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Help – my dog eats his own poop!

Dear Jennifer

I need some serious help! I have a problem of a very personal nature and I’m quite embarrassed about it…. but if anybody can help me, you can!
I seem to have developed this very gross habit of eating my own poop…. I don’t know what its about but it freaks my mom out big time! Please can you help me and my mom figure out why this is suddenly happening?

With licks and regards,

Sebastian the Schnauzer – PTA


ask jenniferHi Sebastian,

The act of eating your own poo or that of another animal – Coprophagia to give it the correct term – is pretty gross to us humans but is a relatively common occurrence among dogs. Unfortunately there is no clear cut clarification for this behaviour and reasons offered for it include dietary deficiencies, natural scavenging instincts, boredom and a host of other explanations.

If this is a recent development and something you never did previously then I would suggest you ask your mum to take you off to the vet for a quick check up, just to make sure there is no medical reason behind your embarrassing situation.

That said, there are a number of things your mum can do to help you overcome this unfortunate habit. Firstly, good housekeeping is a must; mum must make sure all stools are picked up as soon as possible and not left lying around.

Then there are also a number of commercial products available that can be added to your food, NatuVet – stool eating deterrent, Vetiq – stool repellent and Copronat to name a few.

You can also ask mum to add a table spoon of cooked pumpkin to your meals or a few drops of vanilla essence (which ever you find tastier). Both these more “homeopathic remedies” are used to help our furkids break this less than ideal obsession.

Kind regards,