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Jumping and Nipping

“Hi Jennifer I have a 5 year old staffie that jumps up and bites the lead while we are out walking, twice he has nipped my hand, I have sprayed the lead with something from the vet it tastes fowl but has not much effect – can you please help? From Frustrated Dad”


8445Dear Frustrated Dad

An all to familiar problem. Dogs really enjoy pulling and tug type games which is a contributing factor here. They also get excited very quickly and going for a walk is ‘very exciting’ for them and hence the biting/pulling at the lead.

I would suggest walking the dog on a harness. Firstly fit the harness and let the dog walk around the garden/house without a lead on. Do this a few times without any hint of going for a walk. Once he is used to the harness (no reaction to it at all), repeat the exercise with a short lead attached to the harness. Once he is comfortable with the lead/harness, pick up the lead. If he reacts to it and tries to bite the lead simply drop it and walk away.

Keep doing this until you can hold the lead without the dog reacting in a negative way. If he allows you to pick up the lead, praise him and reward with a treat. Praise him in a calm controlled manner to avoid exciting him and going back to square one.
Only when you can walk around the garden without him trying to bite the lead, can you venture into the street/park etc.