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Hi there world. Are you looking for a handsome boy to call your own? Someone who will fit right in and complete your family? Well my name is Zeus. Yep, Zeus – as in the great Greek God, ruler of the sky and thunder, the King of the Gods – that Zeus! Ok, maybe not […]

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“Sup Barking Madders, Michael’s my name! Life has thrown me all kinds of curveballs but I reckon we should all just turn our frowns upside down and keep smiling! In the poetic words of my comedic colleagues Monty Python: If life seems jolly rotten. There’s something you’ve forgotten, And that’s to laugh and smile and […]

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More information on Max to follow …  

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“Good day old chaps Lord Jock of Dogtown here, pleased to make your acquaintance. No barbaric bundu-bashing for me I’m afraid. The wild wonders of the world are far too dangerous for folly. Perhaps I could interest you in joining me on long leisurely walks, fine food and a lifetime of loyalty and companionship. Those […]

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My perfect home would be one where I have other doggy-friends to play with, an older human sibling or 2, lots of love and attention, a dash of sunblock each day and my favourite activity, puppy schooooool :)

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Hello world, my name is Nikki. Boy has my life been interesting. I was rescued by another rescue centre. I was in a really terribly way, you would never recognize my on those photos if you look at me now. I was so skinny, every single bone in my body was visible. That was a […]

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Hello everybody! My name is Robbie and I would love for you to get to know me better! I came to Dogtown from a place so far away, I had to go on an airplane! It was scary but I’m glad that my journey led me here because this new chapter of my life is […]

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More information on Ryder to follow…  

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Hello world, I am Rambo. I made my way to Dogtown from another rescue centre. Back then I had some quirks which they didnt know how to deal with and that also meant that volunteers couldnt spend time with me, which sucked Luckily my quirks have pretty much become a thing of the past and […]

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Hi guys, my name is Smartie. I have been compared to Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. I guess I am a bouncy happy dog! I really just want to play! Before I came to Dogtown I was a security dog, can you believe that? I never ever want to go back to that again! That […]

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