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I know that there are several special organisations out there, but today I would like to make a plea on behalf on an organisation which is particularly close to my heart, but very overlooked by the general population….Lucky Lucy.  For those of you who are not familiar with Lucky Lucy Cattery and what they do – they have a shelter 20 kilometres from Malmesbury, which is home to approximately 450 cats and dogs.  The cats are housed in a tranquil enclosed garden called AlCATraz and there is a free roaming feral colony on the farm too.  Lucky Lucy Cattery in particular like to concentrate on adult cats – the older ones, the special needs or medical cases and those cats that may seem less than perfect to some people (those who want the “perfect” cat).  For Lucky Lucy staff and volunteers all their animals are perfect whether they are blind, deaf, old, tripods or completely feral.  There are a number of cats and dogs on chronic medication and they will be cared for until it becomes a quality of life decision.  Many of the cats have renal issues from chronic to acute.  There is an old boy with cancer and a young adult with Wobblers.  Most of these cats require extra care and daily medication.

I would like to ask that you please consider contributing towards their ever increasing vet bill as they not only cover the medical expenses of their own animals, but they also help the local communities that they service and they even try to assist members of the public who do not have the means to pay for veterinary care for their companions.

I know of several cases where they have helped members of the public, but a recent case is Rascal who was lost and when he returned home, he had a severe eye infection.  The vet quoted R5,000 to remove his eye or the owner would have to euthanize.  Lucky Lucy heard about this and contacted the owners who agreed to a second opinion and his eye was removed for a fraction of that cost at the vet that Lucky Lucy use for most of their animals.  Rascal is doing so well and his family are ecstatic to have their boy back.

They took in a severely emaciated, sarcoptic mange puppy, who had seriously infected dog bite wounds that were necrotic and had to be treated.  Unathi, as he has been named, is recovering well and will be up for adoption soon.

They also offer to take in the cases from veterinary practices who would otherwise have no lifeline e.g. MVA’s requiring cage rest, a luxury that is not afforded by some shelters and often it is not because they don’t want to, but because they don’t have space.

Much of what they do is done without any of us knowing… people don’t realise what a valuable service they are offering to these animals.
All these special needs babies come at a huge cost and every cent really does help.  Please help them to be able to continue to help those who would otherwise have no second chance at life.  Please consider a monthly or even once-off contribution to help this amazing organisation continue doing the wonderful work that they do.  If every person reading this could donate just R20, that would make a massive difference, please!!
Thank you.
xx Kim
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