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Hello, my name is Aozora!


More about me

Female (Medium). Husky. Puppy - DOB: February 2018 .
I am good with:
Dogs, Domestics

Shelter: (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

Aozora is a beautiful, almost 4 month old Siberian Husky. Her eyes are as blue as the sky and that is the meaning of her name in Japanese. She’s loving and loves having her belly rubbed. She’s as active as a toddler, and need’s a lot attention. She loves being outside, rolling in leaves, playing with grass, but despises water. Aozora was welcomed into our family a month and a half after she was born. She was taken away from her mother too early – and so she still struggles with bite inhibition. The breeder also kept her and her litter mates in harsh conditions. There were signs of abnormality in Aozora, because of that but, she has improved immensely and is now filled with playfulness, stubborness, sassyness and a lot of personality. She’s immensely picky as to who she socializes with and shares her toys with, as I can understand due to trust. She loves shoes, not only as chew toys, but also to sleep on, as she can smell your scent and wants to be close to that, even if you’re a few feet away. As far as chewing is considered, she’s improved rather immensely. Like any other dog she loves to rip something apart, but furniture is not on that list anymore. She’s a vivid listener with a killer side eye, but due to her nature, breed and temperament she does what she pleases at times, unless she’s bribed with a carrot or treat.

She will be sterilized before homing.  She is vaccinated & dewormed.  She is housetrained & obedience trained.  She still needs training with walking on a leash.