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Hello, my name is Leika & Maggie!


More about me

Female (Small). Jack russell. Adult - DOB: 2011.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Our beloved dogs; both similar in age (5.5/ 6years) and in size have been fighting with each other  the fights  are becoming more frequent. We have had some guidance from a behaviourist but to no avail.  Since their last fight we have had to keep them apart with one in the back garden and one in the front with regular swops into the house for company and cuddles. We have a 5 year old daughter who, along with us, is emotionally exhausted from the trauma of the dog fights. It is emotionally distressing for us all. Each dog is a family member for us and it is because of this that we are struggling and crying whilst we write this.


Leika is a spotty long legged Parson’s Terrier. She has a quirky personality and absolute adoration for her dad. She loves cuddles, snoozes on your lap, and tomatoes off the tomato bush. She loves playing catch although doesn’t like giving the ball back to you which is half the game. She is totally attached to her pack and likes to sleep on her bed in our bedroom. She loves helping in the kitchen especially underfoot during any food preparation. She sits on the back of my chair when I work from home. She loves taking me for a walk – I can assure you it is her that takes me. She will wake you for breakfast with cuddles and sweet licks and sneezes in case you sleep through your alarm.  She will let you know if someone is at the gate before the door bell rings. She will chat to you as you walk down the passage and pretend to nibble your toes with excitement for meal times.


Maggie is a honey coloured cross between a Jack russel and a staffie, elegant, sweet, shy and always happily wagging her tale. “Waggie/ Wagster” will greet you with a “gift” when you come home and dance in circles bending her whole body with happiness.  She would love running with a runner,she is slightly better on the lead than her sister. She loves being off lead but because of her nervousness prefers this when there are no big or tiny dogs. We think she may have partial vision in the one eye which makes her skittish if others approach her by surprise. She loves lazy snuggles and cuddles although not too tight rather just a nearby snooze. She forages in the garden and will sort out any squirrel or mole problems you may have. Hadeda’s will frequent your garden a little less. She can eat anything and still look silky and fit. She will gladly help keep you company as you sun tan or garden.


Both dogs travel well.

Both dogs sleep in doors.

Both dogs have micro chips and are up to date with all their shots.  They are both spayed.

We feel Maggie is a better candidate for adoption as she adapts more easily and is more friendly from the first moment but Leika would suit an elderly person as a companion dog. Maggie would do better with someone a bit more active. My gut feeling is Leika would probably do better with someone who is home a lot but who hasn’t got other dogs. Maggie would probably be able to adjust to other dogs but may be a bit skittish at first an she would require some time/ help to integrate. (again dogs of extreme sizes are not her favourite).

Sooooo  with tears in our eyes we ask for your help to find Maggie or Leika a home.