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Hi Everyone,


At the beginning of February there was a horrific incident in Korea where 3 tons of smuggled domestic cats were confiscated at the Chinese border by Korean officials to avoid them being served up in Korean restaurants. But the Koreans did not know what to do with them so they crushed and buried them alive. This upset me deeply. On doing research I found that the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese people capture and eat dogs and cats regularly and they are skinned alive.


I was determined to try and make a difference. So I contacted Green Peace, the International Office of the Animal Anti Cruelty League and International SPCA all to no avail. I wrote to President Zuma and President Obama suggesting that sanctions need to be applied to countries that do not practice humane slaughtering.   No response! I even tried to write to Queen Elizabeth and that e mail bounced back as the mail box was full.


It was then that I decided that donating to the SPCA and Animals in Distress monthly as I have done all my working life was not enough. I cannot help the Chinese cats other than by praying for them and felt that I could however actively help make the lives of some cats in my neighbourhood better and that was when I offered to help feed the Constantia Office Park cats.  I contacted clients of mine who live in the area. If we have enough volunteers it makes the load easier for all involved and will ensure that these cats are fed and cared for daily.


I have rescued numerous strays in my own neighbourhood wherever I have lived and almost all of them, some 50 cats over the years, have become mine  because I could not find their owners or home them.


Last week it was brought to my attention that there was a very ill cat at the lower end of the Constantia Office Park.  After unsuccessfully trying twice on Wednesday afternoon to capture it, my wonderfully patient husband went back with me on Wednesday evening and when it collapsed exhausted, we were able to throw a heavy blanket over it and capture it. My vet took the poor little soul in. She was put on antibiotics over night.  I had her tested on Thursday and as she was FIV positive and had Calici virus so she was euthanized.


Then I received a call about new kittens that need capturing and neutering in the office park.

Something has to be done to stop the breeding and spread of disease.


So I thought about this and made various enquiries. There are a few organisations willing to assist but they all cost more than the solution detailed below.


I know two people who are prepared to lend us traps and help help capture cats. I have arranged to start this capturing this coming Sunday afternoon.


Dr Suleyman at the Booysens SPCA whom I have known for some 20 years is prepared to take these kitties in, neuter them the next day, give them a day to recover and then I will collect them and release them back at the office Park. He is giving me a very special rate to do this. In all I estimate that it will cost me about R200 per cat in neutering and hospital charges and I will need to pay the trappers at least for their petrol.


I will continue to help cats as much as I can but I cannot go to Constantia Park and spend hours there every day as the cats of Kitty Kaya are my priority. I also cannot afford to cover the costs of neutering all the cats and feeding on an ongoing basis by myself.


So I am appealing to my clients to make a donation to enable me to capture and neuter these cats and to help the group of us who are feeding these cats to help them.

I also want to invite anyone interested in doing so to contact me about feeding one day a week at the feeding stations I am going to set up at the bottom end of the park where currently no one looks after the cats.


We need

  • money for the costs of neutering
  • we want to purchase or hopefully we will be donated a few small kennels or plastic green igloos that we can hide in the bushes and hedges of the office park so that these cats have shelter in the coming winter
  • Old blankets or cat beds that you no longer need.


Please make financial donations to:


FNB Savings Account 62283528126

Branch code 250655

Reference: FERALS


Igloos, kennels and blankets can be brought to Kitty Kaya. Any excess will be donated to other feral care groups and shelters.


Thank you all for caring. Each little furry child of God is precious!




Kind Regards

Pauline Bennett

Kitty Kaya, 62 Blanca Avenue, Berario.

011 678 7983

083 266 7347