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PACT Appeal

You will often see us pleading for funds, for fosters, for food, for almost everything. We then get messages calling us “beggars” “micky mouse organisation” etc. We are constantly having to defend why we do what we do which is okay because we are a public entity and have to be transparent.

We are just a group of people who all have full time jobs and still try to rescue. We dont have premises, we arent funded by the government or any other magical welfare fund. We get over 50 to 60 calls and messages for help per day and we try to help as many aa we can.

We rescue abandoned, abused, neglected and stray animals and get them treatment and rehabilitate and try to rehome them. We have various vets on board who give up much of their time, effort and money to help us do what we do. They give us welfare rates to help us save more animals and to ensure their costs are covered at least.

We have an incredible network of foster homes. Familiies who take on one or two or even sometimes more for long periods of time just to give them a second chance. We make use of 2 wonderful kennels that have the most amazing staff that move around animals all the time(even at the most ungodly hours) to help us accommodate animals.

Most importantly, we have YOU, our supporters. You give and give, sometimes you give your last(yes we have seen the last balance come off) to make sure these babies get what they need.

Still, with all of this we are failing. We have stopped any new case. We are busy trying to round up treatment and surgeries needed for animals at the vet so any appeals for treatament you see will be of existing cases(some that are waiting for funds to be treated) We are trying to find foster homes and forever homes.

Often, we have come close to closing but thanks to the Lord, we have always pulled through. This time we are as close to closing as we have ever been. None of us take any salaries from the organisation so clsing down will only mean the end for the animals
Some are in such dreadful states that we lie awake at night because we cant sleep from some of the horror we see. Nobody else will replace the work we do here so that is the only scary part.

This is our plea, for help, for saving, for our rescuing.

If you can help in anyway, we will forever be in your debt!
We have about 12 animals in hospital needing treatment. 10 boarding with nowhere to go to. 40 dogs in kennels needing homes. 9 puppies with no foster or forever home. 14 cats needing homes. 20 kittens needing homes.
We supply 100kgs of dog food per week to kennels and about 40 kgs of fogs food to the dog in the area and 20kgs of cat food to cats in the area per week.

We are in neeed of the following to be saved:

Funds for current treatment

Funds to pay existig vet bills which is in excess of about R90 000

100kgs of food per week for kennel dogs

Foster homes(especially over the holiday period where kennels are full already)

Forever homes

Funds for kennelling

Fencing material for enclosures at poples homes to help us keep dogs over the holidays ie. wire fence, poles, gates, doors, cement, sand, stone.

Donations can be made directly to anykne we are in debt to or to us, we just need proof of payment to reconcile.

Account Name: Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment
Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 62451227815
Branch Code: 220529


The ridge vet and spa
Branch : Phoenix plaza
Code: 220529
Account number: 62713813485
Cheque account


Ashburne Vet
Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 62610335368
Branch Code: 254005


Westville Vet
Investec Bank
Account Number: 10010895914
Branch Code: 580105
Ref: 26719 PACT


Mazarat Kennel
TA Carkeek
Capitec Bank
Acc Number: 1450761818
Branch code: 470010
Ref: Pact Payment


Animally haven
Capitec Bank
Account number: 1408558228
Branch Code: 470010

Please send pop to

God Bless and thank you!