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Hello, my name is BEAUTY!


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Val L., Charl Rome, Fiona Dobson

More about me

Female (Large). Terrier Blend. Adult - DOB: 2012.

Shelter: DogtownSA - Hennops River (Gauteng)
Tel: 076 044 1979

Hello my name is Beauty. I was first brought to Hotel Dogtown when my original owners couldn’t keep me anymore, which was very sad but I am now back my old happy self here at Hotel Dogtown. At first I had a bit of a naughty streak, I would purposely pull my blankets out of my bed so when they came to feed me they would have to put all my blankets back in, that’s when I would make my great escape and cause complete chaos. I knew just how to open the gate and I would run up and down with a caregiver on my tail while I said wassup to all the other dogs close by. I dont do that anymore, poor caregivers couldnt keep up, hehehe :) Everyday I go for walks and when feeding time came round I get my yummy meal in these really funny spinning things that I have to figure out just to find the food, whats up with that? I have also started learning some sits and downs (which I must say are actually quite easy but I pretend to struggle just so they stay and feed my treats for longer). So it’s been fun talking to you but its time for me to go back to being a dog at Dogtown and I ill speak to you soon, this is Beauty signing out.

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