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For those who dont know Ronellie, let me rewind to a few months back when things in the world if Ronellie was very different. It all started with a call about a scared dog running around a very busy road, not too far from us. We grabbed our gear and off we went…. it was […]

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Peeps, I need your help. Desperately! There’s something going on at Dogtown. Every time I think I am getting closer to the truth, I am lured away in another direction. They have even started using the things I love, like my tennis balls, to distract me and keep me in the dark. It’s a conspiracy, […]

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Ryder is a beautiful girl who was born on 11 October 2013.  She is almost 2.  She is spayed & her vaccinations are up to date.  She is really good with children but supervision is recommended with smaller children as due to her size, she can knock them over while playing.  She is extremely loving so […]

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I just finished my neighborhood watch shift and figured I have a couple of minutes before I have to start working on my reports.  So here is a bit about me.  It’s a bit of a stressful job I have, keeping an eye on the town and alerting everyone to any suspicious movement.  My partner […]

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Benji’s the name and acting is the game! Nah not really, that well known furkid look-a-like actor with the same name as me is a distant relative. He went to Hollywood USA and I came to Dogtown SA. How can you possibly compare the two I hear you say and obviously you’re quite right, Hollywood […]

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My name is Nelly and I am an eight year “young” Africanis gal who recently came to Dogtown from a very long way away.   I must say however that even though everything here is very different from my previous surroundings I am starting to settle into their routine.   You see for all my life I […]

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More information on Max to follow …  

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You are looking for a handsome boy to call your own right? Someone who will fit right in and complete your family? That’s me!! Zeus – as in the great Greek God, ruler of the sky and thunder, the King of the Gods – that Zeus! Ok, maybe not that Zeus but I am mighty, […]

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Hi there my name is George – “Little” George according to my carers. I am such a lucky furkid to have come to this suuuper duuuper hotel called DogtownSA. I have been living with a family but they are moving and will not be taking me with them. I didn’t know what was going to […]

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My name is Channing, my sister Jenna and I were next to the roadside waiting to be sold by some very unscrupulous people but lucky for us both, we were rescued in the nick of time and brought to DogtownSA by a really kind human. We are really lucky as we are being taken care […]

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