bold, independent and inquisitive. Karishi exudes confidence and demands respect […]

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Ahoy me mateys! Cap’n Troy Sea Dog here checking in from the briny deep. Blimey, it’s a tough job this, being a pirate. We’ve just batten down the hatches and I sit here now with me booty and me gin, ready to tell ye bout me adventure. There we was, me and me bunch of […]

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My name is JoJo. My human at Dogtown calls me Joey-Ballerina. Im not entirely sure why, but she seems to like it so I just go with it. After all, everybody loves ballerinas! I would like to tell you my story, well the short version. When I was a much younger ballerina, I was in […]

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How ya doin” peeps my name is Alaska and my brother Chipz and I are a new couple of furbies lucky enough to have ended up at this swanky danky do dar pad called Dogtown. I truly believe that our evening stars were shinning bright for us because it is not easy to find a […]

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Hiya all you great furkid lovers, it’s me the magical, debonair, one and only Tricky Ricky Why tricky I hear you ask ?. Simple ! I can get anyone at anytime to give me a treat by just giving a nod or a little swagger of my cute little ……um, er, well my cute little […]

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