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Newbies at Dogtown – November 2018

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With open arms we welcomed these lovely newbies to the Dogtown family this month. As always we are so pressed for space but we couldnt turn our backs on these babies, so they are now part of the Dogotwn family until their forever families take them home! Meet our NINE newbies for NOVEMBER!


LillianMeet LILLIAN! This sweet old lady was found running around in traffic, dodging cars. She is clearly not street smart and it’s a miracle she didn’t get knocked over. Thankfully she was seen and after struggling for ages to catch her, she was taken to the vet for overnight stay and the next morning she came to Dogtown. She is an old girl, probably 10 or 11 years old. She is nervous of people and sudden movements but she has a heart of gold.  We would love for this golden oldie to be adopted into a loving home. Please contact if you can offer her a loving retirement home.

sms LILLIAN to 38919 to donate just R10 towards her care


 Marci STorm

Meet Storm and Marci. Sadly these 2 girls had to be returned to Dogtown because their human mom is immigrating and could not take them with her :( We are however happy to announce that Storm has already been adopted and now living the good life in Port Elizabeth. Marci is still with us and really struggling in the shelter environment, we would LOVE for her to find a family where she can be loved and find her feet again.

sms MARCI to 38919 to donate just R10 towards her care


ClarkMercyMeet Clark & Mercy! Well would you look at the handsomeness that is Clark and the cuteness that is Mercy! These babies came to us from Wollies. Sadly they were not able to work with them and help them overcome their issues, so they came to Dogtown where we can actively help them and hopefully one of these days they will both be an Adorable-Adoptables.

sms CLARK & MERCY to 38919 to donate just R10 towards their care


ApacheMeet Apache. It’s raining pitties! Apache was surrendered to Dogtown because her family were sadly no longer able to manage their current situation. Apache and her brother do not get along and have been kept separate for a long time, but with a human baby on the way the situation has become unmanageable and sadly she has to be surrendered to Dogtown for rehoming. We would love for her to be part of a family again, she is such a sweet and loving girl.

sms APACHE to 38919 to donate just R10 towards her care


BlazeWelcome Back Blaze. I am sure you remember Blaze, the dog who lived on our property along our walking trail. Anyway he was adopted a while back but sadly his mom had to return him to Dogtown because of his destructive behaviour. We are working on any issues he might present and hopefully he will be in a new home soon where he can receive more physical and mental stimulation. Welcome back boy!

sms BLAZE to 38919 to donate just R10 towards his care


RavenMeet Raven. This is one lucky girl! In the early hours of Tuesday morning this girl was picked up after a taxi drove over her. Thankfully she did not sustain any injuries but we have not been able to track down her family. She is in very good condition and she is really struggling in kennels so she will be placed up for adoption soon if her family can not be found. Welcome little Raven, you are one lucky girl.

sms RAVEN 38919 to donate just R10 towards her care


If you would like to sponsor any of these beautiful furkids – please contact or click here to see all the different ways you can help us to get them settled in :)

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