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Hello, my name is Bella!


More about me

Female (Medium). Shepherd. Young-adult - DOB: September 2017.

Shelter: PACT - Phoenix Animal Care (KwaZulu-Natal)
Tel: 0730054275

Hi, my name is Bella. I am just a year old.
I belong to a family and I love them so much.
My mommy had us in a small area and I remember it being very cold, possibly because we slept on the cement.

Mommy was tied up alot and all my siblings were homed. I had access to the road and so I spend most of my time there. I sleep under cars parked on the road and I go into the property now and again. Still, I love my family.

Once, a lady came to aso for me. She said she could get me a warm place to stay and a new family that would love me, bath me, feed me, I would have a bed and I would actually be told that I am loved. But my family refused as Inwas a cute and cuddly puppy and they loved having me around. So, the lady offered to get me sterilised at least and after that the other dogs stopped troubling me so I am very thankful for whatever spaying means.

Its been a couple months. I look different. I am still a puppy and I still live under cars most of the time but i have sores on my body, im dirty and my fur is mattered. I itch alot from fleas and I have spent winter feeling very cold.

My family spoke to the kind lady who often comes by and gives me treats. They said that they dont want me anymore. They said i am “messing the yard” though I dont know how.
They said they dont want me anymore? But why? Have I done something wrong? :(

The lady petted me and gave me some yummy treats and promised she would take me to a doctor and finally keep her promise to me.

I am Bella, I cant wait to feel special and cared for and I need your help please.


Bella needs help and we have promised to help her. She needs treatment and she needs a foster or forever home.

Taking her off the street and getting her treated with your help is half of the rescue mission, the rescue is only complete once shee finds a home.

She is a shepherd x and spayed and is 1 year old.
Please help by donating so we can get her to a vet or offer her a foster or forever home.
Contact 0730054275