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Newbies at Dogtown – October 2018

With open arms we welcomed some newbies to the Dogtown family this month. As always we are so pressed for space but we couldnt turn our backs on these babies, so they are now part of the Dogotwn family until their forever families take them home! Meet our SIX newbies for OCTOBER!   Meet ALI! […]

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Happy Homings in October 2018

October has a been a hard month for Dogtown in terms of new dogs, we have had no less than TEN STRAYS in the last few weeks and trying to find space for them and then getting together the funds to have them checked out, vaccinated, dewormed and sterilized is of course a big worry. […]

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Meet Pat – Fundraiser at DogtownSA

Hello – I’m Pat and I fundraise for the Dogs of Dogtown.  I am too stupid and sensitive to physically work with the dogs, so I am blessed to work from home with my six spoiled (read ruined) FurKids.  I use the term “work” loosely as I consider what I do to be an honour […]

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Let’s Talk Troy

I would like to tell you about a character of note called Troy. He is an amazing dog in most aspects but his mouthing and jumping problems have prevented him from moving from WIP (Work in Progress) to our Adorable Adoptable area which is why I started working with him, in conjunction with his caregiver […]

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Sharing A Bed With Your Dog For Better Health

Sharing A Bed With Your Dog For Better Health By Mary-Jane Gallagher. Raise your hand if you let your dog sleep in bed with you at night? With an estimated 9.1 million dogs in South Africa, it is safe to assume that millions of other hands are raised right alongside yours. Having a warm snuggly body in […]

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Loud and Clear

          Have You seen Us? Wow what an incredible gift we have received. After a lot of work by our incredible Director Karen. Karen managed to secure us a donated Billboard spot. It really is too beautiful for words and hopefully will help us Save More Lives. Thank you so much […]

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Dangerous Dogs Act

Ban Pitbulls

Now relax, it’s not what you think.  I love pit bulls with every part of my being but even families that love them do not have an easy road when it comes to having a pit bull as a child. Whether its having to always be on high alert worrying if someone will steal their […]

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A Fun, Friendly Day with Your Dog on the Beach

A Fun, Friendly Day with Your Dog on the Beach By Mary-Jane Gallagher. In 2016, there were an estimated 9.2 million dogs living in South Africa, so if you have just adopted a new pet or you have been sharing your home with dogs for many years, hopefully, you will be taking Fido and co. […]

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Meet Wilmi

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Wilmi and I am what they call a junior behaviorist at Dogtown. It’s a BIG title which I carry with GREAT pride! But let me back up for a moment. My life wasnt always filled with wagging tails and wet noses. When I look back on […]

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Picasso at Montego Town

This handsome boy, Picasso, moved to my care in Montego Town about a month ago. He really is such a lovely, friendly boy with lots of energy. He is such a nice boy but he has a bad habit of jumping up on people when he gets too over excited. So this is definitely something […]

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