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Hello, my name is ALASKA!


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Teresa Serrano, Monique Smalley

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Female (Medium). Collie Blend. adult (DOB: 2012).

Adoption details
Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 0760441979

How ya doin” peeps my name is Alaska and my brother Chipz and I are a new couple of furbies lucky enough to have ended up at this swanky danky do dar pad called Dogtown. I truly believe that our evening stars were shinning bright for us because it is not easy to find a place here.   This is quite a unique type of hotel for dogs and to be able to have a place was just magic!!!

We have our own garden with a “neat” little house each, filled with fluffy blankets.   That is really cool cos if we want to sleep together we can snuggle up in one of them or if we want to have “quiet” time alone we can.   On either side or us we have other furry neighbours.   One of them is a rather beautiful Husky blend but she tends to talk all day long so I am really glad to have my own kennel where I can go and have my quiet time and snooze during the day if I want to.   On the other side is a rather handsome gentleman.   His name is Jacques. I am not sure if he really is French but he’s rather debonair and elegant.   My brother and I have settled into the daily routine and it is really super.   We have yummy food in the morning and the afternoon but my special carer brings it to me – actual door to door service!!! It is rather interesting as well because the food is not just in a usual steel bowl but in different things. One looks like a big bone and has lots of layers and in each layer food is hidden.   So I have great fun finding it all and making the layers move to get the food out.   I am getting pretty good at this – even though I say so myself!!!

Chipz has different ones because he is not so hungry as me in the mornings and takes much longer to eat. In the afternoons we get more yummy food and before we go to sleep we get extra biscuits. That’s what I call being really spoiled!!! Regularly during the mornings, after we have eaten we go out for long walks around this beautiful property.   Up and down the mountain trials we go and my carer laughs a lot when I try and pull her up the steep hills.   She tells me I am so clever and I feel really proud to be able to help her cos she is very kind to me and often gives me special cuddles and kisses for this.   When we get back my brother and I go and relax or even take a short nap either on our hound sleeper or in one of our little houses.   At weekends we get visitors and these super duper peeps come and give us so much love and cuddles and also like to brush us both.   I absolutely adore being brushed – you see I have this rather attractive golden colour long hair and it shines and glistens afterwards and I feel really special. (Then I make eyes at Jacques!!!)

We really are happy here but we both have a BIG BIG wish still and ask the night stars to help us have this granted . We would love to have our own forever family again. We can go on walks together, play games all day if you want or just sit and chill in the warm sun.   We will listen to your stories, wag our tails at your jokes, and be a shoulder for you to cry on if you ever need.   In return we will shower you with all the love and affection our little furry bodies posess and be your faithful companions forever!

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