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Meet Thandi

DSC_1441Hi my name is Thandi. I am a caregiver at Dogtown.  I started at here 10 months ago and I really enjoy my job.

To be a caregiver you need to be physically fit and strong because you spend the whole day moving around and on your feet. My day consists of walking dogs, dipping them, feeding them, bathing them, playing with them and training them.

The best part of my job as caregiver is that I get to spend more time with dogs than with people. I also find it remarkable that even though we dont have a spoken language in common with dogs as such, we are able to communicate with each other. I am always amazed at how different humans and dogs are yet we enjoy each other’s company so much.

Being a caregiver truly is the best job I could ask for. Working with the dogs and taking care of them is the best thing in my life. It is wonderful to see them happy everyday.