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Hello, my name is Aster!


More about me

Female (Small). Terrier. Senior - DOB: 2004/2005.
I am good with:
Dogs, Children, Domestics

Shelter: Barking Mad Network (Gauteng)
Tel: 063 040 6071

My name is Aster and I am too special to be a specific breed. I just need love, treats and good companions around me. Barking is so common, although I enjoy talking, especially when I know I am about to be spoilt. I am extremely agile with no health issues and Dad believes that I still have many good years left in me for somebody worthy to be my Friend. Mom and Dad will be emigrating soon and are looking for a loving new family for me. Please forgive my Dad should he start crying over the phone. He is a bit of a softy when it comes to me.


Aster weighs approximately 15 kg. Very lively as she still catches doves in the garden. (most recent 3 weeks ago)


Please receive the following facts about her:


  • I have only heard her barking a hand full of times over the past years. She is very quiet and a wonderful complex dog. She likes talking and making sounds when exited, but not barking.
  • She always wants to be indoors with people. She is so quiet that I have already locked her inside the house accidentally a few times.
  • Very anxious when travelling in the car. She wants to be held, otherwise she gets car sick. Medication often doesn’t help neither. She travel in the car with me frequently, but then she must be seated in front with me so than we can physically be in touch with me. This way she does not get carsick.
  • No medical problems
  • Very cute and loving when she realises there are treats coming her way. She is food centred.
  • She is housetrained
  • She also has a few months obedience training under the belt
  • She does get frightened during storms, but more calm than most dogs.
  • She is very good with other animals. Not a fighter at all. She might see smaller animals as food. Does not like/know cats.
  • She has received her yearly vaccination and is inoculated
  • She is spayed


She is very loving and cute. She will be a wonderful companion for somebody in need of one.


I do not believe she will survive the trip to travel to Europe as she get very anxious when she is not with me. Even with medication. The next concern is that we will be staying in a flat let with no garden, and will not have space to keep her.