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The Escapades of a foster poopy

Raising Lawrence

The Escapades of Foster poopy Lawrence Ramblings of a Crazy Dog Lady I know there are many valid reasons why people choose a puppy when adding a furkid to their family but boy are they hard work. For the life of me why they don’t adopt a nice middle aged dog from a shelter will […]

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Saving Liesl

Some Days it Doesn’t make Sense Ramblings of a Crazy Dog Lady Every day in rescue is difficult, you would have to have no heart not to feel sorrow, happiness and deep love all in one day. This past month was an emotionally hard one for me. The rescue and passing of Liesl was really […]

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Don't let it happen to you


Don’t Hug the Dog! And other things kids should know… BRAND NEW Dog safety program being offered at local schools.   DogtownSA, a local Rescue centre will be taking a break from teaching dogs their manners to teach something even more important for dog-owning families and kids everywhere. With the help of Dog Stars, a […]

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Very Many Vet Visits

Well we’ve been keeping our vets super busy this past month but isn’t it always like that. Everything comes at once. With the cold weather a lot of our older babies have had arthritic flare ups and their joints are struggling. Bobby boy, Stallone and Samba Sam heading over to Dr Garry so he could […]

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New Roomies at Dogtown

With some amazing adoptions happening the last few weeks, we have been left with many “single living dogs” who are social and really need to have a friend to play with during the day At Dogtown we continuously do assessments on our dogs and have social walks so that they can meet new dogs and […]

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We're all asking at Dogtown

The Million Dollar Question….

Hi Readers, I hope you are all warm, cozy and ready for this winter. So, you all probably wonder what the million-dollar question is?? Because I have no answer to this question. The Question is “Why Baby Ginnie hasn’t found her forever home yet?…” It really breaks my heart knowing that she hasn’t found her […]

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Adoptions in May 2018

Adoptions are the best part of what we do. Seeing our furkids who come from less than ideal situation go to forever homes where they are loved and cherished really is the highlight of it all These 6 beautiful furkids got to join their forever families in May 2018. If you want to adopt your […]

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IMDT – Here I come!

IMDT – Here I come By James, Team leader I’m very very excited to have passed my first IMDT assignment! I work very to achieve my goals as a dog trainer . Dogtown gave me opportunity to do my IMDT course which I’m looking forward to complete. The course I’m doing now it very challenging […]

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And then there was one…

Not too long ago, Dogtown was emotionally blackmailed to come and collect two unwanted dogs, who was destined to be dropped off next to the road if we didn’t.   Receiving these type of threats are just another part of the job.   We collected the two dogs and the sight of them were tragic. If you […]

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Some days are harder than others

Crosby – A Treasure Lost

All good things must come to and end. On Friday 11 May 2018, the world lost a legend and I lost my “heart dog” when Crosby crossed the rainbow bridge. When I came across this poem, I thought back at the last they when I said goodbye to him, and I’m sure this is what […]

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