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“The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent; If we can come to terms with this indifference and accept the challenges… our existence as a species can have genuine meaning and fulfilment. However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.”

When the PURRPAWS fire broke last week we had a RED ALERT at Woodrock Animal Rescue to mobilise ourselves and prepare for the animals that were in need. However, Woodrock had to be certain that we were not compromising the goodwill of our own animals. Management did an assessment and decided that we would be able to assist. We face challenges daily. A big concern was to race out blindly, overburdening our shelter staff, space and infrastructure, simply compromising if not crippling our shelter. If we acted with our hearts and not our heads, we could face doom and possibly lose everything we had ever worked for.


The operation to rescue the dogs from PURRPAWS was scheduled for Monday the 4th February 2019 at 9am. Team Woodrock prepared space for a certain number of dogs, taking into account factors such as inter-alia, the potential condition of the animals and if the dogs were ill and/or anti-social.

Our vehicles left in convoy with hired trailers and safe keeping travel boxes. We left with great anticipation, apprehension and excitement. We were hoping that this exercise would be fruitful and be of positive benefit to the animals.

Man is inclined to strive to make the world a better, more caring place for ourselves and others, and many of us are motivated to produce a good result from a terrible event. Some people believe that this “inner strength” is itself GOD-given, but it is empowering to realise that this motivation comes from within us. We tend to acquire greater personal growth, insight, and compassion through adversity than when we are cruising comfortably through life.

We set aside judgement and fear of failure. We focused on the assignment on hand. We wanted the operation to be as calm as possible for the animals. We waited 5 long hours in the sun for authorities and Founder Lindi to give us the go ahead to remove dogs. We needed direction as to which dogs to remove. However, emotions were high and circumstances stressful coupled with the fact that we were all exhausted and very, very sad to witness firsthand the devastation. Amongst such adversity we were instructed to “HELP OURSELVES.” We understood this not to be apathy, but more about HOPE and TRUST.


We stacked and packed all the dogs we could load and headed back to Woodrock. Sadly, many fearful, shy animals remained behind. We trust that Lindi and her management team will co-ordinate the dogs that stayed behind, kennel buddy those whose friends have left and implement systems and controls conducive to the animals’ health and wellbeing, going forward. One common response to tragedy and misfortune is the drive to make some lasting change that will reduce the chance of a similar misfortune befalling again.


Moving forward. We need to medicate the intakes with Dewormers, flea treatment, inoculations, Some dogs are in need of TLC. But that’s our strength. We also need to sterilise; the roster for sterilisations has been scheduled.



Woodrock are more than skilled to repair and emotionally build up every in-take. But we are in real need of money, to be blunt. Our vet account is currently standing at a staggering R22 000 before we even start with the PURRPAWS DOGS. We have never in the history of Woodrock not honoured our commitment to our dedicated Vets (who are saints to us).


We had no choice but to TRUST THE PROCESS… We faced a tragedy and understood what we were facing financially, prior to the influx of the DOGS of PURRPAWS. SO, IT’S OUR DESPERATE APPEAL TO YOU, OUR INDOMITABLE SUPPORTERS, for assistance, not for ourselves, but for those that have no voice.




A sterilisation fund

5 in 1 vaccinations

Rabies injections

Flea treatment


Dog food – desperately



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