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Hello, my name is Angel!


More about me

Female (Medium). Labrador. Young-adult - DOB: unknown .
I am good with:
Dogs, Cats, Children

Shelter: (Western-Cape)
Tel: 063 040 6071

A Bergie’s dog…..walking the life with a bergie…..born and raised to live on the pavement….she gets stolen by plaaswerkers kids for possibly baitdog in their inhouse dogfighting matches…..a kind lady finds her running for her life and picks her up on the highway and takes her to her vetshop where she works…..3 approved houses later Angel comes back time after time again……gets given back as she she is not suited… see, Angel can climb any wall or gate or enclosure…..she will bite open and jump high and push her body out of any kind of a restriction…..she has a fear of being locked in alone and she cannot be alone…..she needs her human 24/7…..she needs to see you.


If you work from home or outside, but can have your dog with you (she loves being outdoors as well) and are looking for a classy, well-tempered, strong, fit, healthy, well-behaved, full-time dog-companion, then Angel is for you!  She doesnt jump on you or sniff you or bother you.  She is like a best-pet-shadow.  She is one of the most intelligent and sharp/alert dogs that I have am yet to meet.  Angel is a full time friend….a dog partner.


She looks like a Staffi/Labrador cross.


Not sure of her age, but young.

She is sterilised, but not vaccinated or microchipped.


There is no cost involved…..just a promise to be what Angel needs…..a full-time human.


We do strict home and human checks.


Food, toys, bedding, gadgets arenot important to Angel… are.