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Terrier Talk

Terrier type dogs are highly popular pet dogs. They tend to be pocket rockets, an all round family dog and probably the first to alert his owners to any movement in the yard… any movement. Terriers were originally bred to work, however the type of work they used to do is not really sought after […]

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Rescue Dogs are Rubbish Dogs

Rescue dogs are rubbish dogs! Dogs in shelters are broken and damaged pets. They come with emotional baggage, a history of abuse and can only be adopted by animal behaviorist who need to rehabilitate them! Or are they just regular pets who can just as easily and happily fit into any home? There is a […]

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Your dog barks too much

Your Dog Barks Too Much Really ? So I have lived in my house for the past  20 years, when we first built our house we had 2 single story houses next to us. Since then we’ve had a couple of neighbours move in and out and the latest, both extended their houses in fact […]

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Majors Journey

Major update – From Feral to Foster

As many of you might know, it takes a very long time to earn the trust of a feral dog. The ball is always in their court, and one mistake could very well take you right back to the beginning of trying to build a relationship.   A mistake would be something like attempting to touch […]

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I’m just a Baby Girl, standing in her pool, wanting you to love me.

Baby Ginnie

I’m just a Baby Girl, standing in her pool, wanting you to love me. Hi townies I hear the older furries at Dogtown say it’s just not right that a little baby like me is in a shelter. I don’t know anything about this forever home they talk about all I know, is it sounds […]

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Beauty in the Broken

Beauty in the Broken

Humans, have their hearts broken all the time. Having had your heart broken, does not mean you are broken. When our family or friends do seem a bit heartbroken we do not kick them to the curb, tie them to a tree out in the yard giving them water when we remember, or advertise them […]

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Playing all the right tunes

Banjo’s Progress, Slow and Steady

Hi to you, all my lovely people . My name is Banjo man . I’m a GSD blend, actually I am a mini GSD I grew up with no social skills that is why I ended up here at Dogtown, so that I can work on that. A family did try to adopt me once […]

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Helping your walks to be fun again

Loose Leash Walking

Loose Leash Walking By Gordon Banks Dip CABT (NOCN UK) / CABT SA Practitioner / IMDT DogtownSA Trainer & Behaviourist What dog owner can honestly say they have never experienced the “wonderful chaos” of being taken for a walk by their dog? – that all too familiar ritual of being dragged down the road or […]

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Gentle Giant

Big, Bold and Beautiful

Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to the one and only Miss Violet… When I first met Violet, I was a bit intimidated by her size because believe me, she is a big girl. Though I soon discovered that behind those beautiful brown eyes and big smile is a girl with a “heart of […]

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One dog at a time

Adopting one dog

Howdy-do Dogtown readers, I got some awesome news to share with you all…. One of our special furrr kids got adopted this month, namely Lindsay. I am going to tell you how many lives you change by adopting one dog. A lot of people have asked me why I do the type of work that […]

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