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Plea for Rudy – 23/7

Rudy was the boy that was knocked near the circus and he needs surgery done as he has a fractured pelvis which needs surgical repair. His pelvis is fractured in multiple areas. Sadly the orthopaedics that generally work on our cases are on leave and we need R14 000 for Rudy to have his procedure […]

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Last weekend we managed ti vaccinate, de worm, educate, feed and hand blankets to a total of 115 dogs and cats. Of these animals, 65 were females and some in heat or already pregnant. So many animals needed help and by just walking arpund, there were so many animals that were unwanted and just neglected. […]

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Plea for Help – 23 July

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Appeal for PAWS R US – September 2018

CALL TO ACTION from the PAWS R US (SA) TEAM!  As winter descends on Johannesburg, we all feel the icy cold at night. Please help us improve the housing at our rescue site so that our rescued dogs can be as warm as possible this winter. Every single cent helps us to build the dream […]

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Mdzananda Animal Clinic Winter Shoe Boxes – September 2018

Keep one pet warm this winter Over the past couple of weeks Cape Town has enjoyed a significant amount of rain. As much as we are celebrating the fantastic rain fall, winter is always a challenging time at the Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha. Pets needing medical assistance tend to increase during this time due […]

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Lucky Lucy Appeal – ongoing

I know that there are several special organisations out there, but today I would like to make a plea on behalf on an organisation which is particularly close to my heart, but very overlooked by the general population….Lucky Lucy.  For those of you who are not familiar with Lucky Lucy Cattery and what they do […]

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Kennel Drive – Nieu Bethesda

Good day to all Victoria (representing CSI in Nieu Bethesda), has launched a kennel drive for the dogs of Nieu Bethesda – the aim being to eventually provide a kennel to every household who agreed to have their dog(s) sterilised. This meaning that we are looking to obtain at least 100 kennels …  thinking BIG […]

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HELP Animal Instincts

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Appeal for Ridgeback Rehab – ongoing

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Arbor day at Dogtown

Arbor day at Dogtown SA

Looking for something fun while helping the environment and dogs ? Then head on over to Dogtown this Friday <3 email and let them know you’ll be joining us

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