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Fundraising for Caspian Alexander Trust – 28/1

I am  a rescue organisation in Woodstock and am the only organisation here in Woodstock and surrounds doing this.  Desperately need help raising funds to cover the vet bill please….it is now R4,000.
1. I have a semi-feral cat, Zicey, here whom I know has gingivitis/stomatitis – his throat is even inflamed. He is in a lot of pain.

2. Howie needs a dental…2 extractions at least

3. Scrap needs to be spayed but she has to have her lungs X rayed first without anaesthesia cos she may be an anaesthetic risk due to severe pneumonia she arrived with as a little scrap of a kitten. She keeps going on heat and while she can’t get pregnant cos all the boys here are done and my courtyard is enclosed as a catio, she is driving me nuts with her yelling and local toms visit and spray the top of the catio which is smelly.

Zicey, Howie and Scrap can’t have medical attention until my vet bill is paid and monies for them has to be up front (bill attached).

Herewith the link to the post on my facebook page if you want to share from there

If you can help in any way please….the vet can be paid directly:
Observatory Animal Clinic
Standard Bank
Branch Code: 025 109
Account No: 072 663 871
Ref: Caspian.

or Caspian bank details and PayPal link here:
Obs Vet Bill Nov 2018