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Please give me a chance

Rozzie’s Plea – please give me a chance

Hello wonderful people ! My name is Rozzie but these humans here call me Rozzie-Rooooo all the time A terrible thing happened to me when I was much younger, my family died and there was nobody else who could take care of me For a long time I was very sad and I sometimes still […]

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Adoptions in March 2019

March Adoptions!  Ah little Summer! This little guy was picked up by one of our caregivers one morning, on his way to work. The tiny kitten was only a few weeks old and he was placed in foster care so that he could get his regular feedings We all fell in love with this little […]

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Adoptions in February 2019

February was a quiet month for adoptions but our little Marci got to join her forever family We hope to have many more adoptions in March. Lovely little Marci has been adopted by the most amazing family. She now has a very sweet sister called Paige (now Penelope) who was also adopted from Dogtown last […]

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Newbies of Dogtown – January 2019

We would like to formally welcome these friendly faces to the Dogtown family! These beautiful furkids have all made their way to Dogtown for their 2nd Chance at being loved and understood. Please consider sponsoring these newbies for only R600, this is their Beginners sponsorship which will help us to make sure they arrive with […]

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I’m getting back to my roots!

I’m getting back to my roots! And no I don’t mean my grey roots but I was seriously thinking about that. But that’s another story for another day. Towards the end of last year 2 of our caregivers decided to leave our shores and move overseas. It seems to be an epidemic in our country […]

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Adoptions in January 2019

Here are the babies who joined their forever families in January, what an amazing start to the year!   Good things come to those who wait! Ms Moxxi has been waiting for her forever family to come and swoop her up since May 2018. Well it was worth the wait because she has really landed […]

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and become a Furry Feeder

Furry Feeders

Join the 200 Club And help us feed a dog in our care. Food, glorious food. For many of our dogs, before they arrived at Dogtown, food was a luxuary and they spent many a day scavenging for every little morsel they could find. Since arriving at Dogtown they know that they will receive their […]

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Looking back on our newbies of 2018

What a year 2018 was for us in terms of newbies. We welcomed not one, not two but 110 new furkids to the Dogtown family in 2018! Yes, 110!!! Our intakes came from all over the country, some rescued as strays, sadly some returns, some who we took in from other rescue centres and some […]

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Homeward Bound – The Lucky 76 furkids of 2018

What a year 2018 was for the dogs of Dogtown!  76 of our precious furkids packed their bags and joined their forever families in 2018. Now while we would love for this number to be much higher, we cannot look past the fact that it is still 76 lives who have been changed. 76 families […]

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Love In Dog Years Is Forever

Love In Dog Years Is Forever By Mary-Jane Gallagher It is said that having a dog is linked to longer and happier life and a feeling of fulfillment. With wet noses and sparkling eyes, pets are not just possessions but little souls filled with a never-ending supply of love. And while there is so much affection in […]

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