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Kennel Drive – Nieu Bethesda

Good day to all

Victoria (representing CSI in Nieu Bethesda), has launched a kennel drive for the dogs of Nieu Bethesda – the aim being

to eventually provide a kennel to every household who agreed to have their dog(s) sterilised. This meaning that we are looking

to obtain at least 100 kennels …  thinking BIG here!! And hopefully also inspire other owners to follow suit in having their dogs

and cats snipped.

Sponsorship for 26 kennels have been received so far, so we are quarter way there … yaayyyy!! And THANK YOU so much to every

person who has donated a kennel (or a few) so far.

These sturdy rubber kennels are made exclusively for animal welfares/shelters at a most accommodating price of R300 for a large and R200 for a

medium kennel. We know the material is not eco-friendly, but we figured better put to some good use than simply end up in a landfill as waste.

It’s water proof and a good insulator against cold, with temperatures in Nieu Bethesda easily dropping to below zero in winter as a norm and not an exception.

If you feel like kindly sponsoring a kennel (or a few), kindly contact Victoria Nance on 082 517 0045 (WHATSAPP ONLY) or email to  to place orders and arrange for payment.

Then also, if anyone is travelling from PE to Graaff-Reinet (or Nieu Bethesda) with a SUV, LDV or truck or trailer and have room to kindly bring

some of these kennels from PE to GRT or NB, we will very much appreciate it, even if you have room for only one or two, it will help.

We need to get them here and get them to the freezing doggies.

Thank you so much

From a cold Karoo

CSI Team


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