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Hello, my name is Ali!


More about me

Female (Medium). Africanis. Under-1 - DOB: July 2017.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

When heading into work 8+ weeks ago Michael saw a terrified dog, shivering and unsure what was happening, on the side of a busy main road whilst trying to cross over and almost being hit by cars, looking for help.

Michael pulled over and managed to get her into his car. Getting her back to his work he gave her water, food, blankets and sat with her for an hour until she fell asleep. The poor fur child slept for 6 hours straight before waking up and having some more water to drink, her eyes still teary, ears back, but happy not to be in danger anymore.

For the next few days she stayed in Michael’s office, sleeping by his feet and putting her head on his leg for ear tickles and tummy rubs. I, Debbie, (Michael’s Mom) named her Ali. Michael took her to our vet on day two. She was given vaccinations, boosters, full check-up and all of the ticks removed. Sadly, it seemed as though wherever she had lived before, she had not been treated well at all. Even though she had many ticks, she was in good health but needed to add a few kilos. Finally having secured the back garden, Ali was able to go to the house. Very unsure of what was happening when arriving at the house, her face lit up when the car door opened and she saw a garden. Jumping out of the car, her tail wagging her whole body, she explored every inch of her new area. She also lit up when she saw her very own beds, bowls, toys and treats.

Over the weeks that have followed her true personality and quirks have come to light. Her first bath was a laugh as we do not think she had ever being bathed in an actual bath before. From being a dark brown and black coated dog, she turned into a cream and black coat dog once all of the dirt was off. Of course after the bath Ali ran around mad dog, rolling in the dirt, etc lol. We bought her an extra big teddy bear as a type of “security blanket” which she loves and always keeps in eye sight, dragging him along wherever she goes. She loves when the garden gets watered so she can catch and run through the water. Ali goes crazy whenever she gets a new toy, especially if it has a squeak in it. In fact, she reacts to anything new as if it were her first and only gift. She is always up for a good tug of war with one of her ropes and has recently discovered the red laser toy ha-ha.

In the last 8+ weeks we have also discovered that she is a very smart fur child. Michael has taught her to sit for her food and treats. Also she has learnt to let you take her paw for “shake”. He is now teaching her a new trick which is to give a “kiss” on his nose or forehead for a treat – it is the cutest thing to watch. It must be stated that Ali has not had official obedience training as we have not had the time due to work commitments. She is extremely boisterous and highly excitable however, as mentioned above, she is very quick to learn and will only need a few classes and these we are prepared to pay for.

Oh, she also loves to climb onto anyone’s lap when they sit down, sometimes bringing one of her treats with for you to hold for her while she chews it. We are “fostering” Ali. I refer to “fostering” in inverted commas as we don’t actually keep her in the house with us and our two rescues, as our second rescue, Gracy, does not get along with other dogs at all. Also, Michael and I work very long hours, so this is not an ideal situation as she is alone during the day and only gets quality time with Michael or myself in the morning and evening when we feed her, approximately an hour per day. We were able to find forever homes for our other fosters within days, whereas Ali has already been with us for 8+ weeks. Unfortunately we moved business premises so Michael and I have not had the time to devote to networking for Ali as we did the other fosters.


Our vet estimates that Ali is now approximately 10 months old and she really acts like a puppy. We have had her checked by the vet and she is in excellent health and all her vaccinations are up to date. She has a scar on her tummy and we have been told that it appears as though she has been spayed, however we have not had an x-ray done to confirm. Should she not have been spayed, we will pay for spaying before she goes to her new home.

Ali is honestly the most beautifully natured dog we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Ali loves every person she meets, loves to play, eat and cuddle: sorry, wrong order – eat, play and cuddle. She stands knee high (medium size), weighs 16kgs and also likes being a lapdog. She is very intelligent and learns easily. Everything she undertakes is done with such enthusiasm that you just want to eat her up – big, gentle, trusting brown eyes, wagging tail and all.

All Ali wants to do when she sees another fur kid is play. She obviously had other dogs with her constantly in her other life so she craves the companionship and having siblings to play with. Ali will definitely do well with other furry friends, obviously as long as their personalities work together.


Ali loves taking car rides and exploring new places where she hasn’t sniffed before. At the moment she digs a lot, burying a lot of her treats for later when they have “matured and softened” in the soil – just one of the things that normal puppies do.


We really do love this furry and want the very best for her. Ideally, that would be staying with us so we can spoil her all the time but I know in my heart that it isn’t going to be possible.

Somewhere out there is a very special person just waiting for that very special dog who will most assuredly give all of herself to that person – Ali will be eternally faithful and give all her love until her last dying breath, all she asks for in return is to be loved and feel safe. Are you that special person?

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