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Hello, my name is Police Station Cats!


More about me

Male-Female (Small). Domestic. Young-adult - DOB: 2012, 2015/2016.

Shelter: (Western-Cape)
Tel: 084 628 2311 / 079 233 4452

A few months ago I heard that the Villiersdorp police were threatening to shoot a small colony of cats living at the police station. The cats (all sterilised and healthy) were being fed by one of the police officers. She did everything possible to try and keep the cats and continue caring for them, but her colleagues called in the Union and started disciplinary procedures. She was told that the cats had to go on Tuesday. She managed to find homes for 3 of them with people in town. However, the other 3 were taken to Worcester Animal Welfare. We all know how hard it is for adult cats to find homes, hence this appeal. It is really is urgent. These poor cats have been through so much and the policewoman is beyond devastated.

Here are some details about the cats (see pics).

Mother cat 1 – calico that is young and very playful. She loves to sitting on the desk in office….


Daddy cat – he is tabby and white with beautiful blue eyes and is totally undemanding and extremely well behaved.


Mommy cat 2 (5-6 years old) – tabby, tortie. This is the first cat that arrived at the police station.



If anyone can adopt one or two, or even all three of these lovely cats, please make contact asap. TUFCAT will help in every way possible.


Thank you! or WhatsApp 079 233 4452

Mariette084 628 2311 (Also on WhatsApp)